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Brother Oliver Used an Illegal Fighting Move

My Disciples,

Since Brother Oliver performed above My expectations when I was teaching him the art of sneaky, I decided to continue his training by showing him some advanced paw to paw combat techniques.  I started the lesson by laying down on My side and telling Brother Oliver to attack Me.

Otis lying on his side with Oliver standing over him.

I started the lesson by laying down on My side and directing Brother Oliver to attack Me.

At first, Brother Oliver was uncertain.  He knew from past experience that, like a cobra, My strikes can be lightning fast and devastating.  He circled around to attempt to attack Me from behind, but I quickly rolled over into a defensive position that left Brother Oliver no openings.

Otis in defensive position

Brother Oliver circled around behind Me, but I countered by performing a quick roll that brought Me into a defensive position.

Brother Oliver didn’t know it, but at this point I had him right where I wanted him.  In an amazing burst of speed I rolled onto My belly and went in for a brutal, double front leg takedown.  Just as My paws made contact with Brother Oliver’s front legs, he performed an illegal move to break free of the trap in which I had ensnared him!

Brother Oliver bites Otis on the ear.

When I had him right where I wanted him, Brother Oliver went all Mike Tyson on Me!

In what should have been My moment of victory, I felt a vice-like pressure close around My right ear.  In a move straight out of Mike Tyson’s playbook, Brother Oliver was biting My ear!  I hissed with all My might and rolled away from this unsportsmanlike attack.  Brother Oliver ran off toward the kitchen and I was left to nurse My wounded ear.

Otis scratching his right ear.

My ear was numb after Brother Oliver's attack. I used My hind foot to make sure it was still there.

Immediately after the attack, what was originally pain quickly turned to numbness.  I had to check to make sure My right ear was still there.  Fortunately, it was.  When I talked to Brother Oliver later, he apologized and said he had been attempting to perform My signature move that I call “The Skull Cracker.”  I had done it to him once before, and he had been highly impressed.  Since there was no permanent damage to My ear, I accepted Brother Oliver’s apology.  I also agreed to continue his training in the near future.  In the meantime though, I’m going to command the Guardians to buy Me a set of kitty-sized earmuffs.  One can never be too careful.

So Sayeth Otis

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Kitty Close-up #6

My Disciples,

Today I bring you the sixth installment in My Kitty Close-ups photo series.  The photo is below.  Can you guess what it is?

A close-up of Otis's ear.

What do you think this is? What was that? Please speak up. I can't hear you.

Of course, it’s My ear.  Not only is The Leader always watching you, I am also always listening.  And I hope that you will always feel free to share your kitty challenges and joys in The Blog of Otis comments section or by joining Me on Facebook and sharing your stories there.  I would love to hear from you!

So Sayeth Otis

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Cult of Otis shirts, posters, mugs, stickers and more!


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