It’s Raining… Squirrels

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

This morning I jumped up onto the cat tree in the front window so I could keep an eye out for any suspicious canine activity. I feel like I’ve been a bit lax lately in my security duties, and I just wanted to make sure that agents of The Long-feared Dog Uprising were not taken advantage of that fact. When I looked outside though, all I saw was rain.

Rainy Day Henry 1

I wanted to make sure the dogs weren’t up to something out there. All I saw though was rain.

It was raining raining so hard outside that I thought Brother Oliver and Sir Thomas might like to see it. I turned back toward the living room and saw Brother Oliver curled up on the couch. I said, “Hey Brother O! It’s really raining out there!”

Rainy Day Henry 2

I turned to Brother Oliver and said, “Brother O! It’s really raining out there!”

Without even raising his head, Brother Oliver said, “Is it raining cats and dogs?” I was kind of annoyed by Brother Oliver’s lack of interest in the neighborhood’s weather patterns. I said, “No, Brother Oliver, it is not raining cats and dogs! You know full well that can’t really happen!”

Rainy Day Henry 3

I was annoyed with Brother Oliver’s lack of interest. I told him that he knew it can’t really rain cats and dogs.

Just then Sir Thomas entered the living room. He said, “Hey guys. Anything interesting happening in here?” I said, “Yes, Sir Thomas, something very interesting is happening. It’s raining really hard outside!”

Rainy Day Henry 5

When Thomas asked what was going on I told him that it was raining hard outside.

Thomas paused for a moment and then said, “Is it raining men?” This annoyed me even more than Brother Oliver’s question. I said, “No, Sir Thomas, it is not raining men!”, to which he replied, “Hallelujah!”, and then both he and Brother Oliver burst out laughing. I didn’t see what was so funny.

Rainy Day Henry 6

I didn’t see what Brother Oliver and Sir Thomas found so funny about Thomas’s absurd question.

The interaction with Brother O and Sir T left me feeling grumpy. It really was raining hard outside, and it really was very interesting. It was also concerning because I knew there were probably kitties that had been left out there in that rain by their guardians. And here Brother Oliver and Sir Thomas were, making jokes!

Rainy Day Henry 7

Brother Oliver and Sir Thomas made me a bit grumpy.

As I sat there fuming, out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in the yard. I turned to investigate.

Rainy Day Henry 8

I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and turned to investigate.

In the yard I saw not one but TWO squirrels running around. I had never seen more than one squirrel out there before. The squirrels were a little wet, and they seemed to be chasing one another. They had not been there just a couple seconds before and I couldn’t imagine where they might have come from. Then it hit me. Maybe…just maybe… it was raining squirrels!

Rainy Day Henry 9

I think it might have been raining squirrels.

I thought about sharing this awesome discovery with Brother Oliver and Sir Thomas, but decided not to. After all, they don’t seem to appreciate natural phenomenon as much as I do.

So Says Brother Henry

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6 responses to “It’s Raining… Squirrels

  1. Jenn

    The looks on Brother H’s face are priceless!

  2. “It’s raining men!” … great disco song! Way to go, Sir Thomas 😀

  3. It seems to be raining ants in my neighborhood, Brother Henry. But probably your cat companions wouldn’t be interested in that phenomenon either.

  4. Raining squirrels! Oh boy, that’s nutty! hee hee Sorry, I know you don’t like jokes. But as for two rather than one… I believe mating season is starting for squirrels, so you were probably witnessing a matting dance. Or a rain dance! Got a lot of rain? Blame it on the squirrels!

  5. Mee-you Brofur Henry it SURE ISS rainin there!! Good greef!!!!
    wee hass had snow, snow an more snow here….back to 5 FEET of thee stuff. Hard to see much cept thee white wall of it on thee patio!!
    Mee finkss yur Brofurss are sorta naughtee…..maybee they are tired of rainy ickky weather an thott sum jokess wood liten fingss up???
    LadyMum sayss yur BERRT fotogenick an mee agrees!
    **nose bumpss** Siddhartha Henry an LadyMum XxXxXx

  6. It’s just raining rain here! wet soggy rain…

    Noodle and crew

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