The Smaller Guardian Is Home

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

I am a dumb head.

Wait! Brother Henry! Erase that right now! No? Awwwwww… forget it.

As I was saying. Brother Oliver here. Brother Henry is dictating for me although he is not doing a very… he is doing a great job.

That’s it. Thomas, please take over for Brother Henry. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

No! Thomas, just write what I say, OK?


Thomas… forget it. Give me the keyboard and watch the Guardian.

Disciples of Otis.

Brother Oliver here.

We are all very excited, and apparently feeling a bit mischievous (I’m looking at you Brother H and Sir T),  because the smaller guardian came home from the hospital yesterday. I have been sitting watch by her side ever since she returned, with occasional help from Brother Henry when I need to eat or use “the box”. Thomas has been sitting watch directly below her underneath the couch. He says he is making sure no wiener dogs attack her ankles while she is in her weakened condition.

Oliver sitting watch 1

I have been sitting watch next to the smaller Guardian since she returned from the hospital.

The Guardians seem to be fairly happy about the news they received after the surgery. They seem to know that additional treatment is likely, but I noticed their relief when they talked about there being no lymph nodes involved. I’ve been too busy sitting watch look up what that means. I haven’t JUST been sitting watch though. I’ve also been keeping up a constant stream of purrs to help heal the Guardian. Every once in awhile I become so focused on watching out for danger that I forget to purr. When that happens the Guardian gives me a gentle reminder to keep the purrs coming.

Oliver sitting watch 2

Every once in awhile, the Guardian reaches down and reminds me to keep purring.

So I’m going to keep doing my job here and make sure the Guardian gets better. If you want to track her progress from the perspective of the Guardians you can check the blog and updates on or on the Welcome to Cancer Facebook page.

Now, back to work…

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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22 responses to “The Smaller Guardian Is Home

  1. Warm purrs hold great healing. HUGS to all

  2. So happy to hear, you are in my prayers. Sounds like the boys are taking care of you.

  3. Keep up the good workboys. Purrs to the Guardians

  4. You are such good watch kitties! We are so happy to hear positive news, and to know that there is a feeling of encouragement. Please make sure you give the bigger guardian some love as well. He has a lot to do while the smaller guardian recovers. Sending some extra purrs and nose kisses from all the girls at Squeedunk.

  5. edithchase

    Glad to hear you’re helping the smaller guardian heal. Sending good thoughts.

  6. Continue the purrs and cuddles. I felt that care received from Sara Sue and Fred D’ Cat helped me heal faster after my similar surgery in 2003.

  7. Great work, boys! It’s furry impawtant to keep the purring going real strong for bofe Guardians. You can do phyzzical furapy too. I helped my Mom guardian get better after surgery on her leg. I runned out the door lots of times so she could eksersize and feel better fast. We’re sending our purrs too!!

  8. Wow, I didn’t expect to be laughing at another Cult of Otis blog post this soon. Lovely to see a bit of mischief emerging. This illness will be NO match for love and laughter and the combined purrs of five dedicated kitties (even if Sir Thomas is doing his purring from under the couch). I say “five” because I know that Leader Otis and Mama Cat are purring like mad from beyond the bridge. So welcome home to the smaller guardian, and keep up the good work, kitties.

  9. Batya Harlow

    Excellent news! Good work, all.

  10. gail

    Purrs from Denver!

  11. Nothing helps to heal faster than loving purrs, snuggles and laughter!! So glad to hear the good news on no lymph nodes involved!! I know the Smaller Guardian will kick c’s butt in no time with all the help from you boys.

  12. So glad your guardian is home! We’re purring and praying for her too! Keep up the good work guys!

  13. Susan Bollinger

    So very glad to hear the good news that the cancer was localized! Thank you for creating Welcome to Cancer – It’s wonderful to be able to know how well you are doing. I’m sure Kev and the boys are taking good care of you.

  14. mistletoeandhitch

    We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and our HuMom will keep lighting a candle for your smaller guardian during the time we are banned from her room. (One close call with a tail and flame, and BOOM! We’re on the wrong side of the door.) Thank you for keeping the followers of the Cult of Otis apprised of your smaller guardian’s progress. We have become very fond of ALL the members of the Cult of Otis.

  15. Sukanya Ramanujan

    Great news! We will keep you in our thoughts!

  16. Thanks everyone! Brother Henry, Sir Thomas and I really do appreciate the support. I know the Guardians do as well. – Brother Oliver

  17. Jenn

    Happy to hear this positive news!! Stay strong! And Brother Oliver is ridiculously cute!

  18. msphoebecat

    We know you boys will help the smaller Guardian heal with purrs and loving devotion. Our love and support go out to your entire family during such a life changing time. We have no doubt that all the courage you mancats have to ward off an uprising of wiener dogs has inspired your Mom to use her courage to fight and win this battle with breast cancer. What better example can someone have than the Cult of Otis? The Leader has taught us all so much about strength, life, and living it to it’s fullest, and know your Mom will be doing so for a long time to come.
    Clove, Kaspars, & Mom

  19. What wonderful news! We are keeping our paws crossed and sending great big Noodle hugs…

    Noodle and crew

  20. Nirmala

    Keep up the good work Henry, Oliver and Thomas! Best wishes

  21. I’m so glad for the news and hope for the very best for her and all of you!

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