Charlie Gets Bolder In Cookie’s Absence

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

During the week or two that Cookie has been absent, I have noticed a change in Charlie from across the street. With the exception of one peaceful moment witnessed by Brother Oliver, Charlie used to always be on edge when he came into our yard. Since Cookie left though, it’s like he’s a whole new cat.

Charlie 1

Charlie has changed in Cookie’s absence.

Of course, Charlie has always loved catnip, so he’ll take full advantage of it whenever the Guardians make it available.

Charlie 2

Charlie has never been one to pass up catnip.

But what has changed about Charlie is he no longer immediately runs off when the Guardians approach. Now he actually stays put or even approaches the Guardians on his own. We always assumed that Charlie, being a big tomcat, was likely bullying any smaller cats he encountered in our yard. We knew he had fights with Big Stanley, after all. But maybe we were wrong. Maybe some of those scars on Charlie’s ears were actually from a smaller cat… the daughter of Mama Cat herself… Cookie.

Charlie 3

Charlie is much less on edge than he was when Cookie was around. We all thought the scars on his ears were mostly from Big Stan. Maybe we were wrong.

Whatever the cause for his change in behavior, Charlie definitely seems more relaxed. He even put on a little show for one of the Guardians after she gave him catnip.

Charlie 4

Charlie put on a show for the Guardian after she gave him catnip.

Most amazing of all, Charlie is now accepting pets from the Guardians! I never expected to see that. He always used to run away long before the got within arm’s reach.

Charlie 5

Charlie actually accepts pets these days!

And he’s really enjoying all of this newly accepted attention. How can I tell? I can see it in his face.

Charlie 6

Looks like he’s enjoying himself to me.

So we were simultaneously sad and hopeful when we realized Cookie was gone, but we are now happy that Charlie can get some much deserved loving for himself. I mean, we’d be MUCH happier if Charlie’s guardians would keep him safely confined and give him all the love and attention he needs right there at home, but since that is currently not the case, I’m glad to see him get some comfort where he can. Still, I have to laugh just a little bit at the thought of little Cookie kicking big ‘ole Charlie’s butt. That girl was a total firecracker… just like her mother.

So Says Brother Henry

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12 responses to “Charlie Gets Bolder In Cookie’s Absence

  1. smseattle

    I am so glad Charlie feels OK to come to your yard and get some love.

  2. randomfelines

    We too wish Charlie could be safe at home but we are glad you and the guardians are looking out for him. And you gotta watch out for those girls….our feral girl kitty is fierce!

  3. I was sad to read that Cookie left but really hope she is safe and happy in her new location. How wonderful that Charlie is taking pets from the Guardians! This is very good news. Maybe one day his family will keep him inside…where he can be safe and feel love 100% of the time.

  4. msphoebecat

    Mewow I didn’t realize Cookie was Mama Cat’s daughter! This makes total sense in her temperament. Tortie ladycats are often no nonsense, dominant souls and we had a similar situation with our Angel Ms. Phoebe, a dilute tortie, and her fur brother Kaspars- a former feral, tomcat who chases dogs, raccoons from the backyard yet was terrified of Phoebe! They lived together for over 11 yrs and never got along due to Phoebe teasing him- all it took to set him in to a terror or fit was her sitting within 10 ft and/or giving him the legendary tortie ‘death glare’! After Phoebe went to the Bridge to join the Leader and Mama Cat, like Charlie Kaspars relaxed and was more friendly. Five months later when another special needs tortie (traditional like Cookie) joined out family, he returned to his fearful fits.
    The funny difference is that Clove doesn’t tease him and wants to be buddies, but Kaspars will have none of it. We don’t know if he simply wants to be an only cat or if he has a forever fear of tortie ladycats because of Phoebe!
    It is wonderful Charlie is so relaxed and is able to enjoy himself with the Guardians. Are the Guardians certain Cookie went to live with the son of their neighbor? I hate to think of her lost and alone outside. Is there a way to verify where she is?

    • I overheard the Guardians saying that they will ask about Cookie if they see anyone at the neighbor’s house again, but since Cookie disappeared the day they saw them loading up a moving truck next door it is a pretty safe bet that they took her with them. -Brother Oliver

  5. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    I have always heard the expression, dynamite comes in small packages. Think that may have been the case with Cookie. Glad Charlie is being more open to the Guardians.

  6. I never caught on that Cookie was Mama Cat’s kitten. But Charlie is one very fine looking cat himself. So pleased he is getting some loving scritches

    • mistletoeandhitch

      Good Morning Miss Savannah! And a Hello to Mom L, Dad P and TKS. If we remember right, Mama Cat was Mother to Cookie, who in turn was mother to Nacho. We’d have to double check to be sure but we think that Nacho went to live in a home not too far away from where he lived with Mama Cat and Cookie in limbo, to a home with true Guardians, who keep him safe and loved indoors. It makes us happy to think that, although it may have taken to long, all three kitties from the window next door to the Cult of Otis have found true Guardian’s and are in happy homes. We believe that the teachings of Leader Otis remain powerful and due to blogs like yours, the good word continues to spread.

  7. Lovely blue eyes. Glad hes getting pets and lovings. 🙂

  8. Mee-you to you Guardianss fur takin care of thee Limbo katss inn yur ‘hood. That Charlie iss one handsom Mankat an hiss eyess are thee saem color as Aunty Nylablue’ss were 😉
    Iss luvely hee feelss safer now. An iss a shame hee doess not have luvvin pawentss to keep him inndoorss!
    Wee hopess Cookie iss safe wherefurr shee iss…
    LadyMum sayss shee did not know Cookie was Mumma Kat’s dawturr…
    Mee finkss yur purrty pawsum peeple!!
    Yurss Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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