The Tommy-O Drift

My Disciples,

There is a thing that Thomas does that I really wish I could capture on video. So far though, I have been unsuccessful. The Guardians call it the “Tommy-O Drift”. I know that name sounds strange, but apparently they came up with it after seeing a preview for what looked like a ridiculously bad movie called “The Fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift”. In the preview, there were all of these kids driving crazily around the streets of Tokyo. They would turn corners so fast that the back end of their car would slide sideways, and that’s what they called the Tokyo Drift.

The Tommy-O drift is similar in that it starts with Thomas running crazily around the house. He puts his ears back, for speed, and just runs flat out through the kitchen. When he reaches the doorway to the back hall, he takes a hard right. His momentum causes his butt to continue moving straight even as he is turning right, so he goes into a power slide for a second or two. Then, as the momentum dissipates, he tears off down the hallway at a 90- degree angle to his original direction of travel. It’s amazing every time I see it!

Tommy-O Drift

In a Tommy-O Drift, Thomas’s rear end is traveling in a different direction than his front end. This photo is a simulation. You can tell it is not a real drift because his ears are not back, for speed.

As I said, some day I hope to document the Tommy-O Drift on video for all to gaze at in wonder. So far though, we have had little luck predicting when a drift might happen, and thus we are never ready with the camera. For now, you’ll just have to take My word for it that the Tommy-O Drift is Β quite a sight to see!

So Sayeth Otis

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27 responses to “The Tommy-O Drift

  1. I do the same thing! All. the. time.
    Mommy says I’m hyper-something or other.


  2. I do that too…but I do it on a flat surface, using the step down between living and dining area…I hook one paw on the step and that gives me leverage to whip my butt around so i can corner really fast when chasing the red laser…I’m really good at it too…heh…heh

  3. Sounds great, fingers crossed you can catch it on film!!!

    Sometimes when Kip gallops from the kitchen to the living room his back end seems to pick up more speed and he ends up loping sort of parallel to the direction he is headed….not quite the same as Thomas but still funny to watch πŸ™‚

  4. I’m citing Thomas as the sole reason for my having contracted Tabby-Broodiness.

  5. How nice of Thomas to do a slow-motion version. I bet it’s a sight to behold at full speed!

  6. Is this what he does when he wants to play? Thomas has such cute mannerisms – never should have been a feral!

  7. I’ve seen both of my girls do something similar when they really get in a running mood.

  8. Wow, I do something like that too. The Ernie-O Drift!


  9. Well Otis indeed this seems to be a common girls do the same…and it’s quite a drama packed event..oddly it coincides with either a pre-litter tray or post-litter tray visit ???? odd very odd πŸ˜‰

  10. OO i really want to see the video now!

  11. Oh boy, I bet that’s a sight to see! I hope you get it on video soon!

  12. Me LUBZ da do da Toyko Drift n me place!!! me slidez on da runner rug too n surfz!!!! We Kittehz are bery verse-atile aren’t we??
    Lub Nylablue!!!!

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