What Is Taking So Long?

People and fur People who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

As I told you, I made a request of the Brothers a week or two ago, but they still have not fulfilled it. I do not understand what is taking them so long!

Impatient Thomas 1

It has been almost two weeks! What is taking them so long!

Wait… let me think about this. Hmmmm… maybe they want to tell the story but something is preventing them from doing so. Maybe… maybe it’s because of wiener dogs! I do not know why it might be because of wiener dogs, but it’s bad, and it’s annoying me so wiener dogs must be involved somehow!

Impatient Thomas 2

OK… now I am starting to freak out a little bit. Oh my gosh! What could the wieners be up to? I… wait, hey! One of the Guardians is sitting here, and I think I smell chicken!

Impatient Thomas 3

I did not notice the Guardian sitting here, and I think I smell chicken!

Hmmm… wait a minute… I usually lose my stuff when I am this close to a Guardian unless I am in Valhalla or on the stairs to Valhalla. Even then I still sometimes lose my stuff if they make an unexpected movement. Huh. This seems kinda weird, but maybe I will just take a sniff of the Guardian’s face to see what it’s like.

Impatient Thomas 4

For some reason, I do not feel like losing my stuff right now. Maybe I will just take a sniff.

Very interesting! I always thought if I stayed close to a Guardian too long, especially their mouth, something bad would happen. I… UH-OH! HERE COMES HER HAND! I GOTTA GET OUT OF…wait…seriously!? CHICKEN!

Impatient Thomas 5

I thought I was in mortal danger and then BAM! Chicken!

Thank you Guardian! I would definitely like some chicken! Oh! And I just realized where the chicken smell was coming from earlier. There is a piece on your shoulder! Is that for me too!?

Impatient Thomas 6

Yes I would like some chicken. I will eat that piece on your shoulder too.

*SLURP* Yum! So, anyway… what was I saying earlier? Oh yes. The Brothers really need to get their stuff together and start telling this story. I really want to hear it and I think it would be good for others to know the full story as well. Hopefully they will start telling it soon because…WAIT! THE GUARDIAN JUST MOVED WRONG! RETREAT TO VALHALLA!

Thomas Out

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11 responses to “What Is Taking So Long?

  1. Well done, Sir Thomas, well done!

  2. msphoebecat

    It’s amazing how we skittish kitties can remain calm in a normally scary situation when noms or treats are present, isn’t it Sir Thomas?!

  3. oh…the lure of chicken…did the same thing for me, too! I am so good about Not Losing My Stuff any longer that I dribble in anticipation of pets (and chicken).


  4. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    My fur babies love the chicken. Especially the older one. He knows just the right way to look at me that I just must give him a piece. Darn, he has me well trained. Take note Sir Thomas. Losing your stuff is far less satisfying than getting noms and with a little practice you will be giving your Guardians the same look I get which means more noms for you!!!

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  6. rhiannonpaine

    Hurray for you, O brave Sir Thomas ! True, you were motivated by chicken, but we all need motivation to step outside our comfort zones. And I hope you won’t mind my mentioning it, but in the second photo, your gorgeous, round, black-ringed green eyes remind me so much of Leader Otis’s. I hadn’t noticed this resemblance before. Perhaps he’s lending you some of the same spirit that enabled him to come out of the Shadows. I hope so!

  7. June Buggie Cat loves chicken! But he would have took out a hunk of shirt when he grabbed it.

  8. Lindsay Gower

    Ah, noble knight, if only you had glanced over your shoulder, you’d have seen in the bookcase the book labeled JOY. It is the classic “Joy of Cooking for Kitties.” Your guardians have obviously poured through it to find healthy treats to make you happy. Embrace the Joy!

  9. we hope you got all the chick-hen before you had to retreat

  10. Chick-hen makes efurryfing all rite Sir Thomas….
    Yur Guradian iss berry nice to treet you so well.
    **nose bumpss** Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

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