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Fezz Enjoys the Great Outdoors…Safely

My Disciples,

I recently received an email from the guardian of a gorgeous long-haired tabby cat named Fezz.  Chris, Fezz’s guardian, takes his safety very seriously, and she has found a way to meet Fezz’s desire to explore outside while at the same time keeping him out of harm’s way.

A long-haired, gray tabby cat wearing a harness with leash attached.

Fezz enjoys the great outdoors safely by wearing a harness and being walked on a leash.

Chris has fitted Fezz with a harness to which she can attach a leash.  He gets to explore and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, but Chris can give him the gentle guidance he needs to stay away from danger.  Chris also recounted the story of how the leash helped keep a bird that visited her yard safe.  Chris said, “We were heading towards the house when an unsuspecting bird landed in the yard. Mellow Fezz turned into mighty hunter, charging for the bird and tugging hard when he came to the end of the leash.”

Fezz, wide-eyed, looks toward the camera.

Look at those wide pupils! I think I see the Mighty Hunter Fezz!

While I personally can’t understand why humans seem to want to spare those crunchy little birds from death, I guess I can get on board with them protecting the birds if it also means they are protecting their cats.  I mean, if Mighty Hunter Fezz were unleashed (literally) on the world so that he could crunch on little birds, what would stop the even mightier hunters from munching on him?  I’ve even heard that some of the mightier hunters are themselves birds!  Can you imagine?  I guess birds called “eagles” and others called “Great Horned Owls” can actually eat cats.  The Great Horned Owls are even called “Flying Tigers” because of their strength and hunting skills.  I sure wouldn’t want to meet one of those!  But I digress.  We were talking about how Chris is making sure that Fezz doesn’t have to worry about such possibilities.

Recently Chris figured out a way to give Fezz a feeling of greater freedom while still keeping him safe on his leash.  She said, “I ran string out from the porch to a tree in my yard and attached the leash to this and let Fezz out. He was able to wander, without a big, noisy human following close behind and I was able to sit and chill.  He couldn’t get away and get lost or hit by a car, and since I was closely supervising he wasn’t going to get tangled. I’m pretty dang sure it doesn’t give him enough of a run to sneak up on a bird. So, he was slightly annoyed at first when he found its limitations, but when he discovered it meant being out longer and further than me he was quite delighted.”

Fezz on his leash attached to a line.

Here is Fezz on his leash which is attached to the line that Chris rigged. It gave him a stimulating and safe outdoor experience.

Now, not every kitty will take to a harness and leash as Fezz has, but this is a great safety option for my feline brothers and sisters that will tolerate it.  Many thanks to Chris and Fezz for sharing their story.  If you also have a kitty safety story to share, please let Me know.  I may decide to feature it in a future update on The Blog of Otis!

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