So Many Lost Cat Posters I Have Lost Count

My Disciples,

It’s official. So many lost cat posters have appeared in The Blog of Otis I have lost count. I know it is more than 60, and probably more than 70, and, unfortunately, there are more to add to the total today. I don’t point this out to depress you, but rather to acknowledge the magnitude and ongoing nature of the problem. Clearly people are not choosing to keep their cats safely confined, and both they and the cats are suffering as a result of their choice. It’s time to choose differently, not only for My feline brothers and sisters, but also to prevent psychological suffering among guardians whose cats disappear without a trace. Cats like Kiwi, whose whereabouts are currently unknown.

Lost Cat Poster- Kiwi

Kiwi is missing. I purr that he is somewhere safe.

And cat’s like Kirby, whose family misses him and wants him home.

Lost Cat Poster- Kirby

Kirby is missing. I purr that he returns home, and that his family keeps him safe from that day forward.

Or cats like Guy, a handsome black boy who has the misfortune of being missing very close to Halloween, a day that is notoriously bad for black cats.

Lost Cat Poster- Guy

Guy is missing. I purr that he is found safe.

Or the two, nearly identical black cats that were featured on this badly weathered poster. The person who made the poster says the cats have been hanging around his or her garage since September 10. They have green eyes, are mild mannered, and have no collars.

Found Cat Poster, two black cats

I purr that the two cats featured in this poster are returned to their family and are thereafter kept safely confined.

Don’t let these posters depress you. Instead use them as motivation to do the right thing for the cats in your life, and to encourage others to do the same. Giving your cat safe boundaries is the loving thing to do. If you have human children, you no doubt do this for them, so please do it for you furry, four-legged kids as well.

So Sayeth Otis

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5 responses to “So Many Lost Cat Posters I Have Lost Count

  1. Those posters break my heart 😦

  2. So sad Otis. I hope all the cats find safety, and I especially hope all of the black kitties at least find someone to offer them protection on Halloween.

  3. This does make us sad, Leader Otis. But it reinforces the fact that we like living inside and whenever we have ideas of venturing out there…we will think twice.

  4. Seeing all these posters makes us so sad. I do not understaand how there can be so many lost & missing cats? We all over the world lobby for safe confinement of felines….even where we live people continue to ‘let their cats out’ and wonder why they do not ‘come back’. Sometimes I could just *scream* I get so frustrated!!
    At least I know I AM a responsible feline caretaker….
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too

  5. thank you for bringing awareness. it is indeed a terrible problem.
    Z-Girl and the Squeedunk Cats

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