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The Full Report

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. I’m sorry we had so little information to share yesterday, but we were all so excited to finally spend time with The Leader again, that none of us wanted to leave Him alone. Many thanks to Brother Henry for doing the quick update that we did manage to post. Today, I’d like to give you as much information as possible about The Leader’s return from The Bad Place, and what we found out about His visit there. So, here’s how it went when He got home:

First, the Guardians placed the portable kitty jail that contained Leader Otis in the living room and opened the door. I asked The Leader to exit so I could inspect the interior. I was doing this as a personal favor to Thomas, who had asked if I would make sure that no wiener dogs had stowed away in Leader Otis’s kitty jail while he was at The Bad Place. He seemed to think they might try to take advantage of The Leader’s situation and attempt an infiltration. I found no signs of wiener activity in the jail.

01- Otis and Oliver after return from vet, 071713-2

First I asked The Leader to exit the portable jail so I could check for wiener dogs, per Thomas.

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He’s Home!

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here! He’s home! Leader Otis is home! Brother Oliver is trying to see if the Guardians brought any paperwork home with them so he can get a better idea of what happened at the specialty Bad Place, but so far all we know is that nothing conclusive was found and that some tests are still out. We did find a picture that the Guardians took at The Bad Place Tuesday evening though so what we do know is:

Otis recovering from anesthesia 071613

This is where Leader Otis was sleeping at around 7 pm on Tuesday…

Otis return from vet, 071713-19

… and this is where Leader Otis was sleeping at around 6 pm on Wednesday.

For right now, that is good enough for us. We will report more as soon as we are able.

So Says Brother Henry

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No News On The Leader, But Good News On Mama

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. First of all, let me tell you what is going on with Leader Otis. The Guardians took Him to the specialty Bad Place yesterday, and He was not with them when they returned. I heard them talking, and it sounds like The Leader is going to be gone overnight for a whole bunch of tests. Some of them require him to be anesthetized even. I’m very worried about him, and I know the Guardians are too. Please continue to keep Him in your thoughts and purrs, as I know He can use the support right now.

Otis on couch, 070713

The Leader is at The Bad Place for a bunch of tests. Please keep Him in your thoughts and purrs.

After the Guardians got home from dropping off Leader Otis at the specialty Bad Place, they looked at Mama’s eye together. They must have decided that her eye still looked bad, because they loaded her up in a portable kitty jail and took her to the regular Bad Place. They were gone for about an hour, and not too long after they returned I got a full report from Mama through the door.

Mama said that they had once again poked prodded and examined her at The Bad Place, and they again focused in on her eye. She said it was scary, but the good people at The Bad Place were very kind, just like last time she was there.

Mama Cat Vet recheck

Mama Cat said that this visit to The Bad Place was a lot like last week’s visit.

Mama said that there was one thing very different about this Bad Place Visit though. I guess the good people that were looking at her said they could see something in her eye. They didn’t see it last time she was there because her eye was so swollen, but the swelling had gone down and now this thing was clearly visible. They used a big pair of tweezers to reach into the corner of Mama’s eye and extract the thing they saw. It was a grass seed! That’s why Mama’s eye had been hurting! She had a seed in it!

Mama Cat's Grass Eye

Here is what they pulled out of Mama’s eye, and what they used to pull it out.

Mama said that she felt much better now that the seed was no longer in her eye. She also said that the Guardians seemed to really feel better too, and that they had given her a big bowl of food and a brushing as soon as she was home from The Bad Place.

Mama Cat, eating 071513-3

Mama Cat said that the Guardians brushed her and fed her as soon as she got home from The Bad Place.

So I think Mama Cat is finally on the true road to recovery now that she no longer has a plant trying to grow on her eyeball. Now we all anxiously await Leader Otis’s tests, and the news they may bring. I know we will probably not have anything new to report by tomorrow though, so I have decided to push up the release date of the second photo in my Whiskered Gallantry series. Hopefully a massive dose of feline handsomeness will make the wait for news about The Leader’s health a little more bearable.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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The Leader is Tired of The Bad Place

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here. The Leader made yet another visit to The Bad Place yesterday. This time it was the special Bad Place that performed his Hipsterectomy. Apparently, the Guardians decided to have His hip checked out just to make sure that it doesn’t have anything to do with His recent walking and general shakiness problems. Leader Otis was not amused when they put Him in the portable kitty jail before the trip. He wouldn’t even look at them.

Otis sulking in carrier

Leader Otis was not happy to be making yet another visit to The Bad Place. He wouldn’t even look at the Guardians.

I decided to try to cheer The Leader up by poking Him repeatedly through the bars. After the fourth or fifth poke with my paw, I think He was starting to feel better. It was hard to tell though because He wouldn’t look at me either.

Otis sulking in carrier with Oliver poking

I used my advanced skills in cheerful poking to try to cheer up The Leader. I think it worked.

The Guardians left with The Leader and returned about two hours later. Leader Otis was exhausted and climbed up onto the couch to recover. I asked Him if He had heard any of the discussion at The Bad Place and He simply said, “Leg’s OK. No other news. Tired of The Bad Place. Going to sleep now.” He closed his eyes, but then opened one and fixed it on me. He said, “Don’t even think about poking Me again.”

Otis on couch glaring

The Leader was tired after His visit to The Bad Place. He said He was going to sleep… and told me not to poke Him.

At that point, I left Him to His nap. So, I guess it’s good news that The Leader’s surgerized leg is doing OK, but we still don’t know why he is shaky and weak. Hopefully Monday’s visit to yet another special Bad Place will help to nail down a cause. Thomas, Brother Henry and I will keep you posted.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver


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Something’s Wrong With The Leader

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Leader Otis is not feeling very well and everyone is worried about Him. The Guardians took Him to The Bad Place yesterday to try to figure out why He was feeling so bad. Maybe that is why it’s called The Bad Place, because it is where good people try to figure out why we are feeling bad. Anyway, It’s still a scary place to go, and I saw a photo that The Guardians took of Leader Otis while they were at The Bad Place. He looked pretty upset.

Otis at the Vet

The Leader did not look very happy at The Bad Place.

The Leader was gone all day. The Guardians went and picked Him up late in the afternoon. He was exhausted when He got home, and He was wearing a blue bandage with stars on it. The Brothers and I did not try to ask Him about what he had been through. He did eat some freeze-dried chicken though, which I thought might be a good sign.

Otis after vet visit.

The Leader was very tired when He got home. He did eat some chicken though.

I overheard the Guardians talking. I guess they did a bunch of blood tests at The Bad Place. They also took something called “X-rays” and gave The Leader a bunch of fluids. So far they have not found anything out of the ordinary on the tests, but their are some more results pending. Also, I heard them say that Leader Otis has to go back to The Bad Place on Wednesday for something called an “ultrasound”. I have no idea what all of this means, and neither do the Guardians from what I can tell.

The Brothers and I will do our best to keep the blog rolling while we all give Leader Otis the care He needs, and we will keep you updated on his condition as more information becomes available.

Thomas Out

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My Disciples,

I still can’t remember what all I heard the Guardians saying when they took Thomas and I to The Bad Place the other day, but I have felt completely worn out ever since I returned home. I’ve spent more time than usual napping and loafing about for the past two days, and Brother Oliver said I probably have PBPED. When I asked him what PBPED is, he told Me it’s “Post Bad Place Exhaustion Disorder”. He also said that, although he almost never has to go to The Bad Place, he always suffers from PBPED afterward.

Otis exhausted on bench

I am so exhausted. Brother Oliver says I have PBPED.

The Guardians haven’t let us visit Thomas up in Kitty Valhalla yet, so I’m not sure whether or not he is also suffering from PBPED. I think I know why he came home from The Bad Place so much later than Me though. I can smell him from the bottom of the stairs that lead to Kitty Valhalla, and I am picking up scents that I only remember smelling one other time in My life. I remember these same smells were coming from Me right after I was neutered.

So I think that’s what happened to Thomas, but I think there might be more to the story as well. Hopefully I will be able to visit him soon and find out the whole story. Hmmm…and maybe I’ll also see if I can bring him a bag of ice…

So Sayeth Otis

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A Trying Day for The Leader and Thomas

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here again. As you are aware, yesterday the Guardians rounded up Leader Otis and Thomas in the portable kitty jails and took them somewhere. Brother Henry and I figured that they were going to The Bad Place, and we figured right. About two hours after they left, they returned, but only Leader Otis was with them. They placed The Leader’s kitty jail in the middle of the living room and opened the door. The Leader exited, clearly shaken by His ordeal. Worried about Thomas, I pressed Him for answers, but He simply said, “I…I can’t Brother Oliver. Please don’t make Me relive it!”

Otis Returns

Only Leader Otis returned with the Guardians. I pressed Him for answers about what had happened, but he didn’t want to talk about it.

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The Guardians Took Otis and Thomas!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver

Brother Oliver here. I’m filling in for Leader Otis because he is gone! The Guardians scooped up Him and Thomas this morning, put them in the little mobile kitty jails and left. I freaked out at first because I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Making matters worse, I couldn’t find Brother Henry for a long time after the Guardians left. I finally found him hiding in the closet and he asked, wide-eyed, “Are they gone?” When I told him they were, he said, “Whew! When they pulled out the kitty jails I thought it was going to be me that had to go to The Bad Place.

After Brother Henry said that, I realized that of course that is where they went. I never think of The Bad Place because I’ve almost never had to go there. Whenever the kitty jail comes out the Guardians always take away Brother Henry, Leader Otis, or both. I guess this morning Thomas got to take his first trip there as well. I can’t say that I envy the little guy.

Brother Henry, now realizing that he wasn’t going to have to take a trip, strolled confidently out of the closet and jumped up on the big cat tree with drawers by the window. He sat in front of a light under which Leader Otis once posed for a picture and said, “While the Leader is away, I will fill in for Him on The Beacon of Hope!”

Henry Beacon of Hope

Brother Henry said that he will fill in as The Beacon of Hope while Leader Otis is away.

A few minutes after Brother Henry started holding his vigil with The Beacon of Hope, we thought we heard a car pulling into the driveway. I said, “Do you think that’s the Guardians? Maybe they forgot something!” At that point, Brother Henry said, “Ummmmmm…I think I’m going to head back to the closet and use The Beacon of Hope from there…you know, because it’s really dark in there and that place could use a beacon…” He then jumped down and ran for the closet. As it turned out, it wasn’t the Guardians’ car we had heard outside after all, but Brother Henry continued to stand by his assertion that the closet was in need of a beacon. Even though he hadn’t actually taken the beacon into the closet with him, I wasn’t in the mood to argue.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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Trip To The Bad Place Part 2- The Homecoming

My Disciples,

In yesterday’s blog entry I described My terrifying trip to The Bad Place.  When we last left off I was on My way home, but I felt like I had been gone so long I didn’t know what to expect.  Well, I still felt relieved when I was carried through the back door in the portable kitty jail and placed on the floor while the Guardian removed his coat.  As soon as the jail reached the floor, Brother Oliver was there sniffing Me through the bars.

I reached out saying, “Brother Oliver!  It’s Me, Leader Otis!  Do you recognize Me!?”  He replied, “Huh?  Of course I do!  You’ve only been gone an hour Leader Otis…”

Otis in carrier with Oliver looking in at Him.

I thought I had been gone for a year. Brother Oliver said it was only an hour.

I was amazed at the information Brother Oliver had given Me.  I decided that the radumograph machine that they had used on Me at The Bad Place must have had something to do with time travel because there was no way I could have only been gone an hour.  I shared this theory with Brother Oliver who seemed skeptical.

After the Guardian’s coat was off he opened up the kitty jail and set Me free.  As I exited the jail, Brother Oliver sniffed Me deeply and said, “You don’t smell a year older, Leader Otis.  You just smell like stress and fear…and maybe a little bit of pee.”  I ignored this last bit.

Oliver sniffing otis.

Brother Oliver sniffed Me as I exited the kitty jail. He said I didn't smell any older.

Once I was all the way out of the kitty jail, I heard the freeze-dried chicken treat container rattling.  Brother Oliver and I forgot what we were talking about at once, especially the pee…I hope, and we ran to get treats that the Guardian placed on the floor.

Oits eating chicken.

All thoughts of time travel and pee were forgotten as the Guardian gave us a treat offering.

The treat really was delicious, and it helped Me forget about all that I had just gone through.  I wish My treat had been placed on the kitchen floor instead of the living room floor though.  I ended up getting a bit of fuzz on My tongue as I tried to eat off the rug.

Otis sticking tongue out.

Bleah! The treat was good, but I could have done without the fuzz from the rug.

When I was done eating, I started to have flashbacks about the year that I had just spent in The Bad Place.  I was about to run and hide in the basement when I noticed that the Guardian had placed his coat on the couch.  He never leaves his coat on the couch, so I assumed that he must have left it there for Me.  It makes sense, after all, since the coat had been My protective shield for part of the time at The Bad Place.  He probably thought it would make Me feel better now too.  And it did!

Otis laying on coat.

The Guardian left his coat on the couch so I could lay on it. It made Me feel better.

As I laid on the coat and drifted off to sleep, I heard the Guardian talking to the other Guardian on the phone.  It sounded like he had brought some kind of pictures home that were taken during the radumograph.  I shall look into this later and update you on what I find out tomorrow.  Right now, I feel like I could sleep for a year…

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow- Trip To The Bad Place Part 3- What I Discovered About The Radumographs

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Trip To The Bad Place Part 1- Morning of Terror

My Disciples,

My instincts must have been off yesterday morning because before I even had the slightest inkling that I should run and hide, one of the Guardians had scooped Me up and closed Me in the portable kitty jail.  Next thing I knew, we were in the car, and My heart was racing because I just knew we were on our way to The Bad Place!

Otis in carrier

Suddenly, I found Myself in a car on the way to The Bad Place. I didn't even see it coming!

I should have had My guard up, because I knew the Guardians had noticed that I have been limping recently.  Whenever Brother Henry or I get sick or have pains, the Guardians always take us to The Bad Place.  That’s how we figured out that The Bad Place may not actually be so bad after all…but it’s still very scary to us so we still call it The Bad Place!

Anyway, sure enough, after driving for what seemed to Me like four days, the Guardian stopped the car and took Me inside The Bad Place.  I tried My hardest to be brave, but I’m ashamed to say I failed miserably.  The people at The Bad Place are always very nice to Me (except for when they take My temp-shure), but I smell so many other scared animals (including dogs!  Sorry Rumpy!) there that I just can’t calm Myself down.  Today, when one of the people at The Bad Place came in to check My svelteness, I hid in a shiny silver sink.

Otis in sink.

I'm not proud of it, but I hid in the darkest place I could find...the sink.

After being pulled out of the sink, placed on the svelteness checker and then <GASP> having My temp-shure taken, the Guardian pulled Me onto his lap.  I pushed My head into his coat and he held Me and made Me feel at least a little bit safer.  I wanted to claw My way all the way up his back under the coat, but he seemed to be against that idea.

Otis in coat

The Guardian tried to protect Me from the scariness, but I was still afraid.

The rest of the visit is kind of a blur.  I may have even blacked out at one point and I had a crazy hallucination that I was placed on a table for “radumographs” or something like that.  I’m not sure what a “radumograph” is, but it sounds pretty terrifying to Me.  Fortunatley, I eventually found Myself safely back in the portable kitty jail and on My way back home.  But having been gone so long (by this time I estimated at least a year had passed), would I even recognize home when I got there?  Would The Brothers recognize Me?  I had no idea what to expect, and that added to My already intense feeling of unease.

So Sayeth Otis

Tomorrow:  Trip To The Bad Place Part 2- The Homecoming

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