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Box Day 2014 Catstravaganza!

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

It is my honor to be the Grand Marshall for the 2014 Box Day Catstravaganza! In order to get myself in the proper spirit, I have spent the last several hours sitting in a box. OK… I’ll admit it… I would have been sitting in this box for hours even if I wasn’t going to be overseeing the Box Day observance. I am a cat after all.

Henry in box

I would have sat in the box whether or not I was Grand Marshall of Box Day. I’m a cat… and it’s an awesome box.

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Box Day 2012 Catstravaganza!

My Disciples,

It’s Box Day, the most cardboardy, squarish day of the year! Once again we are celebrating Box Day with a photo catstravaganza featuring many of you at your boxiest! Let’s get to it!

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