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This Year’s Puzzling Catsmas Gift: Part III

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

When we last left off, Brother Henry had claimed that the weird bench was in fact, “The Bench of Infinite Mouse Slaying”. Sir Thomas said that he had a different idea and asked Brother Henry to step aside. Brother Henry did so and Sir Thomas took up position on top of the bench. As he did so he said, “Ah-ha! Just as I suspected. You guys, when I sit up here I am raised quite a distance off the floor. I can see much farther than I could from the ground, I mean, at least several inches farther if not more.”

Catsmas gift 9

Sir Thomas said that he could see several inches farther from the top of the bench.

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This Year’s Puzzling Catsmas Gift: Part I

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

The Guardians have given us some mysterious Catsmas gifts in years past, but this year’s gift caused even more debate than usual among the Inner Circle. What was this strange object? And what was its ultimate purpose?

Catsmas gift 1

This is the gift we received. What was its purpose?

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Box Day 2014 Catstravaganza!

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

It is my honor to be the Grand Marshall for the 2014 Box Day Catstravaganza! In order to get myself in the proper spirit, I have spent the last several hours sitting in a box. OK… I’ll admit it… I would have been sitting in this box for hours even if I wasn’t going to be overseeing the Box Day observance. I am a cat after all.

Henry in box

I would have sat in the box whether or not I was Grand Marshall of Box Day. I’m a cat… and it’s an awesome box.

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Box Day with the Inner Circle

My Disciples,

So, yesterday we saw many kitties enjoying many boxes in many different ways. But many people wondered how we spent Box Day here at Cult of Otis headquarters. Well, it started out with the Guardians putting out three or four different cardboard receptacles for the Inner Circle’s consideration. Really though, one box stood out as, by far, the best. It was a green box that was filled with wonderfully crinkly paper! Brother Oliver gave it a go first, starting off with a classic, “four-on-the-floor” sit.

Oliver four on the floor

A box filled with crinkly paper? Of course that was the favorite. Brother Oliver gave it a go first.

After sitting upright, Brother Oliver transitioned to a perfect corner loaf. He occasionally shifted his weight from side to side to enjoy the crinkling sound it created.

Oliver box loaf

Brother Oliver performed a wonderfully crinkly corner loaf.

Brother Oliver then graciously exited the box so Brother Henry could have a turn. OK, so Brother Henry sort of implied that Brother Oliver would be wise to let him have a turn, and Brother Oliver wisely complied. Brother Henry chose to do his own version of the four-on-the-floor.

Henry classic four on the floor

After Brother Oliver exited the Box, Brother Henry performed a four-on-the-floor.

Although Brother Henry clearly enjoyed the crinkly paper box, he was also intrigued by a nearby shallow box. He walked over to it and executed a very precise, “super shallow sit”.

Henry super shallow sit

Brother Henry exited the crinkly paper box and executed a perfect super shallow sit nearby.

I was thrilled the Brother Henry liked the shallow box, because it gave Me the opportunity to take a turn in the crinkly box. I’m not one for formal poses, so I just threw Myself into the papery goodness and had a full-body experience.

Otis full body box experience

Awwww yeah! I really worked the box for all it was worth!

Now, we had already had a pretty amazing Box Day, but then came the icing on the catnip cake. Brother Henry convinced his new best friend Thomas to come down and do a box sit of his own! Brother Henry didn’t think Thomas was quite ready for the crinkly paper experience, so he guided him to a bare cardboard box with a smiley on the side. Thomas jumped right in and did a brilliant sit!

Henry and Thomas box sitting

Brother Henry convinced Thomas to join in the Box Day festivities. He sat like a champ!

So as you can see, Box Day 2012 was a smashing success for all of us here at The Cult of Otis. I hope that your day was equally fun, and that all of your cardboardy wishes came true!

So Sayeth Otis

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Box Day 2012 Catstravaganza!

My Disciples,

It’s Box Day, the most cardboardy, squarish day of the year! Once again we are celebrating Box Day with a photo catstravaganza featuring many of you at your boxiest! Let’s get to it!

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