Another Valhalla Mystery: Part II

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

As Brother Oliver explained in his earlier post, something strange happened in Valhalla again. After Brother O went up there to investigate, I started to drift back to sleep on the couch. That didn’t last long though because Brother Oliver yelled down at me from Valhalla asking me to come assist him in his investigation. I wasn’t sure what I would find when I got up there, but I NEVER expected to find new minions who looked like they had partied until they barfed! After I got over the initial shock of the sight, Brother Oliver said, “What do you think, Brother Henry? Is it possible there was a plushy party up here last night and that goat barfed from over-partying?” I said, “I can’t be sure, Brother Oliver, but I’m going to take a sniff of this and see what I can determine with my nose.” I then leaned in to get a whiff of the apparent plushy goat sick.

Party in Valhalla 4

In order to further our investigation, I took a sniff of the goat sick.

As I smelled the nastiness, I stayed on high alert. If the goat had barfed, he might barf again at any moment, and I wasn’t about to put myself in a position where I could get sprayed with goat gack. The weird thing was, the barf smelled nothing like what I would have expected to come out of a goat. I thought they mostly ate plants, but this grossness had a much meatier smell to it. In fact, it smelled very familiar… too familiar. I turned to Brother Oliver and said, “Brother O, this suspected goat chunder smells an awful lot like cat food!”

Party in Valhalla 5

I informed Brother Oliver that the goat barf smelled suspiciously like cat food.

Brother Oliver gasped and then said, “Soooo… then… you think that goat has been eating our kibble?” I paused for a moment and then said, “Well… no. Actually I was thinking that meant a cat had left this barf… like Thomas was messing with us or something… but now that you mention it, our kibble has been disappearing from the bowl awfully fast lately! Maybe this plushy goat is the reason!” Brother Oliver’s face suddenly became very serious and he said, “Yes. That must be it. That plushy goat is the one that has been eating all of our kibble. There can be no other explanation.”

Party in Valhalla 6

Brother Oliver agreed that the plushy goat must be responsible for our rapidly disappearing kibble.

As I was pondering the strange way in which Brother Oliver had immediately grabbed onto the idea that the goat was eating our kibble, a voice from behind me made me jump. It was Thomas, and he had said, “Hey guys! Are you having another party up here without me?”

Party in Valhalla 7

Thomas appeared on the stairs and asked if Brother Oliver and I were having another party without him.

I tried to play it casual, plopping down on the bench as if I was simply having a good loaf. Thomas was below me, so I was able to position my body so he could not see the minion mess that was sitting behind me.

Party in Valhalla 8

I played it casual when Thomas showed up.

If Thomas had played a joke on us, I didn’t want him to know it had worked. If he hadn’t, I didn’t want to freak the kid out by telling him a bunch of plushy freaks were using Valhalla as their own personal nightclub. I said, “Nope Thomas. We are not having a party. We just came up here to see if anything was amiss after you told us you had heard laughter and music and crazy lights up here last night. Of course, nothing was wrong, so we decided to settle in up here for the rest of our nap.” Brother Oliver must have picked up on what I was doing because he settled into a bed across the room and said, “That’s right Thomas, we’re just getting ready to nap.” I couldn’t help but notice Brother Oliver seemed to have a little trouble squeezing into the bed. It was almost as if he had put on a bit of weight lately.

Party in Valhalla 9

Brother Oliver followed my lead and played it cool.

Sir Thomas looked at me, then at Brother Oliver, then back at me again. After a short pause he said, “OK. If you say so. But I better not ever catch you guys having a party up here without me!” Brother Oliver quickly replied, “No! Of course not! We would NEVER do that, Sir T!” After another short pause, Thomas said, “All right then. I am glad to hear that. Now, if you will excuse me, I think I will take a nap too…”, then, turning back to the stairs he added, “…but not up here. This place smells like somebody barfed.” He then ran back downstairs and out of sight. I can’t be 100% sure, but I thought I heard a very faint sound of laughter as he went.

So Says Brother Henry

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6 responses to “Another Valhalla Mystery: Part II

  1. rhiannonpaine

    Hmm. Either a stuffed-toy herbivore is suddenly eating meat, or Brother Oliver is hitting the kibble too hard and forgetting where he’s barfed it up … no, he would never do that. It’s got to be the goat.

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  3. Hmmm. I would think running up and down the stairs would keep the weight down. Then again, eating then just walking up the stairs to nap would, well, not work.

  4. Is he a hurler
    or a scapegoat?

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