Charlie Makes Himself At Home

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

As we mentioned last week, Charlie has been visiting the Guardians a lot more in Cookie’s absence. Well, this afternoon I noticed him doing something else I rarely saw him do when Cookie was still here. He was sleeping in one of the Guardian’s little plant growing house thingies!

Charlie in greenhouse 1

Charlie was sleeping in one of the Guardians’ plant growing houses!

When I saw him out there, I yowled for the Guardians so they could see what was going on. I must have yowled a little too loud because Charlie woke up and looked in my direction.

Charlie in greenhouse 2

I must have yowled too loudly. I woke Charlie up!

The bigger Guardian responded to my yowl and when he saw Charlie he went outside to say hello. Charlie walked over to the entrance to the plant house and stepped out.

Charlie in greenhouse 3

When the Guardian went out to say hi to Charlie, Charlie walked over to the plant house entrance and stepped out.

I thought that maybe Charlie had suddenly reverted to his old ways and he was about to make a run for it, but when he heard the Guardian talking to him he did something I didn’t expect.

Charlie in greenhouse 4

This is what Charlie did when the Guardian talked to him.

Yes! Charlie stopped and gave the Guardian Kitty Kissy Eyes!Ā I heard the Guardian say, “Awww… thanks Charlie. You can sleep in there anytime you want.” And I hope Charlie will take the Guardian up on that offer. Even though the plant growing house is not a proper cat enclosure, it still provides Charlie with more protection than he would have sleeping out in the open or under a bush. Plus, if he’s sleeping in the plant house he won’t be running around in the street where cars could hit him or on the sidewalk where unleashed operatives of the Long-feared Dog Uprising might get ahold of him. Best of all, if he sticks close by he will be able to enjoy more love and attention from the Guardians. That’s something that is sorely lacking in the lives of most Limbo Kitties.

So Says Brother Henry

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12 responses to “Charlie Makes Himself At Home

  1. Awesome, enjoy your day.

  2. we are very glad Charlie is relaxing a little and has a safe place to hang out

  3. rhiannonpaine

    A warm, safe place to sleep is a blessing to cats like Charlie. Kissy-eyes with a Guardian is the cherry on top!

  4. Happy dancin’ goin’ on right now on my blog. So pleased Charlie is hanging out in a dry place and that he is becoming less fearful. You might wanna visit my blog post today to see how well I have taught The Kid Sage some of Mama Cat’s moves.

  5. So glad Charlie is claiming an outdoor place near you. Perhaps you will be able to enlist his help as an outside scout watching for the Long-feared Dog Uprising. I had hoped to talk with the guardians when they were in Iowa. I have been adopted by 23 feral felines and wanted to offer to share if you were recruiting. They are very brave and I’m sure they would follow orders in defence of the Cult of Otis!

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  7. sandy921

    Awww on the kitty kissy eyes – be safe Charlie!

  8. Happy Earth Day!
    And have a wonderful Wednesday…

    Noodle and crew

  9. Oh how I love kitty kissy eyes. And Charlie is such a beautiful boy. And so lucky to have found his way to your Guardians.

  10. Charlie is so handsome and I hope he gets living conditions more suitable to his greatness šŸ™‚

  11. Entering plant growing houses is a good start! Paws up for Charlie

  12. I adore Charlie Brother Oliver! I so wish he would allow himself to become one you!! If I were closer I would take him in…how anyone can let such a handsome cat wander is beyond…or let any cat wander šŸ˜‰
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen

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