The Yawn Boomerang

My Disciples,

This morning, as I was hanging out on top of the big cat tree with drawers in the living room, Brother Oliver walked up and was sitting on the floor below me.  He was grooming a bit, having just had a snack, and I was simply watching him from above.

Otis relaxing

I watched from above as Brother Oliver was grooming on the floor in front of the big cat tree with drawers.

When Brother Oliver finished grooming, he paused for a moment and then yawned.  I thought it was an ordinary yawn, but I was wrong.

Oliver Yawning

Brother Oliver yawned when he finished grooming, but it was more than a yawn.

What I didn’t know was that Brother Oliver had unleashed a boomerang yawn, and it was heading in My direction!  Before I knew it, the boomerang yawn hit me in the face, throwing My head backward and causing Me to let out a yawn of My own!

Otis Yawning

I didn't realize, until it was too late, that Brother Oliver had unleashed a boomerang yawn. It hit Me square in the face!

As I completed My yawn, the boomerang yawn reversed its course and headed back in the direction from which it had come.  Brother Oliver hadn’t moved, so the yawn flew right back in his face.  And it seemed to have gained in strength!

Oliver Yawning

The boomerang yawn bounced off of Me and flew right back at Brother Oliver. It hit him and he yawned even bigger than before!

I was mesmerized witnessing the power of the boomerang yawn.  I sat with My eyes fixated on Brother Oliver as his mouth stretched wide.  I didn’t stop to think that the yawn would be coming right back at Me again, and before I made that realization it was too late.  I tried to stand up to run away, but before I could, the boomerang yawn hit Me again and with even more force this time.

Otis Yawning

Before I could stand up and run away, I was hit again by the, now even more powerful, boomerang yawn.

Brother Oliver pulled himself together and bolted out of the room before the yawn could boomerang back at him, but it had gained so much power that there was no stopping it.  The yawn boomeranged off the floor and back up to the ceiling where it hit a light.  It bounced off the light at an angle and ricocheted down to the TV screen.  It was deflected off of the TV screen and flew through the kitchen and out through the open backdoor into My Outdoor Domain.  Unfortunately, Brother Henry was sitting just outside the back door and the yawn hit him dead-on in the face.

Henry yawning

The yawn bounced all over the house and then out the backdoor where it hit Brother Henry in the face.

Fortunately, the boomerang yawn had lost so much energy bouncing all over the house that by the time it hit Brother Henry it had transformed into an ordinary yawn.  Still, Brother Henry was taken by complete surprise.  He was a bit bewildered by this yawn that seemed to have come out of nowhere.  He spent the next several minutes looking around, wondering what had just happened.

Bewildered Henry

Brother Henry was bewildered by the yawn that seemed to have hit him from out of nowhere.

Brother Oliver and I were so glad that we had survived what had very nearly been a yawny tragedy, we decided we should take a nap to celebrate.  Brother Henry, still having no idea what had just happened, decided to join us.

So Sayeth Otis

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25 responses to “The Yawn Boomerang

  1. 2 cats

    amazing photos but i believe they may of transmitted the yawn through my computer!!!!

  2. I know it made it right through my computer.. One of the great mysteries of life, why are yawns so darn contagious??!

  3. Wow, THAT was a powerful yawn!

  4. Oh yes: the boomerang yawn came roaring out of the computer here too, and just doesn’t seem to want to dissipate! I may need to go back to bed now to recover! 🙂

  5. Not only was I affected by the boomerang yawn…but then…I broke out in a spontaneous smile!

  6. MOL I think that yawn flew though the internets because looking at all that made me yawn!

  7. well all i can say is that i looked over at the computer box and my minon was yawning so i comed over to make sure she wasn’t fallin asleep on the job and i seen your blog she was lookin at and NOW fer Cod’s sake we is all lying on da bed ready to snooze on dis rainy day after we all be done whupped by yer yawn boomerang!

    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  8. That was indeed a mighty powerful yawn and I can confirm it has become an e-yawn as it also struck me. It could go viral!

  9. Oh Dog! It hit me too! *yawns*

  10. The yawn has reached Canada too…it’s an international incident!!!!

  11. This is too funny…oh, sorry. Can’t laugh at a cat…..This is just so inspiring. Yawning along here, great leader and discoverer Otis

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