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Trip To The Bad Place Part 3- What I Discovered About The Radumographs

My Disciples,

So, after I returned from The Bad Place, enjoyed a tasty treat, and slept on the Guardian’s coat for a few hours, I was awakened by the sound of the front door opening.  The other Guardian had arrived home, and she asked the Guardian that had taken Me to The Bad Place to show her the pictures from the radumograph machine.  I took the opportunity to sneak up behind the Guardians and listen to them as they looked at the pictures and talked.

The first thing I found out is that the radumograph machine takes pictures of the insides of things.  In this case, the machine took pictures of the insides of Me!  I saw it all right up there on the computer screen as the Guardians’ were talking.  The Guardian that had taken Me to The Bad Place was pointing out My bones, My poo that hadn’t been pooed yet, My pee that hadn’t been peed yet, and even some gas that was floating around inside Me!  He seemed most concerned about one of the joints in the leg that I have been favoring.  If I was looking at the radumograph picture correctly, it definitely looked like he was pointing at the main area that I am experiencing ouchiness.

Otis Xray 1

It was amazing what I could see on My radumograph picture. It made Me think that I better hang out close to the litter box.

The Guardian said that the cause of the ouchiness in My joint was something called “Art Thritis”.  This was puzzling to Me.  I mean, I like art a lot.  I even used to help one of the Guardians with her paintings, but I had never felt any pain because of the art.

Otis helping with a painting.

I used to help one of the Guardians with her paintings, but it never hurt. I'm not sure how I got Art Thritis.

As the Guardians talked some more, I heard them saying that the doctor at The Bad Place had said My Art Thritis might have been the result of an old injury.  Maybe even a broken hip when I was young and still growing.  The Guardians seemed to have a theory about when and how this might have happened, and they seemed angry at someone at another Bad Place where they took Me to get neutered six years ago.  I’m not sure what that was about, but after they left, I jumped up to the keyboard and took a closer look at My ouchy area.

Closeup of Otis's Ouchy area

I was on My back when they took the radumograph pictures, so that's My right hip that looks all ouchy. I guess that's the Art Thritis I'm seeing.

I’m still confused about what all of this means, but I trust the Guardians to protect Me and keep Me safe, healthy and happy.  I can tell that they are concerned about Me, but from the bits and pieces of conversation that I have overheard in the past few days I also know that they have a plan to address My Art Thritis.  I just hope it doesn’t involve too many more trips to The Bad Place!

So Sayeth Otis

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