Homeless Birds Part II: The Guardians Are Geniuses!

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

When we last left off Brother Henry had shown great wisdom in acknowledging my superior intellect and requesting my assistance in figuring out the mystery of the three boxes the Guardians had left in the living room. I immediately put my mind into gear and began studying the clues that were before me.

Homeless Birds 9

Brother Henry knew that if I couldn’t figure this out, no one could.

First I verified that all three boxes were the same, and that each of them said they were houses for Wrens and Chickadees, some of my favorite birds to imagine crunching by the way! The boxes did indeed appear to be identical.

Homeless Birds 10

All three boxes appeared to be identical.

I decided to jump up to a position where I could get a better view of the boxes.

Homeless Birds 11

I jumped up to get a closer look.

I circled around and examined the boxes from behind. All were identical from the back as well.

Homeless Birds 12

The boxes were identical from behind as well.

As I looked at each of the boxes I realized something of significance that I might have overlooked. There were three boxes. Three. Could it be a coincidence that, with myself, Brother Henry, and Sir Thomas, there were also three cats? That’s when it hit me. I suddenly understood just why the Guardians had likely purchased these “bird houses”. Unable to contain my excitement I said, “Brother H! Sir T! I believe I have solved this mystery!”

Homeless Birds 13

I was excited to inform Brother H and Sir T that I had solved the mystery!

Brother Henry took a break from eating and Sir Thomas took a break from trying to cover up his barf pile. Both turned their full attention toward me. I said, “OK, look, there are one, two, three boxes. There are also one, two, three cats! This cannot be a coincidence! The boxes say they are houses for Wrens and Chickadees, but I think they are really snack boxes for us!” Brother Henry and Sir Thomas gasped in unison, and then I continued, “Think about it guys. Those tasty, freeze-dried chicken treats the Guardians give to us cost money, and when we run out, the Guardians have to go buy more, but these boxes will solve that problem! All the Guardians have to do is hang these babies outside and wait for homeless birds to move in. Once they do, the Guardians can just cover the entry holes and bring the boxes inside so we can have a delicious, crunchy treat. So not only are they snack boxes, they are self-filling snack boxes!”

Upon hearing this news, Brother Henry and Sir Thomas began yowling their heads off and running around the living room. The celebration ended abruptly though when the two accidentally collided, and both were sent sprawling right through Sir Thomas’s pile of barf. What resulted can only be described as a “barfsplosion”. It was enough to make us all forget about eating anything, even crunchy little birds, for the rest of the day.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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8 responses to “Homeless Birds Part II: The Guardians Are Geniuses!

  1. You made our humans laugh outloud…so loud they disturbed our morning naps. And I bet you can make and sell those self filling crunchy bird snack boxes ( SFCBSB) and use the money to get Sir Thomas some Zantac for his GERD.

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Once again, Brother Oliver proves he really is the Brains of the Cult of Otis!

  3. rhiannonpaine

    I agree that your Guardians are geniuses, Brother Oliver, but I’m not sure that those self-filling bird boxes are going to work out quite the way you’re expecting. For your sakes, I hope I’m wrong; for the sake of the crunchy birds, I can’t help hoping I’m right.

  4. You may be on to something there

  5. “Barfsplosion!!! ROFL 😀

  6. sandy921

    I’m laughing, but trying not to imagine how the barfsplosion looked at the same time!

  7. You are amazing!
    Have a great week…

    Noodle and crew

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