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The Guardians Are Strange Sometimes

My Disciples,

Have I mentioned that the Guardians can be strange? It’s true.  For instance, one day I jumped up onto the cat tree with drawers by the window and found a jar sitting there.  I looked closely at the jar and it appeared to contain what I believe were bones!  At least they looked like what I saw on my radumographs when I found out I had Art Thritis.

Otis with jar of bones

The Guardians had put a jar of bones on the cat tree with drawers by the window. It creeped Me out.

The Guardians call themselves “naturalists”, and I guess collecting bones in a jar is normal for them.  It kind of creeped Me out though. I decided to just look out the window and try to ignore the jar.  It was tough to do.

Otis sitting next to jar

I decided to just look out the window and forget that the jar was there.

Just as I had forgotten all about the jar, a little bird flew by and I thought, “I would love to crunch his crunchy little bones!”  That got Me thinking about the jar again!  I eventually moved to the taller cat tree in the front window where I could imagine crunching little birds in peace. Sometimes it really is a challenge having naturalists as Guardians…

So Sayeth Otis

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