What The Guardians Didn’t Have To Worry About

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

The Guardians had a lot to worry about as they battled cancer this summer. They had to worry about doctor appointments and test results, surgeries, time off work, and a million other things, but can you guess what they did not have to worry about?

Thomas 1 on steps

Can you guess the one thing the Guardians did not have to worry about?

The Guardians did not have to worry about Brother Henry, Brother Oliver, and Me! They did not have to worry about us because they keep us safely confined. So when the smaller Guardian was on the couch recuperating from her surgery, She knew where Brothers Henry and Oliver were. They were not outside in the world without walls, dodging cars and crazy wiener dogs and risking their lives. They were right there with her, doing their best to help her heal!

The Brothers napping with the Guardian

The Guardian knew where the Brothers were because they were right there helping her heal.

And I was right there too! Well, I was kind of right there. I was near there… ummmm… making sure no wiener dogs were planning an attack from below.

Thomas 2

I was there too… or… just below there.

So you see, of all the stressors the Guardians had to deal with, fear that their kitties were in harms way was not one of them. Even if you do not have cancer you should do yourself and your kitties a favor and keep them safely confined. It will save everyone a whole lot of stress.

Thomas out.

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8 responses to “What The Guardians Didn’t Have To Worry About

  1. Erin

    Spread the Good Word, Sir Thomas!

  2. You are overly modest Sir Thomas! Your vantage point is just as important, if not a little more so, than the Brothers’. I seriously doubt a weiner mongrel could attack from above or even the same level. They would come from below! And with you standing, um… lying guard, there will be no attacks!! All three of you have important positions to cover. Yours is on the same ‘level’ as theirs, just a lower position.

  3. Thomas, I think your whiskers alone would be enough to scare away wiener dogs! But as you say, you don’t have to worry too much about them, because your Guardians keep you safely confined in accordance with Leader Otis’s message.

  4. You are wonderful companions to be so vigilant. Teddy and Jack send purrs to you and your Guardians.

  5. Here here! Preach it Thomas! You are a worthy Knight of Otis! We totally agree with your message, gotta keep the kitties inside where they are safe!

  6. well said Sir Thomas…and good job keeping the Guardians and the couch safe from weiner dogs 🙂

  7. sandy921

    Thank you for the very important message Thomas – I think that guarding from below is very important. Even if not wiener dogs, there could be a spider or something like that.

  8. Have a wonderful weekend…dog and all.

    Noodle and crew

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