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Sir Thomas’s Mew Year Revenge

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

Last night was a bit rough. The humans in our neighborhood decided to celebrate Mew Year’s Eve by setting off what sounded like 1,000 pound bombs, or possibly low-yield nuclear devices. It started just after sunset and continued until about 12:30 am. Every time one we heard one of those explosions we thought the world was ending. Sir Thomas was especially frightened by the noise, and he spent a lot of the night running from one hiding spot to the next. He had recovered by this morning though, and as his fear dissipated it was replaced by a driving need to get back at those who had tormented him during the night. To meet that need, Sir Thomas came up with a plan.

Because they were setting off explosions until the wee hours of the morning, Sir Thomas deduced that the culprits must be attempting to sleep late today. So, just before sunrise Sir T went out into our Outdoor Domain and put his plan in motion. He began yelling “Happy Mew Year!” as loudly as he could. He did this over and over and over, and I’ve never heard a kitty yell so loud.

Thomas yelling

Thomas went out into the Outdoor Domain and began yelling “Happy Mew Year!” very loudly.

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The Brothers Overdid It

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas. Well, we all really got into the Mew Year’s spirit and danced our buns off last night, but around midnight The Brothers broke out the catnip. I didn’t have any because I was still too busy dancing at the time.

Thomas still rockin'

The Brothers broke out the catnip around midnight. I was still too busy dancing to partake.

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