It’s Confirmed, Stanley Is Ok

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

I know everyone has been worried ever since the Guardians found Stanley’s collar in the yard, but I am very excited to tell you that he stopped by yesterday and he seemed to be OK. The Guardians were so happy to see that he was still in one piece they immediately broke out the catnip for him! He seemed to appreciate that. I watched from the safety of my Outdoor Domain as Stan enjoyed himself.

Stanley rolling in catnip

Stanley appreciated the catnip the Guardians provided for him.

Not only did Stanley get catnip, he also got pets!

Stanley getting pets

Stanley got some good pets in addition to the catnip.

Even though Stanley is not usually very playful, the Guardians decided to give it a try. The bigger Guardian grabbed a long piece of grass and moved it along the ground in front of Big Stan. Stan pounced immediately!

Stanley playing

Stanley even played a little!

As Stanley was playing he flopped down on his side and the sunlight caught his eyes. I do not think I had ever seen his eyes that clearly before. They were quite striking!

Stanley's eyes

Stanley has remarkable eyes!

So it looks like Stanley survived his recent fight with Charlie. He is OK for now, but he is still not safe because he remains in the world without walls. Please help us continue to spread The Good Word in our attempt to make the world a better, safer place for all felinekind.

Thomas Out

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9 responses to “It’s Confirmed, Stanley Is Ok

  1. smseattle

    Thank you, Brother Thomas, for the update on Stanley!

  2. Leigh

    Thank Cat he’s safe!

  3. Alive, nipped, petted, and playful! Excellent news, Sir Thomas. And Stanley does have remarkable eyes.

  4. we are also glad he is safe….and hope his people make the right decision to keep him that way….

  5. Deb Smorra

    Thank you for your continued efforts to keep cats safe.

    My husband and I adopted a 7 month old kitten who had a sad history. She was feral for four months, then rescued by a volunteer from The Cat Caring Connection. She spent the next three months in foster care in a total of 9 different homes.

    When we first saw Rose we were told that she was vocal, fought with other cats, and hid from her caretakers. The group recommended that she be an only cat in a home with adults only. Because we have had other “rescue kitties”, we decided to adopt her even though we had a four year-old cat at home.

    We introduced the cats gradually, keeping Rose in a safe room. At the end of the first week, we left the door to “Rose’s Room” open. Our older cat walked in, sniffed Rose, and flopped down in a patch of sun. Rose ran out of the room and hid under our bed.

    It took about three months for Rose to come out to explore when we were home and another six months before she would eat while the older cat was eating. By the end of her first year with us, she hopped on my lap and took a nap. The two cats play, sleep, and eat together. Rose sleeps on whatever lap is available. She loves sleeping in the bay window in our bedroom and does a great job of letting us know when a bird or another cat is in her yard.

    The calm, quiet manner in which she has been treated has reaped many benefits. Both cats are happy and Rose has settled into a sweet, loving girl who has a safe and happy home. Helping her adjust took infinite calm and patience. Letting her do things on her own time table was the key to having a happy fur baby.

    Please continue encouraging people to keep their pets safe.I love what you do.

    Deb Smorra

  6. Linda

    Glad he is ok😺 I love those eyes!

  7. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    Striking eyes indeed! But I feel there is also a longing in them for a safer life. His guardians need to at least get him a new collar so if anything happens to him (may the Ceiling Cat forbid that) they could at least be contacted. Big hugs to The Cult’s guardians for being so kind and caring!!

  8. So glad he’s safe! I hope his people will learn and start keeping him inside someday soon..
    Hope you guys got some nip too!

  9. Stanley has gorgeous eyes!
    I am sure releived he is all right.
    Let’s hope that he & Charlie do not cross paths again!!!
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Purrince Siddhartha ❤ ❤

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