Brother Henry Is Home

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. Brother Henry returned home this afternoon. He was pretty loopy from the drugs they gave him at the specialty Bad Place, but he seemed to be in good spirits.

Henry on bench

Brother Henry even jumped up on the bench under the front window to enjoy a little sunlight!

Brother Henry isn’t talking yet, and I think it might be both because of the meds he is on and the fact that his mouth is still sore. I heard the Guardians saying that all of his molars, and pre-molars were extracted. Thomas thought that meant that they took away Brother Henry’s stash of furry, burrowing mammals. When I told him what it really meant he just said, “Oh! Ouch…”

I closely inspected Brother Henry and I am happy to report that he smelled fine… except for his booty, but that never smells fine.

Oliver inspecting Henry

Brother Henry smelled fine, except for his booty which never smells fine.

As one of the Guardians took Brother Henry over to the couch, I noticed something in a plastic bag on the floor. It was the Guardian’s scarf. I remember she had put it in Brother Henry’s portable kitty jail because he liked the smell of it. I wasn’t sure why it was now in a plastic bag, so I decided to investigate.

Oliver sniffing scarf

The Guardian’s scarf was in a bag. I investigated to see if I could figure out why.

A few quick sniffs was all it took to solve the mystery. Brother Henry, in his medicated stupor, had peed on the scarf.

Oliver sniffing scarf 2

Yep, there was no doubt about it. The scarf had been peed on.

With the mystery of the scarf solved, I decided to head off to the food bowl. When I last saw Brother Henry, he was on the couch being brushed by the Guardian. He was also purring his scarf peeing head off. You’d think he hadn’t just undergone major mouth surgery. Brother H might be even tougher than I thought!

Sir Thomas or I will do our best to update you in a day or two to let you know how The Muscle of The Cult of Otis is doing. Thanks so much to all of you for the kind words of encouragement and support as we have undergone this latest challenge. It has really meant a lot to us!

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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29 responses to “Brother Henry Is Home

  1. Yow Brother Henry ya iz such a brave n strong manKat!! We iz purrayin fer ya to make a guud n speedy reecovery!! It will purrobably take a week or two fer ya to feel normal again…bee carefull when ya eatz…onlee soft iz best til yer gumz heel up…do not wurry bout peein onn da scarf…me peed all over Mum after da surgery when me teefiez were reemoved…Our Guardianz lub us no matter how much we pee on dem!! Brother Oliver phankz fer takin care of Brother Henry…
    Sendin purrz n purrayerz frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xxxxx

  2. Such great news! We are so happy to hear that Brother H is peeing and purring. Awesome! 🙂
    Z-Girl and the Squeedunk Cats

  3. Thanks for the speedy update, Brother Oliver. Brother Henry does indeed look loopy in that first photo. So happy to hear that he’s purring now (instead of peeing).

  4. Chris, Monster, Bunk, Buggy, Calco and one kitty-loving Wiener Dog

    Poor Brother Henry! How embarrassing for him. But we’re glad our purrs have been answered and he’s fine.

  5. Leigh

    Get better Brother H, we love you!

  6. Well, thank Cod Brother Henry is home and happy…tell the Guardians that pain meds can blunt the appetite so make sure he eats! Gotta keep up The Muscle’s strength, y’know.

  7. Oh! and well peed, Brother Henry, well peed.

  8. We’re purring that Brother Henry makes a quick recovery. We bet he doesn’t even miss those molars.

  9. Good to hear that Brother Henry is home and purring. He will need some tender loving for a while so it’s a good thing he has you guys to help the Guardians care for him.

  10. Ouch is right. But at least he got to keep his fangs! He sure looks… medicated, that’s a good word, in those pictures! Hope when that stuff wears off that he’s not hurting too much. Someone kiss the sweetie on the head for me!

  11. he really does look loopy in that first photo..

    purrs for a swift recovery

  12. Poor brother henry. He is a very brave mancat. Sending love & purrs to a quick recovery. Those meds probably made him lose control so its okay if he peed. Keep an eye on him for us.

  13. Many purrs and paw pats to Brother Henry!! Get well soon!! And thanks to Brother Oliver and Sir Thomas for keeping us updated.

  14. Poor Brother Henry. I hope this doesn’t interfere too much with his kibble-crunching abilities in the long run. (He’s probably eating soft food for now, right?) I will have to show this post to Priestess Jen, who doesn’t believe Enlightened Kitties can get toothaches. Maybe if she sees what Brother Henry went through, she won’t struggle and yowl so much when we try to brush her teeth.

  15. Sending our biggest healing purrs and good vibes to Brother Henry for his quick, complete recovery with ease.

  16. msphoebecat

    Awwww Brother Henry hang in there you are a brave mancat who will be feeling so much better soon. My heart goes out to the Guardians as both Ms. Phoebe and her sister Černy, who had the same genetic related auto immune disease, went through very serious and in Phoebe’s case almost fatal cases of stomatitis. Their vet felt they became more susceptible to it due to their compromised immune systems, even though it is not uncommon in cats in general. Within the first year of Phoebe adopting me in 2003, she stopped eating and ran from her food bowl crying in pain. At once I noticed the horrible bad breath, her inflamed red gums, and a thick black drool emanated from her lips throughout the day. A visit to the vet brought the bad news and a plan for action. Surgery was the only way she would be okay except within those first days and her refusing to eat, even though I had been syringe force feeding her (an experience I pray never having to endure myself or for any of my babies. I thought I would not have the strength to continue, but it is amazing to realize what you are capable of when you’re pushing for the life of your baby. A parent’s love for their baby is stronger than any other thing in the world) she had lost weight and infection set in making her too weak to undergo the anesthesia. I was devastated knowing the surgery was her only chance and struggled to administer pain meds, antibiotics, and syringe feed her enough food to gain the weight and strength she needed.
    At the time she simply did not gain weight and the force feeding began to stress her to a point where the vet and I felt she was suffering and the choice no Mom wants to make was the most humane. I scheduled a time for the vet to come to our home the next day, and sobbing spent what I thought was to be our last evening together. I got no sleep and was exhausted from crying all night while cradling her and telling her how much she meant to me, even though our time together had been short.
    Like you are all believers as fellow followers of Leader Otis’ message that miracles DO exist, I received one that morning when Phoebe suddenly crawled toward the plate of food I had stubbornly set out, despite the fact I knew she probably wouldn’t touch it, and began to slowly eat on her own!!
    I was stunned and thrilled- it was a miracle, she was my miracle. Needless to say, the visit from the vet was cancelled and we decided to see how things went. Within a month her infection was beat and she had put on a few pounds that the vet felt it was safe to do the surgery! Her surgery was a success and when she came home, I SWEAR the difference in having those rotting teeth and the pain they and the mouth ulcers caused gone, made her feel so good she literally did a little happy dance as she exited her carrier/kitty jail!!
    Her sister Černy’s stomatitis was nowhere near as advanced thank Bastet, yet it wasn’t without the same symptoms that made it agony to watch. She did well and both ladycats lived the rest of their years without any mouth issues.
    Being that my girls had more serious cases than most kitties do didn’t make your diagnosis any less awful or cause less worry for me. Knowing you are the strength of the Cult of Otis and that you have the most loving and dedicated Guardians helped to ease my worry. Brother Oliver is a sweetheart to check in on you once you arrived home and to let us know how you were. Thank You Brother Oliver dear, a fabulous nurse you would be. The peeing on the scarf is nothing to fret over, it happens to us all at some times in our lives.
    My mancat Kaspars, who INSISTS this has NEVER happened to him, says it’s not fair to make any assumptions about Brother Henry being the pee culprit. After all you were under going surgery and then recuperating during most of your time at the Bad Place, he points out- so how does Brother Oliver know that ANOTHER cat (or corrupt dog!) at the Bad Place did not wander in to your carrier and let loose on the Guardian’s scarf? Can he prove it was you? Are there witnesses to the alleged soiling? Kaspars is a mancat who seeks justice for the wrongly accused and he professes to speak out on your behalf Brother Henry. If Phoebe were here she would probably smack him for speaking without her permission, but I must agree he does have some good points..!

    Ms. Phoebe’s Mom

  17. We are so happy to hear that Brother Henry is home and recovering. We do want to second Kaspars’ supposition that some unknown culprit relieved himself on the Guardian’s scarf while no one was looking.
    We look forward to hearing Brother Henry’s harrowing tale of danger and bravery at the Bad Place once he has fully recovered.

  18. Yipes! That’s a lot of teeth. Hoping Brother H is feeling no pain and back to his usual hijinks in no time. I trust you and Sir Thomas will be excellent nurses.

  19. Glad he’s home and all seems well… sending purrs for a quick recovery!

  20. Happy to hear that Brother Henry is home again, at least he isn’t staggering around drunk like my friend Bandit did after she got spayed. Mew are my Valantines. Selleck and His Person, Emily

  21. Sandy

    Glad that Brother Henry is home and recuperating. Even looking a little medicated, he still looks like the muscle!

  22. Soft top or head pats for Brother Henry. Drooling is allowed under certain conditions. We are glad is is purr-able!

  23. Karen

    Fangs of Fury are all you need to put down the LFDU anyway.

  24. Brother Henry is just such a loving kitty that he puts his love for his humans ahead of his pain and purrs for them when they need companionship. Continuing on that theme, I’ve taken some common signs of kitty affection and made them into conversation hearts on my blog:

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  26. Oh OUCH is right. I am finally able to try to catch up…the staff has been absent. I also had just one little extraction, my right catnine fang…but we all feel Ihave a much softer expression now..purrs to Bro H

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