Brother Oliver Was Seeking Inspiration From The Leader

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here,

Brother Oliver and I have been making slow progress on our upcoming history of The Cult, but the task has been more difficult than we expected, especially for Brother O. This morning I found him up in Kitty Valhalla lost deep in his thoughts. He was resting his head on a very interesting choice of pillows.

Oliver lost in thought

Brother Oliver was lost in thought. He was resting on an interesting pillow.

I asked Brother Oliver if that was the pillow that had been sent to The Leader after his hip surgery by Disciple Andrea and her kitties and he said that it was. I asked what he was doing with it and he said, “Leader Otis loved this pillow. He played with this pillow and snuggled it all the time, so I thought maybe I could channel his spirit by meditating on it. I thought if I felt the presence of The Leader I would be inspired to better write his story.” When I asked him if he felt The Leader’s presence he said, “Not exactly, but the scent of The Leader is still detectable on the pillow. That scent is bringing back all kinds of great memories that I can use in the story!”

I left Brother Oliver to explore his budding memories, and whether he realized it or not, those memories proved that he had been successful. Leader Otis was present as Brother Oliver lay there with his head on the pillow, and as long as he held onto those memories he always would be.

So Says Brother Henry

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6 responses to “Brother Oliver Was Seeking Inspiration From The Leader

  1. Aw, that actually brought tears to my eyes. I had no idea Leader Otis loved the pillow! I’m so glad he did, and that it’s being used for inspiration by Oliver! I will never forget Otis or his message and I try to spread that word whenever I can. Kitties are happier safely confined, as Otis always said, and I believe it!
    Love all of you!

  2. rhiannonpaine

    What a great pillow and a thoughtful gift, Andrea! I’m not surprised that Otis loved it and that Brother Oliver finds it comforting. Otis is in my memories too, and will be for as long as I live. (What’s that, Mama Cat? Well, yes, of course. You too.)

  3. A fitting way to find inspiration

  4. Inspiration can come from many directions. To have it also come from a source of comfort makes it all the better.

  5. This was a very special and sad post for me to read. I didn’t realize Leader Otis had passed on! I’m glad to see his pillow has found new adoration in his brothers. I imagine Otis has met my cocker spaniel Sam by now and hopefully it was polite! “-)

  6. I love this post. It’s a great comfort for me, too, to rest my head and think of those who have influenced me in all the positive memories we built together. Brother Oliver, I look forward to all the wonderful messages you share with us as you soak up inspiration from the Leader.

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