Many Posters, One Cat

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

The Guardians have been out and about in the neighborhood again and have discovered three new lost cat posters. At first, when Brother Oliver, Sir Thomas, and I heard this we thought “Oh no! Three more cats have gone missing!” As it turns out though, there were three different posters, but all for the same cat. The first poster simply said “Lost Cat!” and it had a photo of a Bengal kitty and a phone number to call if you have seen him.

Lost Cat Poster-1

The first poster just said “lost cat!” and had a photo and a number.

The second poster had a bit more information including the kitty’s name, and the last location in which she had been seen. I always cringe when it says “last seen near” because this almost always indicates that the kitty was allowed to roam free. It is well-known that allowing a kitty to roam free is the most effective way to end up needing to post a “lost cat” poster.

Lost Cat Poster 4

The second poster had the cat’s name and a “last seen near” location.

It was the third poster that really got me riled up though. It called the missing kitty a “bad kitty”! I know Meowlory’s person is probably really upset that she is missing, but I have a feeling Meowlory is even more frightened and upset… if she is still able to be so.

Lost Cat Poster 3

I thought it was inappropriate for Meowlory’s owner to call her a bad kitty for being lost.


I showed the third poster to Sir Thomas and Brother Oliver and said, “Can you believe this?” Sir Thomas said, “This makes me very sad, Brother Henry. As you well know, I went missing once when I was a kitten. It was so traumatic I cannot even remember where I went or why I could not come home for almost two weeks, but I certainly was not being a bad kitty! I was terrified, and I carry a lot of that fear with me to this day!” When I looked at Brother Oliver, he had a mischievous grin on his face. I said, “What do you find so amusing about this, Brother Oliver?” He replied, “Well… I just made up a story in my head that amused me. In this story, Ms. Meowlory, feeling unsatisfied with being left to fend for herself in the world without walls, quietly slipped off her collar and snuck away. She traveled several blocks until she encountered a human that showed great concern for her being all alone outside. She put on her most charming “lost little kitten” look and the human was powerless to resist. The human took Meowlory inside and she is now warm, safe, and very happy in the care of a true Guardian in The Promised Land.” After Brother Oliver finished his story I looked at Sir Thomas. After a moments silence Thomas said, “Good kitty…” and then we all burst out laughing.

There is no way to know if Brother Oliver’s story is true, but we all purr that it is, and we hope that you will all continue to do your part to ensure that every cat is happy, healthy, and safely confined.

So Says Brother Henry

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5 responses to “Many Posters, One Cat

  1. Leigh

    Guardians, I wonder if you ever leave little notes attached to these posters explaining the dangers these people are putting their animals in? I know you don’t want to be confrontational and I’m not suggesting a mean note, but you (err, I mean the Brothers and Thomas of course!) have such a way with words, perhaps a politely worded note will inspire at least one of these people, or others reading the posters, to rethink allowing their cats outside? I’ll happily do the same if I see missing posters in my ‘hood. Thanks for all you do for kitties!

  2. I’m purring with might and main that Meowlorly is safe and happy.

  3. I hope so too Henry. You boys have seen just way too many of these posters 😦

  4. sandy921

    I’m with Brother Oliver – hope Meowlory has found her way to where she is best loved and safe.

  5. Wee iss with Brother Oliver here!! Let’ss hope Meowlory has found a purrfect furever home an nevurr goess back to thee Hu’man who called her ‘bad kitty;!!1 How bout ‘bad Hu’man’ fur lettin sweet Meowlory wander an pawssiblee get herted!! Sum peeple are so stew-pid!
    Yurss Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum

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