Security Outpost Alpha Revisited

My Disciples,

I’m so excited! After realizing how disappointed I was that I wasn’t able to sit in Security Outpost Alpha the other day, Brother Henry decided to bend the rules a bit so I could sit in the outpost yesterday!  He was not willing to do it in a way that would compromise My security though, so he did a thorough sweep of the Outdoor Domain before he would let Me make My way to the outpost.  And when I say thorough sweep, I mean very thorough.  I was waiting by the back door for more than an hour before I heard Brother H give the all clear.  Then I quickly made My way to Security Outpost Alpha and jumped in.  I settled in as Brother Henry continued to scan the area for security threats.

Otis in Security Outpost Alpha

I settled into Security Outpost Alpha under the watchful gaze of Brother Henry. The outpost was just as awesome as I thought it would be.

The outpost was seriously awesome.  It was all smooth and carboardy!  The sides made great chin rests, and the walls allowed Me to form a perfectly contained loaf.  As I sat there enjoying the boxy goodness, I felt something welling up inside Me.  It was an inner feeling of excitement and joy that I just couldn’t contain.  Before I was even aware I was going to do it, I stood up in the box, opened My mouth and shouted, “I’m King of the world!”

Otis yelling

I was overcome by the experience of being in Security Outpost Alpha. I stood up and yelled, "I'm King of the world!"

Brother Henry became quite nervous as I shouted, and he began looking all around as if he believed an attack was imminent.  There was a rustle in the bushes nearby, and Brother Henry shouted, “Leader!  In the  house!  Now!”  I could hear the alarm in Brother Henry’s voice, and I responded immediately.  I leapt out of the security outpost and dashed into the house.  Brother Henry covered My retreat and then entered the house as well.

I never saw the threat, so I’m not sure what was in those bushes, but Brother Henry wasn’t taking any chances.  He insisted that we spend the rest of the day inside in case the noise in the bushes had been a scout for the long-feared dog uprising.  I was still riding high from My outpost experience, so I wasn’t in the mood to try to convince him otherwise.

So Sayeth Otis

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6 responses to “Security Outpost Alpha Revisited

  1. Sometimes you just have to let it all out Otis…if you keep that kind of joy bottled up you just might hurt yourself 😉

  2. I’m glad you got your turn in the outpost! It must be so comforting to know that Brother Henry keeps you so safe! But are you sure he didnt just want you out of it so he could get in it again?

  3. Hmmmmm….. I’ve not heard of this Dog Uprising… *runs to Google it*

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