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Mama Cat’s Exhibition: Part III- The Big Finish

My Disciples,

When we left off yesterday, Mama Cat had just blown us away with the new move she calls “The Cold Frame Catapult”. She had landed back up on the  the cement wall, and was in a ready stance. Nothing, I mean NOTHING, could have prepared us for the performance that would follow.

Mama Cat exhibition 17

As the handler made the next pass with the bird, Mama cat brought her foot down on it, stopping it cold. With an intense look on her face she said, “Stuff just got real!” I heard Brothers Henry and Oliver gasp in unison next to me.

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Mama Cat Stopped By!

My Disciples,

I’m so excited and relieved! I haven’t seen Mama Cat for several weeks, but when I went into My Outdoor Domain yesterday there she was! She was sitting on the cement wall by the garage next door! Now, I obviously wasn’t happy that she was still out in Limbo, but since she is an older kitty I feared that I hadn’t been seeing here because she was ill or something. She assured Me that this was not the case, and that she had only been staying inside lately because the weather had gotten so rainy. Apparently, her guardians are at least kind enough not to kick her out into the rain.

Mama Cat looked a little concerned sitting there on the wall, so I asked her what was on her mind. She said, “Well… ummm… Leader Otis, now that it’s fall, isn’t it about time for the Catlympics?”

Mama Cat looking concerned

Mama Cat looked concerned. She asked Me if it was almost time for the Catlympics.

The Catlympics! Of course! With My Art Thritis, all of the excitement of Thomas being swept up in The Capture, and with Domino and possibly Beatrice moving away, the Catlympics had slipped to the back of My mind. I understood why Mama Cat was so concerned. After all, she has been dreaming of becoming a Catlympian ever since she first heard about the games. She blew us away in tryouts, and she  even organized our first official Catlympic training camp.

I reassured Mama that we would still be holding some form of Catlympics, and that she would definitely be one of the featured cathletes. Upon hearing that, she got all excited and exclaimed, “Thanks Leader Otis!” before running back to her house and jumping in through the window that her guardians leave open. Now I just need to figure out how best to hold this year’s Catlympics what with one Cathlete in Limbo, The Brothers in the main area of the house and Thomas sequestered up in Kitty Valhalla! I don’t feel like competing Myself, because of My Art Thritis, but I can definitely still be Master of Ceremonies! Stay tuned, My Disciples. The 2012 Catlympics must go on!

So Sayeth Otis

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Night Mystery Solved

My Disciples,

As darkness began to fall last night, The Brothers and I put a plan in motion to ensure that one of us could be in My Outdoor Domain to document what was going on in our yard when the sun went down. We decided that Brother Oliver should be the one to stay outside since he is the best at taking photos. As the light started to fade, Brother Oliver and I sat in the Outdoor Domain waiting for the Guardians to come and try to herd us in. Meanwhile, Brother Henry was stationed in the living room awaiting My signal. The Guardians arrived right on schedule saying, “All right guys…time to come in.” That was My cue, and I signaled Brother Henry with two quick, loud meows. Continue reading


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Mama Cat Blew Us Away

My Disciples,

Oh My gosh!  I held Mama Cat’s Catlympic practice session as promised, and I can’t believe what I saw.  She is an amazing cathlete!  She strode confidently into the yard at the assigned time, and took her ready position as The Brothers, Domino and I looked on.

Mama Cat Ready Stance

The Brothers and I anxiously awaited Mama Cat's practice Session. Dom stopped by to watch as well. Mama cat moved to her ready position.

As the bird handler made the first pass with the bird, Mama Cat yelled out “Super Wheelie!”, and then she went scooting across the yard on two legs.

Super Wheelie

Mama Cat yelled, "Super Wheelie"and then went scooting across the yard on two legs.

I thought she had made a mistake, because at first she made no attempt to grab the bird.  But then she spun on a dime, zipped back in our direction and leapt into the air.  She shouted “Dragon Kick!” as she caught the bird mid-flight.  We were all stunned!  In fact, I was floored by the move.

Dragon Kick

Mama Cat flew through the air yelling, "Dragon Kick!" as she nailed the bird mid-flight.

She made a perfect landing, releasing the bird on impact and then pivoting around to make her next pass.  As the bird moved toward her, she again launched herself upward.  She grabbed he bird between her paws with a loud cry of “Catmikaze!”


Mama Cat again went airborne, crying out "Catmikaze!" as she flawlessly nabbed the bird.

At this point we were all speechless, but then I heard a voice nearby say, “That must be a trick bird or something!  I’ve never seen anyone pull off moves like that!”  It was Thomas.  He had arrived a few moments earlier, but none of us had noticed because we were riveted by Mama Cat’s performance.  Thomas crouched down, indicating to the bird handler that he wanted to take a look at the artificial bird.  The handler complied and offered the bird to Thomas.  He inspected it closely.

Thomas inspecting bird

Thomas inspected the bird closely, because he believed it must have some special power that was allowing Mama Cat to pull off her crazy moves.

After looking at the bird for a few moments, Thomas seemed perturbed.  He said, “This thing is completely normal!  There’s nothing special about it at all!”

Thomas surprised

After inspecting the bird, Thomas was surprised to find that it was completely normal.

Mama Cat responded to Thomas by saying, “Of course it’s completely normal!  I don’t use any performance enhancing toys!  Watch, I’ll do my signature move without even using a toy!”  She then yelled, “FLYING SQUIRREL!” at the top of her lungs and went soaring through the air.

Flying Squirrel

Mama Cat proved that she was not using performance enhancing toys by doing her signature move with no toy at all.

Thomas was both awed by Mama’s skills and a little embarrassed that he had doubted her.  He said, “Whoooooa!  Sorry Mama.  You definitely have crazy cathletic skills!”  He then raised one of his paws and said, “Props to you my feline sister…”

Thomas giving props

Thomas raised a paw and gave props to Mama Cat for being so awesome.

After that, Mama Cat said that she had done enough practicing for one day.  She thanked Me for providing the bird handler and trotted back toward her yard.  Domino, Thomas, The Brothers and I watched her go in respectful silence.  None of us could believe what we had seen, and all of us were very aware of the fact that the stakes had just been raised for this year’s Catlympic Games.

So Sayeth Otis

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