What A Cat Deserves

My Disciples,

A cat deserves a meal whenever he is hungry.  A cat deserves a drink whenever he is thirsty.  A cat deserves gentle scratches, pets and hugs whenever he requests them.  A cat deserves a safe, healthy environment in which he will be free to explore without fear of injury or sudden death.  A cat deserves an abundance of enrichment that will allow him to fully express all that it means to be a cat.  A cat deserves care to maintain his health or restore it if he falls ill.  A cat deserves respect, appreciation and understanding.  A cat deserves love.

Contemplative Otis

If you give him all of this, you will discover things about a cat you never thought possible.  You will discover a complexity of personality, a depth of emotion and a distinct feline intelligence that most people never see.   In short, you will see the cat’s True Spirit, and once you have seen it, you will never look at a cat the same way again.

So Sayeth Otis

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19 responses to “What A Cat Deserves

  1. So very true Otis!!! I feel blessed to live with such special creatures, my cats fill me with such joy that sometimes I think my heart will burst…but in a good way 🙂

  2. And here I was ready for you to be all funny, saying that after you give him (or Her) all this you will get ignored properly and held with the mere modicum of tolerance.

    Well, as the houligan, that’s what I dole out! MOL.
    You are sure a cute rolly pollie!

  3. My Mama is learning about me. She has had lots of cats and she says we are all different. I am keeping her on her toes–that’s what she says–but I’ve never seen her on her toes except to get to the top shelf of the kitchen cabinet.

  4. Batya

    AMEN, Leader Otis!! And I wish with all my heart that every cat on the planet had this.

  5. Mr Otis you could not be more right. I know my Mom wants so much for my True Spirit to show strong and steady…I just need more time ‘cuz I learned not to trust humans before coming here…but Mom and Dad are soooo patient…no hurries…I get better all the time…but I am still waiting (tapping paws on wood floor) for my Kitty Valhalla room…just sayin’….

    • I hear you savannahnana. I made those who became The Guardians of Otis wait 5 months before I even allowed them to touch Me. No humans before them had given Me any reason to trust them. I’m glad I found a way to work through My fear.

  6. Very well put, Otis. Thank you.

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