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Charlie Gets Bolder In Cookie’s Absence

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

During the week or two that Cookie has been absent, I have noticed a change in Charlie from across the street. With the exception of one peaceful moment witnessed by Brother Oliver, Charlie used to always be on edge when he came into our yard. Since Cookie left though, it’s like he’s a whole new cat.

Charlie 1

Charlie has changed in Cookie’s absence.

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Smooches Sunday

My Disciples,

I was laying on the couch this morning snuggling with one of the Guardians. It was both comforting, and comfortable, and I began to fall asleep.

Otis getting snuggles

I was snuggling with one of the Guardians this morning, and it felt so good I started to fall asleep.

Just as I was drifting off, the Guardian leaned down and gave Me a big ‘ol smooch on the top of my head. She then said, “Love you buddy…” and squeezed Me a little tighter. Before I even knew I was doing it, I began to purr.

Otis getting smooches

The Guardian smooched Me on the head and told Me she loved Me. I couldn’t help but purr.

In fact, the whole situation made Me feel so good, I am declaring today “Smooches Sunday”! So give your kitty a smooch on top of the head… but only if he or she likes being smooched! If he or she doesn’t, just try giving them the Kitty Kissy Eyes instead. It will make them feel just as loved.

So Sayeth Otis


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In Zephyr’s Absence

My Disciples,

Well, it’s been nearly a month now, and still no sign of the neighbor Limbo kitties Zephyr and Poppy.  I guess their Guardian really must have moved away with them or re-homed them.  But their absence (especially Zephyr’s) has brought quite a few changes to our yard.  I haven’t heard or seen any cat fights out there in the yard lately, and many of the local Limbo Kitties have been spending a lot more time hanging out near our house.  One of the most notable changes though is the amount of use the Toastitron 3000 is now receiving.

Zephyr used to use the Toastitron almost every day, and whenever he was present other kitties would give him a wide berth.  Now that he’s absent, a constant parade of Limbo kitties can be seen coming and going from the Toastitron at all hours of the day, and Franklin and Domino have practically moved in!  I saw them out there today.  It was a bit rainy, but they were both toasty and dry.

Domino and Franklin in the Toastitron

In Zephyr's absence, many different Limbo kitties have been using the Toastitron. Franklin and Domino have practically moved in!

I’m still hoping the Zephyr and Poppy are somewhere safe, and that they are both happy and healthy, but I am glad that there are fewer fights and that more kitties are able to toast themselves.  Like humans, we cats are all individuals with distinct personalities.  Some of us get along well with others, and some don’t, and aggressive behavior is usually even worse when we feel unsafe or neglected.  Although Zephyr never fully lost his urge to fight other kitties, it certainly decreased significantly when the Guardians of Otis started petting him, playing with him and keeping him warm.  It’s amazing what a difference a little love, care and attention can elicit in a cat, and it’s a tragedy how common it is for us to be denied those three simple things.

So Sayeth Otis

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Another Reminder From Brother Oliver

My Disciples,

Brother Oliver has given you this reminder before, but recent events in our backyard have led him to believe that he needs to remind everyone again.  In the past week he has witnessed Cookie, Mama Cat, Poppy and Domino all stop by and ask the Guardians if they can have a hug, so Brother Oliver would like to remind you to please hug your kitties if they need you to.

Brother Oliver being hugged by a Guardian

Some kitties need hugs sometimes. Please give your kitty a hug if they need it.

Brother Oliver also says that, although he prefers the full body “pick-me-up-and-hug”, some kitties want to keep their feet planted firmly on the ground while accepting hugs.  We are all individuals with our own preferences, so you might need to do a little hugsperimentation before you figure out exactly what your kitty likes.  Brother Oliver thanks you for your prompt attendance to this very important issue.

So Sayeth Otis

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If Lovin’ Shoes Is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right

My Disciples,

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, I really love shoes.  I mean, what isn’t great about them?  I…errrrr….I…..will you excuse Me for a moment?

Otis mashing on shoes.

Ohhhh yeah. Ohhhhh baby. Yeah! That's the stuff!

As I was saying, shoes are absolutely incredible.  The way they look.  The way they feel.  The way they smell…yeaaaaah…the way they smell……hold on a second….

Otis with his nose buried in a shoe.

Oh yeah. <sniff>...<sniff>...<SNIFFFFFFFFFFFF>...wow....that's it....oh yeah...

Anyway, shoes are probably just about the greatest invention in the history of the planet ever.  You can chew on them, sniff them (as I believe I mentioned), rub your head against them…oh yeah…rub your head against them…mmmmmmm…excuse Me again for a moment…

Otis rubbing the top of his head on a shoe.

Yes! Yes! Right there! That's the spot! Awwww yeaaaaah!

Whew!  Where was I?  What was I saying?  Huh?  Oh.  Yeah.  Shoes.  I was talking about shoes.  Basically, I think I love them.

Otis resting his content head on shoes.

I know I have mentioned this before, but I think I love shoes.

So…ummm…My Disciples…errr…please keep your kitties safe and tell those around you to do the same.  Also…give your kitties full access to a variety of shoes.  We need them.  You may not understand why but, please, just go with Me on this one.

So Sayeth Otis

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