GO Readiness Drill Part I: All Systems Go

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Those of you who have been Disciples for a few years now may remember that I was working on the ultimate mobile command post in case the Long-feared Dog Uprising comes to pass. I call it the “Guardian Outpost” because it utilizes one of the Guardians as its power source. The project was less than a complete success when I was working on it before, but I still feel like it has potential, so yesterday I decided to fire up the GO and run some readiness drills to see if it was still at least operational. I climbed into the catpit and went through my pre-launch checklist.

GO Drill 1

I climbed into the catpit to see if the GO was still operational.

Everything seemed to be in working order, and the catpit was just as comfortable as I remembered. I checked my field of vision. One of my favorite features of the GO is how I can quickly look in any direction from my slightly raised vantage point. First, I looked straight ahead to see if any sneaky schnauzers were trying to infiltrate our front yard.

GO Drill 2

I tested my field of view from the GO by first looking for sneaky schnauzers in the yard.

Next, I swiveled my head and checked behind me to see if any terrierists might be hiding out near the couch.

GO Drill 3

I turned quickly to see if I could spot any terrierists using the couch for cover.

The enhanced reconnaissance features of the GO seemed to be fully functional. As I was scanning the area, I noticed Super Outpost Tabby Tower sitting nearby. I stared at it for a moment, appreciating its height and general sturdiness of the structure, but I couldn’t help but notice its primary shortcoming as well.

GO Drill 4

I stared at the SOTT, and I appreciated it, but I also noticed its primary shortcoming.

the Tabby Tower’s shortcoming, of course, is that it is stationary. This is the whole reason I started working on the GO project in the first place, to give me a mobile outpost from which I can command my feline forces in case of the Long-feared Dog Uprising. This has also been my biggest challenge with the project though- figuring out an effective way to steer the GO where I want it to go. Despite my lack of success at steering in my previous trials, I decided to give it another try. I meowed the “move” command and then pointed where I wanted to go.

GO Drill 5

I meowed the “move” command to the Guardian Outpost, and then pointed where I wanted to go.

After giving the command, the Guardian Outpost’s visual sensors seemed to be looking in the direction I had commanded it to move. I waited patiently for the drivetrain to respond.

So Says Brother Henry

Next- GO Readiness Drill Part II: Will The GO go?

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15 responses to “GO Readiness Drill Part I: All Systems Go

  1. Jenn

    Brother Henry is too adorable!

  2. even if you can’t make the GO move, you sure look very comfy

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  4. sandy921

    Brother Henry has the cutest white paws…and he looks very cozy, yet ready for action.

  5. What a brilliant idea for continuous cat cuddles … erm … I mean, eternal vigilance.

  6. mistletoeandhitch

    We hope the GO operates correctly. We’re worried that it may act like it has a mind of it’s own though. We look forward to watching the rest of your operational test. Good Luck!

  7. SOOO much more effective than a sweater.

  8. I don’t mean to add more flies to the ointment Brother Henry, but what if your Guardian Outpost is infiltrated by a miniature human someday? It’s been known to happen.

  9. Sadly Brother Henry, one must enjoy being picked up to utilize that vehicle

  10. That looks like a great and cuddly outpost!

  11. Looks cozy to us!
    Have a great Wednesday…

    Noodle and crew

  12. Heather

    Brother Henry, does your guardian make the “go” or is it one of those baby carriers? I’d love some instructions or pointed to a website that has the instructions b/c my Google Fu is failing me.

    Your guardian’s drawing is amazing! Course, I’m sure that was all part of your plan. Make the wiener dogs think your “go” is distracted and that you aren’t being vigilant. Very clever Brother Henry!

  13. Excellent demonstration, Brother Henry. I now want a GO of my own. Of course, it would have to be an awfully big Guardian.

  14. Brother Henry you are a superior mancat & your Guardian is wonderful to assist you in your endeavours to protect the realm!!!
    Leader Otis would be proud of you.
    With love & affection, Sherri-Ellen & Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤ ❤

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