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The Luckiest Crow in the World

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Henry here. That crow would be mine. I would stalk him, and pounce on him, and crunch his birdie bones before he even knew what happened. I swear, I would do it.

Henry Crow Watch 1

I would have you before you even knew what happened, crow…

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Little Diggy-guy Down

People and fur people who like The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. There will probably not be anything new to report about Leader Otis’s condition until he has his next Bad Place visit, but The Brothers and I are going to continue to take turns updating the blog until The Leader feels better. Sadly, today I have the death of another wildling at the paws and jaws of the Limbo kitties to report. In the backyard, the Guardians discovered the chewed body of one of the little diggy-guys that help them aerate their garden. I heard them refer to the diggy-guy as “Mole”, so I guess that was his name. The poor little guy’s digging days have come to a premature end.

Cat killed Mole

The Limbo Kitties killed one of the little diggy-guys in the garden. Poor little guy.

The Guardians don’t think Mama Cat was the culprit in this wildlife killing. They saw at least three other cats in the yard on the day the diggy-guy’s body turned up. Also, Mama did not seem particularly interested in presenting the diggy-guy as a gift to the Guardians, the way she did when she killed a crunchy birdie a few weeks ago.

Mama Cat looking uninterested

We don’t think Mama killed the doggy-guy. There were three other Limbo Kitties in the yard on the day he was found.

Regardless of who crunched the diggy-guy, I could tell it made the Guardians sad. As with the birdie that Mama crunched, they decided to make sure the little diggy-guy’s death was not completely in vain. They placed his body on a table in the backyard, where it would be highly visible to the neighborhood crows. I guess the crows are currently raising crunchy baby crows, and the Guardians thought they might like to feed the diggy-guy to the babies. Sure enough, less than 20 minutes after they put the diggy-guy on the table, I saw a huge, crunchy crow flying away with the body. I watched from a window as I was safely confined inside the house. If all kitties were kept so, the little diggy-guy would still be out there digging, and the kitties themselves would have longer, healthier lives.

Thomas Out

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It’s In Our Nature

My Disciples,

The release of the results of a recent study on what kills wildlife has been stirring controversy among the masses. According to the study, outdoor kitties kill a staggering number of wild birds and mammals. Why the study didn’t also mention that we kill huge numbers of reptiles, amphibians, insects and “other” is beyond Me. I certainly went after everything that moved when I was wandering in the world without walls. Most other outdoor cats do the same.

Dead Kinglet

We do kill stuff. We really do.

The only thing that surprises Me about this study is that anyone would be surprised to discover that we cats kill a ton of animals! We’re cats! Our killer instinct is the very thing that brought us, and kept us, close enough to humans for the domestication process to begin. You see, you all liked to grow and store grain. That grain attracted lots of rodents. We like to kill and eat rodents so we were like, “Hey everybody! These weird two-legged animals know how to attract a meal! Let’s all go hang out with them for a millennium or two!” You noticed us taking care of all those pesky rodents and you appreciated us for it. You showed your appreciation by taking care of us. As the centuries passed, we became more and more dependent on your care until we were no longer able to fully care for ourselves.

Picture of innocence

Look what domestication has done to us! Actually, it’s kind of awesome.

So now, thousands of years later, here we are. We are dependent on you now, but we are no less predatory than we were when we first met you. I’m not ashamed of it. It’s who and what I am. It’s up to My Guardians to make sure I’m not acting out these urges on vulnerable little wild creatures. It’s a responsibility they accepted when they brought Me into their lives. And the only way to be sure I’m not out there carrying out My bloody biological imperative is to keep Me safely locked away from the places that wild creatures roam. This is not a hardship for Me. The Guardians have a wide variety of artificial birds, mice and other inanimate animals that can withstand My predatory assaults without suffering a single broken bone or painful puncture wound. Oh, but that doesn’t stop Me from going after any fly or spider unlucky enough to find it’s way into My indoor domain. So even My sport is not 100% bloodless.

Henry On the Attack

Here’s how we can make a “kill” without killing anything.

The exciting thing is, if you are a cat Guardian you have the opportunity to ensure that you are not responsible for adding to the billions of wild animals that are killed each year by My kind. All you have to do is make sure your kitty is safely confined. As an added bonus you’ll be able to rest assured that larger wild animals won’t eat kitty. Everybody wins!

Thomas and Sparrow

Yay! Everybody wins!

Yes, I know there is more to this story than cats with Guardians. Remember, I was the son of two feral cats. But I believe all positive change starts at home. Once your own house is in order, then you will be in a better position to start effecting change on a wider scale. Please do the right thing, for both your kitties and the wildlings. Keep your kitty happy, healthy, and safely confined.

So Sayeth Otis

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