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Super Stretching Sunday

My Disciples,

This morning, as I was napping underneath the couch, I heard Brother Henry and Sir Thomas talking in the living room. Brother Henry said, “Sir Thomas, proper stretching is extremely important if you want to maintain your cat reflexes.” I peeked out from under the couch and saw Brother Henry sitting on top of the cat tree in the front window. He continued, “So, let’s start with a simple one leg stretch.” He sat up and raised his right paw.

Super Stretch Sunday 1

Brother Henry was teaching Sir Thomas proper stretching technique. He sat up and raised his right paw.

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Working On My Side Plunk

My Disciples,

After My recent discovery that I have art thritis, I decided that I should start concentrating more on My kitty yoga.  I spent most of yesterday working on a modification of a human yoga position called the side plank.  The kitty version I have invented is called the side plunk.

Otis Side Plunk

I call this kitty yoga position the side plunk. It is very effective at increasing My yoga-ness.

So far I am very happy with the increased yoga-ness I have achieved with the side plunk.  It makes Me feel so relaxed that I bet I will recover from My art thritis in no time!  Plus, I bet this will really help Me maintain My svelteness, so I’ll not only feel good, I’ll look good too!  I think that’s what yogaing is all about!

So Sayeth Otis

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