Cookie Might Have Gone To A New Home!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

We’re not sure, but we think Cookie might have gone to a new home. She has not been coming for meals or using her warm and toasty spot on our front porch. Nor has she been scaring the poop out of us lately by making us think a monster is outside.

Cookie 1

We haven’t seen Cookie in several days, but we think we know where she went.

We aren’t officially worried because we believe we know where Cookie went. Last week we saw the son of Cookie’s guardian loading things from Cookie’s house into a moving truck. Cookie loves her guardian’s son, and we have seen him paying lots of attention to her whenever he is around. She doesn’t even try to scratch him, which is more than I can say for her interactions with the Guardians of The Cult of Otis. Actually… Cookie once attacked Leader Otis Himself!

Cookie 2

Cookie is a beautiful girl, but living in Limbo has given her a hard edge… well… that and being a tortie.

Anyway, Cookie stopped coming around after we saw her guardian’s son, so we believe he may have either moved his father and Cookie to a new home, or he took Cookie to live with him. Whatever the case, please purr with us that Cookie is happy and safe wherever she may be… WHAT THOMAS? NO. WE HAVEN’T STARTED WRITING IT YET. PLEASE PUT ON YOUR PATIENT PANTS YOUNG KNIGHT!

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Oliver

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12 responses to “Cookie Might Have Gone To A New Home!

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  2. msphoebecat

    We are purring and crossing paws Cookie went to a new, much safer and looked after home where she will be loved and treated well in the manner we royal tortie ladycats deserve. Her funny actions and tortitude will be missed though, for we enjoyed reason about her interactions and visits with your family. Torties rule!

    Fellow tortie Clove and her annoyed brofur Kaspars

  3. we hope the son helped Cookie by giving her a safe new home

    • I hope the son really did take Cookie. She is so beautiful. I would have taken her just to keep her safe, & not alone outside. I wonder if you can find out for sure if you happen to see the son if Cookie is with him? Maybe you can ask around huh?

  4. paws crossed Cookie is living our of limbo and with access to a toasty warm home with lots of love. And “Patience Pants”??!!! Nice one

  5. rhiannonpaine

    Cookie is a beautiful and spirited kitty who has been neglected for too long (though not by the Guardians of the Cult of Otis). I purr that her own guardian’s son will also be a sun shining on her in a life of safety and comfort.

  6. Heather

    I hope the son took Cookie! Does this mean the neighbor is gone too? He was Mama Cat’s original guardian and he his wife recently passed of cancer. Though I feel for him, it’s baffling to think he didn’t look for Mama Cat and didn’t demand her back or offer to pay for her vet costs when he realized she was living w/ the Cult of Otis. He didn’t even come to visit her if I remember correctly. Definitely hope Cookie’s found a better situation. I hope that fellow is gone so there is no chance he’ll get another cat for the Guardians of Otis to have to look after. Maybe the next neighbor will be a better cat parent.

  7. Wee will purr that Cookie went with the nice young man an iss safe now….
    Shee lookss allott like me Mumma Kat who iss named Tori. Shee livess at thee farm inn thee barn with many other katss. Shee has her own bed an plentee of water an kibbull an getss wet food twice a day. Shee iss suppsoed to bee spayed now so no more fursibss 😉
    Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  8. mistletoeandhitch

    We hope Cookie is living with Guardians that take wonderful care of her and give her a happy, full life in the Promised Land. It sounds like she loves the young man that was visiting, and that her feelings are returned. We will toast Cookie’s happily ever after with our freezed dried chicken.

  9. We sure hope Cookie is with the son now and has a great home.

  10. We hope Cookie went to a wonderful new home and is safe and loved…

    Noodle and crew

  11. Good for Cookie (I hope)! As for her scratching the guardians, I’ve often thought of scratching as a sign of acceptance among “tough” cats. Our Precious wouldn’t let me touch her for the first few hours after we met, but then she scratched my fingers as an invitation to play. Maybe it’s because she was still a kitten and didn’t yet realize how delicate and unprotected human skin is?

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