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What Has Become Of The Mighty Stanley?

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Last night, at about 2 am, we were all woken up by the sound of very angry kitties growling and yowling in our yard. The noise escalated to full-blown cat fight levels and one of the Guardians went to the door. As he opened it, he saw Charlie (formerly know as Minerva) scurrying back across the street to his house. After Charlie left, all was quiet, so we all went back to sleep. The next morning though, the Guardians made a disturbing discovery in the yard. A collar belonging to The Mighty Stanley was laying on the ground surrounded by a big pile of white fur!

Stanley's collar 1

The Guardians found Stanley’s collar sitting in a big pile of white fur!

Clearly, Stanley had been the other kitty involved in the late night cat fight. It must have been a nasty fight too, considering all the fur that was left behind. Plus, even though Stanley’s collar was a so called “safety” breakaway collar, it had not broken away as designed. Instead, that plastic had actually broken during the kitty altercation. It must have been quite a fight.

Stanley's collar 2

Stanley had a “breakaway” collar, but it actually broke instead of breaking away as designed.

The Guardians called Stanley’s guardians to inform them of what had happened, but they have not heard back from them yet. Charlie looked to be uninjured when the Guardian saw him, but he did not see Stanley. We all hope he made it home and is not too badly injured. Beyond the physical injuries they may cause, cat fights are also the best way to transmit diseases like the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus and Feline Leukemia between cats. Even minor skirmishes can result in transmission when a cat bites another cat. Why anyone would find it acceptable to put their kitty at such risk is beyond my ability to understand. After all, I’m just a cat, but I am very thankful I am both well-loved, and safely confined. Brother Oliver, Sir Thomas, and I wish all cats could be so lucky.

So Says Brother Henry

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Cookie’s Cat Fights

My Disciples,

Despite the fact that the Guardians are giving Me doses of nasty tasting medications twice a day, I felt it urgent that to talk to you today about an important topic. You see, Limbo kitty Cookie has been getting into a lot of fights recently. These fights are often short, and may seem like minor squabbles to people who are really committed to the idea of cats being outside, but even minor squabbles can have very dangerous consequences.


Cookie has been getting in a lot of altercations lately.

Some people might say, “Cats will be cats…” and not give these brief skirmishes a second thought. But a close inspection of Cookie’s body shows that she is suffering damage in these fights, and no doubt dishing out some of her own as well.

Cookie's wounds

Cookie’s body is riddled with small scratches and bite wounds from her fights.

So, what’s a few scratches and puncture wounds between cats, right? Well, a few scratches and puncture wounds between cats very well could mean transmission of horrible diseases like the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) or Feline Leukemia (FeLV). Even cats who have been vaccinated against these diseases are not 100% protected, so the only sure way to prevent your cat from being exposed is to keep your cat isolated from infected animals. Indoor/outdoor Limbo kitties like Cookie are constantly coming into contact with other kitties roaming free in the world. Any or all of these cats may become carriers of illness that is easily spread when they fight with one another.


Cookie portrait

Limbo kitties like Cookie are at great risk of contracting potentially lethal FIV and FeLV. Once infected, they can also pass disease to other kitties.

It’s true that cats will be cats, and that is why cats need responsible Guardians that will protect them and keep them out of harm’s way. If they do not, there is a good chance that cats being cats will lead to cats being infected, and that will lead to those cats prematurely ceasing to be.

So Sayeth Otis


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