I Was In The Middle Of Something!

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Yesterday morning Brother Oliver shouted at me from the other room. He said, “Brother Henry! I know we’re working on the story of The Cult and all, but we should really put up a new blog post so people know we haven’t been overrun and silenced by The Long-feared Dog Uprising!” From somewhere else in the house I heard Thomas’s voice say, “You mean the Long-feared WIENER Dog Uprising, Brother Oliver!” Brother Oliver ignored that and said, “I think you should be the one to post today, Brother Henry, since I’m pretty sure you’ve just been hanging out in the bedroom. Not even a cat needs that much sleep…”

But Brother Oliver was wrong. I was in the middle of something! I shouted back to him saying, “Brother Oliver, I would love to write an update, but I’ll have to do it tomorrow.” Brother Oliver asked, “Why tomorrow? Why not now?” I replied, “BECAUSE I AM IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMETHING!” I really wasn’t making it up. I really was in the middle of something!

Henry in the laundry

This is what I was in the middle of… a warm pile of laundry. I wasn’t lying!

Brother Oliver finally gave up and said, “Fine. Do it tomorrow…” And I did. And now that it’s posted, I think I’ll go find a nice place to hide. I have a feeling Brother Oliver is going to be a little upset with me, not so much because I didn’t post a blog entry yesterday, but because I didn’t tell him about the warm laundry pile. I totally would have told him… but I was in the middle of something.

So says Brother Henry

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8 responses to “I Was In The Middle Of Something!

  1. Batya Harlow

    You are such a hard worker Brother Henry. That laundry would probably be flying around the room if you didn’t do such a good job of keeping it in one place. ♥♥♥

  2. I agree with Batya. Everyone knows hot air rises and if you had not been holding it down that laundry would have been flying all over the room. Good job Brother Henry!!!

  3. Brother Henry, you are really a good team member! Sometimes it’s best to keep your hard work to yourself, even IF it is a pile of soft laundry.

  4. I wish I was in the middle of a pile of warm laundry. I must say that you look especially snuggly there.

  5. rhiannonpaine

    It’s thoughtful of your Guardians, Brother Henry, to have laundry in colors that go so well with the color of your fur.

  6. Henry warm laundry is all that and a bag of chips! Glad to see the dogs are still being kept at bay “-)

  7. You’re right, Brother Henry,not all information needs to be shared. Especially with someone who would, no doubt, try to replace you as Laundry Anchor when you are doing such a superior job.

  8. Warm laundry is right up there with sun spots!
    Noodle and crew

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