We Need A Little Time

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. For over 1,000 days, without interruption, we have brought you glimpses into our lives, interwoven with lessons from The Leader and examples of how to live in accordance with His Word. But now an interruption is necessary. We are all hurting, our feline and human hearts heavy with the knowledge of what must happen next. We are doing our best to take care of one another.

Oliver announcement

We are all hurting, but we are taking care of one another.

Our priority right now is spending every possible moment with Leader Otis, and giving him all of the love and support we can. We know that you are hurting as well, so please know that you are all in our thoughts and purrs.

Otis bright eyes

We must now focus all of our love and attention on Leader Otis, but you are in our thoughts as well.

Thank you all for your support during this difficult time. The Leader loves you all.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver


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82 responses to “We Need A Little Time

  1. “Sniff, sniff!” 😦 Sending our purrs and thoughts to all of you daily. Sellek and His Person, Emily.

  2. Chris, Monster, Buggy, Bunk and Calico (and a wiener dog)

    I’m so very sorry. I’ve been through this so many times so I understand exactly how you all feel. It never gets any easier. Please know you are all in my prayers and my heart is broken for you.

  3. Amidst many tears, the only thing I can say is … I understand. Completely. Brother Oliver, you and your feline and human family will be in my thoughts as well. Much love to you all.

  4. Mary, with Freeway, Spike, Kirby, Ella, and Katy

    I’m so sorry. Spend your time with Otis, and take care of yourselves.

  5. Carolina Fracas

    So deeply sorry for all you guys :(( Spend the last moments with Otis and give him the best goodbye ever.

  6. Many many purrs for all of you and all who will be effected by the passing of Leader Otis.

    May you have some wonderful quality time together and may the ending be clear and with out doubt that it is time and that it is the right step. All too often grief comes with guilt, and I hope in this case it does not show up.

    My thoughts are with you.. Take all the time you need

  7. My heart does hurt, Brother Oliver, but I know how much more you companion kitties and the Guardians must be hurting, who have been privileged to live with Otis. You’re doing the right thing to take a break so you can take care of each other. I’ll continue to purr for you all.

  8. Please take as much time as you need. Sending loads and loads of love & purrs.

  9. You have our best purrs. Leader Otis, may your remaining days be filled with life and joy. The Mommy sends {{hugs}} and strength.

  10. Love and hugs to you all from Leo and Lucy and our guardian, Michelle.

  11. Denise Goldstein

    crying. so so sorry you guys. my thoughts are with you and your furries. it’s so hard…so hard.

  12. We all understand the pain and the love and the tears. May light and love be yours and Leader Otis’s.

  13. Lisa

    The loss of Otis will leave a hole in so many lives, and what a legacy that is. Rest well, sweet boy. Be proud of all you have done for kitties everywhere, and of your well-trained and dedicated team members who will continue with your vital mission.

  14. So very sorry to hear this ~ it is the most difficult part of being a Guardian, but one of the most important. Thinking of you all.

  15. Kris Moore

    Please give Otis a kiss from all of his followers. I’m so sad for all of you.

  16. fabrye

    I send my hugs and kisses to the kitties and the guardians from across the pond. We are with you in this hard times!

  17. Linda Mack

    You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Give Otis a hug for us. He could never have been loved more than he is loved by his family.

  18. ((hugs)) take all the time you can and need….. purrs and kisses from all of us

  19. Many cuddles and purrs to you all and hugs to your Guardians. I’m not sure how one says goodbye at all … it does hurt a lot. I can’t fathom not seeing Leader Otis again but I want to tell him how much I adore and love him, despite never actually having met. Take care Leader O, here’s wishing you everlasting bowls of cream and the freedom of your life before the troubles began. I also want you to know that if I adopt a kitty, they shall be named after you. Tight hugs and smooches.

  20. We’ve also had to go through this several times, and know how difficult it is for all of you. All the laughter and tears we’ve shed with you have been worth every moment, and we love you all so much for sharing with us. Take care of our beautiful boy — and come back to us when you’re ready. We grieve with you and send purrs, hugs, and love to all of you, and especially to Otis. LInda, David, Lola, Griffon, and Luna

  21. Punapippuri

    We fully understand and feel so very, very sad too. We wish to pass on purrs and respectful headbonks to the leader from all of us here in Finland (North), and Äiti would like you, if, possible to allow a head scritch from her.

    Right now the skies here are often dancing with the northern lights, which we believe are the tails of those who have crossed over. They are ready for whenever…….

  22. We understand. Purrs and gentle headbutts to you all….

  23. Susan, Shadow and Joey

    It never gets any easier no matter how many times we must face this dreadful event. BUT with God’s help we manage to do what must be done. Please remember Otis will always be in our hearts and his message WILL go on. You will not have him with you in body but always in spirit.

  24. Leader Otis was on of my very first blogs to follow. I read everything and watched every video on his web site as well. I am a disciple. I always will be. Leader O…may your next journey be pain free and swift…and may you be surrounded by the love and warmth and caring of the universe of all of us kitties whom you have brought so much peach and joy and safety to. With such heavy hearts…Mom Linda and I bid you “until we meet again”

  25. mistletoeandhitch

    From the first moment we fall in love with each other, we know we will be parted from our furry family. But, that doesn’t ever make it any easier. We admire your desire to make the most of the time you have left together and we will keep thoughts of you all close to our hearts. We thank you for all you’ve taught us, even this hardest of lessons.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

  26. Torii Croft

    It’s never easy I’ve lost 2 cats and a dog in past 2.5 years to 3 different types of cancer. When you cry know that everyone who follows your blog crys with you. Sammy, Belgarion and even Baxter (the black fluffy dog) will be waiting across the Rainbow bridge for him. Just know he and you are loved.

  27. Erin K

    best thoughts, love and purrs to everyone in Leader Otis’ family. my heart is heavy, but i’m glad he has love.

  28. mistletoeandhitch

    Why a woman with 4 cats of her own would fall in love with a group of 5 that live across the country is a puzzle, but then, love always is. I thank you and your Guardians for teaching so many about love and responsibility. I hope you can take this time and concentrate on the love you all share. We will all be here if you need us. Godspeed, sweet Leader Otis, and thank you.
    HuMom to Mistletoe & Hitch

  29. Chris, Monster, Buggy, Bunk and Calico (and a wiener dog)

    I was going to write this privately but I think everyone should know. Most vets will come to your house. I always choose this in this situation. It’s never been very expensive, usually around $25 extra for a home visit.

    Just in case you all didn’t know this…….

    Purring for all.

  30. Isaish sends purrs to all and we are both so sorry. Making the decision is never easy. I will include all of you in my prayers tonight.

  31. Erin

    We will continue to pray and purr for you.
    –Erin, Brandie, Bella, Ruthie, and even Taffy the wiener dog

  32. Sending our love & purrs to your family. We admire so much Leader Otis and all the disciples. xoxo
    Ms. Stella O’Houligan

  33. You are in our thoughts and purrs Leader Otis and we will be thinking about your Guardians and the rest of your family as you all go through this hard time. We are sad, but know that you’ve spread your love and knowledge far and wide. Be proud of yourself Otis, you’ve done a great job leading all of us!!! We’ll miss you very much when your gone…your friends, Becca, Steve, Juliet & Romeo

  34. Sweet, sweet Otis. I’ll miss you very much. To the Guardians, I’m very sorry that this you have to make these decisions. To the brothers and sister, stay strong.

  35. Our very best purr therapy to the inner circle and the guardians. And best of luck to Leader Otis on his final journe; when he arrives there will be no pain.

  36. spittythekitty

    I know that when the time comes, Mr. Teeth and Clarkie will be right up front to welcome the Leader to the Bridge. We wish you much love and peace as you all prepare for the journey. Godspeed, leader Otis. XOXO

  37. We did not know of Otic before today, how that happened we don’t know, but we know how sad you are right now, thinking of going on without him…but he would not want you to be sad for long and we are sure he had plans for you to continue in his honor, we just know it….

  38. merbear74

    I will never forget the day I stumbled onto this blog, what a blessing. Much love to all. Leader Otis, you will always be in my heart. xoxo

  39. National Cat Day is October 29th. I think it should be dedicated to Leader Otis for sharing his wisdom with all his furry and non-furry friends. Purrs, hugs and soft pats to his family.

  40. Sending prayers and love to Leader Otis. My heart goes out to the Guardians, the brothers and sister of Leader Otis. I am so sorry that you have to make this difficult decision. Leader Otis is much loved and cherished by all and will most definitely be missed by all. Remember, you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  41. CindyD

    Pearl, Missy, Amy and even the precious corgi, Ruby are waiting to help you across the Rainbow Bridge. Much love follows you all. We have wonderful memories to comfort us.

  42. Sending love and purrrs for his journey, and yours, from all of us here. Though he’ll walk in the next world, he willl be well-remembered in this one for all the loving tribute you’ve given him.

  43. MJ

    And we love the Leader too. And his Guardians, and his loyal Brothers, Knight and Lady Essence. When I sit on my meditation cushions tonight and tomorrow, and my elderly cat boy joins me on my lap to sleep in his own waning days while I sit, we will send joined thoughts and purrs to all of you. XOXOXO

  44. Hugs and purrs to your whole family.

  45. Yow Brother Oliver n all of ya…me n Mum nose how ya feel (well sort of) n we support ya in any deecishun ya makez at diz point……we nose spendin time wif Leader Otis iz #1 purrority fer all of ya….we haz leeky eyez fer all of ya tonite n we will say purrayerz dat yer time together iz full of LUB n light…
    Yer faithfull readerz Nylablue n Sherriellen too =^..^=

  46. Sending our love and prayers for this toughest of times..we understand and can only send our greatest wish for you all to find comfort with each other.
    Love Bev xxxx

  47. Batya Harlow

    So hard to read today’s blog through tears. I’m glad the sun has come out and hope that Leader Otis is enjoying a sunny spot. That is how I will think of him. May his passing be gentle and peaceful, surrounded by all who love him. He is the most special of special cats, and taught many valuable lessons. May his wisdom continue to enlighten. All beings in the Cult of Otis are in my thoughts and my heart.

  48. I understand – poor Leader O! Priestess Jen and Miss P. have been purring more recently, so I guess they understand too. They must be purring for Otis!

  49. Fay de Grimston

    Our thoughts and our hearts are with you.

    Little Evie



  50. Spooky and Scout send their love to all of you. This is never an easy decision to make, but remember how you gave Otis a life filled with love, hugs, a warm spot to relax, all of the food he needed, and safety from all of the bad things out there in the world. My beloved Rascal, Cosmo, Whitey, and Goldilocks will be waiting to greet Leader Otis when he crosses the Rainbow Bridge. Hugs and prayers for all of you. Thanks so much for sharing Otis’ journey with us.

  51. ldrew1

    My sister Lucy and I along with our mum are sending lots of love to you all. We feel your heartache. I have sent word to my my brother Fred, sister Jessica, and cousin Rajah, to greet Leader Otis when he crosses to Rainbow Bridge.
    Headbutts and sandpaper kisses to you all.

  52. Leader Otis’s message has touched so many, far beyond what you will ever see. Please know that those countless disciples are now holding you close in our thoughts. All of us are sending love and purrs to your entire family.

  53. Tracey47

    To the Guardians: Please remember always that you have given the Leader Otis a longer, healthier and happier life than he ever would have had without you. Through the Cult of Otis you have made sure that he and his message will live on in the hearts of many, many humans and felines in the years to come. My girls and I will be thinking of you in the coming days. Tracey, guardian of Jessie, Nikki, and Gotham.

  54. I feel for you all, and wish you much love and tenderness at this time.

  55. Our thoughts are with you. We know Otis and the Guardians need all of you now, and you need each other so much also.

  56. Joseline

    I saw this announcement the moment I opened my FB and it’s a sad day indeed. I am praying for Leader Otis and the rest of the crew.

    May he be comfortable and surrounded with love from all followers including myself.

  57. Bon Voyage Otis …

    … big hugs for you all from WidderCat, Mrs Widders and me.

    We all hold you with love and will all be here when you return.

  58. A sad time for you guys. Mama and I are saying prayers. The love shared by all of you will help heal the hurt. Just as you love Leader Otis he loves you and will wait for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

  59. Dear Otis, we hope you know you are loved by so many!!! Sending soft purrs to you and strength to your guardians.

  60. Anita Elsner

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Thank you for sharing Otis’s journey with us and for keeping The Leader’s message so active in our lives. We are keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers.

  61. Priestess of Bast

    I have only recently started following this blog, but have enjoyed hearing Leader Otis’ words of wisdom. Rest assured that his message and mission will be carried on. Purrs to all of you during this difficult time – please let us know if there’s anything that we can do.

  62. Sandy

    I cannot add much to what has already been said – sending you love and purrs Leader Otis. Your message is so strong that it will continue through us cult members. Thank you for your wisdom and huimor and thank you to the Guardians, the brothers, and Mana Cat for supporting you through your journey.

  63. Miming and Crew

    Hugs and purrs for the Leader — from 6 of us here here in the Philippines.

  64. My friend Savannah told me about your blog and that you are not doing well Otis. My sisters and I send you our best purrs and prayers and gentle hugs for your peeps.

  65. Our thoughts very much echo the above, we are thinking of you all and sending big hugs. Take that time, we will be here when you come back X

  66. I just discovered your blog at an unfortunate time. I am sorry to hear the bad news.

  67. ((hugs)) this is the worst. You are all surrounded by a web of love and light and good wishes. Leader Otis has brought so much light to so many. I’m so proud of you for taking this time, difficult as it will be. We will all be here waiting when you are ready to return. We love you all.

  68. sweet Otis big hugs from UK xxx

  69. Cats are some of the wisest animals, and it was believed that they reincarnated. I can’t believe that Leader Otis will not return to you as a new kitten, ready to defend the Limbo and Shadow Cats in the world. Be strong and brave, and know that your kitty loves you more than anything you can imagine.

  70. Thank you for sharing your life, your mission, your disciples, and your Guardians with the world, Leader Otis. Prayers for a swift and gentle journey. We will carry on with much sadness but also with the wisdom you have shared.

  71. Leigh

    Goodbye dear Leader, we thank you for sharing Your wisdom with us and we all grieve with the Guardians and Your feline family that You will leave behind. May there be joy and peace wherever You are off to. We love You.
    Jenn and her kitties Bastet and Atosha

  72. Brother Oliver, we understand and appreciate wanting to spend what moments you and your family have left with Leader Otis. We are purring for a gentle and swift journey for Otis. He is a very special cat and he will be missed by all. We love you, Otis, and maybe, just maybe, we will get to meet you at the Bridge one day. Purrs and prayers (and hugs) for Oliver, Thomas, Mama Cat, and the Guardians.

  73. Liz

    Prayers, warmth and love for the Guardians and their beloved feline clan.

  74. DJFuzzyK

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with all of us, the good and the bad. The community you’ve created has done more than spread a message. It’s brought happiness, amusement and joy to us all. You will all be in our thoughts and purrs until our next meeting, and Leader Otis will remain in our hearts, now and forever.

    Wishing you peace and love,
    Sonja, Fuzz, Bean, Hicks, Oscar and Emerson

  75. Blessings and thanks to you all. Leader Otis may soon be having a “change of clothes” as the Dalai Lama says, but his spirit and heart will always be here, a permanent reminder of all the good you and He have done. Take good care and come back as soon as you can!

  76. Heather

    That is a lot of selfless blogging from you all. Through illnesses and holidays. I know leader O has worked tirelessly and I’m glad you are taking a few moments together. I have set a trap for a little kitten who seems homeless and has an injured leg. He is a stripped tabby and if I manage to get him he’ll be off for shots and spay/neutering. I will name him Otis in the leader’s sweet honor and will make sure he gets a great home where he will be safely contained.

    We are sending purrs and prayers your way! It is a truly miserable situation to be in. Thankful for the time you had together, but so very sorrowful to see it end. I am truly sorry.

  77. Otis, we are thinking a lot about you and your family. We know you will take care of each other but want you to know how much we care, too. This does make us sad but you will always be the Leader.

    Lizzie & 2 kitties

  78. We send our best purrs and blessings to all of you and our Mom is sending Reiki to help ease you through this troubling time. Love to Leader Otis and all of you. When it is time, our own kitties, once rescued from the Shadows and now living in bliss over the Bridge will be there to welcome Leader O with open hearts and open paws.

  79. We have been sending soothing calm thoughts and purrs – been afraid to look. Soft pets to all

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