A Peaceful Moment For Charlie

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

I know everyone has been worried about Stanley since Brother Henry’s post a few days ago. As Brother Henry reported, Big Stan had been fighting with Charlie, the cat formerly known as Minerva. I actually still really like the name “Minerva” but the Guardians talked to “Minerva’s” guardians once and then suddenly started calling him Charlie, so I guess that’s his real name. But I’ve gotten off track a little here. What I wanted to tell you is that I think Stan is OK. I know the Guardians found Stanley’s collar and a clump of white fur, but this morning I saw Charlie sitting on the table in our backyard, and I’m pretty sure I can safely say that the clump of fur came from him instead of Stanley.

Charlie in the Sun

I’m pretty sure it was a clump of Charlie’s fur that the Guardian’s found. I mean… look at all that fur!

So Stanley probably pulled out a mouthful of Charlie’s fur, and Charlie grabbed a mouthful of Stan’s collar. Both fur and collar came off. Charlie must have sensed that I was looking at him because he suddenly opened his eyes and looked my way. As the sun caught his ears I cringed a little, because I could see all the nicks and cuts on them from his many fights.

Charlie in the Sun 2

Charlie looked my way. I could see all the nicks in his ears from fighting.

Any one of those small nicks on Charlie’s ears could have come from a cat that was infected with Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, or any number of other transmissible diseases. There are vaccines for some of them, but not for others. But even if a kitty is resistant to the disease, why would any cat guardian put their kitty in a situation where he or she is going to be repeatedly scratched and bitten by other cats? I felt sorry for Charlie so I yowled to the Guardians to come and give him some catnip. They complied right away, and I’m pretty sure Charlie appreciated it.

Charlie in the Sun 3

The Guardians gave Charlie some catnip. I think he appreciated it.

Charlie sniffed, ate, and rolled in the catnip for quite some time. I was happy to see this because it meant he wasn’t fighting other cats or running around in the road, at least for a little while. After rolling for several more minutes, Charlie looked up at me and said, “Ummm… have you been watching me this whole time?”

Charlie in the Sun 4

Charlie rolled around for a long time and then noticed that I had been watching him.

When I told Charlie that I had indeed been watching him the whole time he said, “You know what? I’m very thankful you got your people to give me catnip, but if you were out here with me, I would totally kick your butt. It’s nothing personal. I just can’t help myself.” I said, “I know you can’t help yourself, Charlie. Actually, it’s not your job to help yourself. It’s your guardians’ job. Your guardians are supposed to make sure you stay safely confined so you aren’t in situations where you endanger yourself with your uncontrollable urges.” Charlie sat up, now very interested in the conversation. He said, “Really!? So… I’m not a bad cat?”

Charlie in the Sun 5

Charlie sat up and asked if he was a bad cat.

I said, “No Charlie, you’re not a bad cat. None of your fights are your fault.” Charlie said, “Good… then I feel a little less guilty that I’m still feeling the urge to kick your butt.” I said, “I know, Charlie, that urge is not likely to ever go away. You can’t change your behavior. Our only hope in this situation is that your guardians change theirs.” Charlie said, “Would it help if I try to kick their butts?” After I stopped laughing I replied, “No Charlie. It’s probably better if you don’t.”

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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17 responses to “A Peaceful Moment For Charlie

  1. msphoebecat

    I agree with you Oliver, Charlie is not a bad cat- his peeps are not good Guardians looking out for him. Paws crossed Charlie and Stanley are kept safe from any harm.

  2. I’m always touched to see the kind and gentle moments that the Guardians are able to offer the kitties who live in the shadows and the fringes. Even though Charlie has owners, he is in dangerous territory. Thank you, Cult for keeping us ever vigilant about keeping our feline friends safe. Peace.

  3. we don’t know – maybe they need a little butt kicking…. we hope maybe someday soon Charlie’s people will get a clue

  4. My kitty has some notches in his ears like that. He got stuck in the garage when I went to work one day. When I got home he had the nicks and a patch of fur scrapped off. I was so upset. I didn’t think there was anything in the garage that he could get hurt on. I guess I was wrong. I never figured out what it was either.

  5. mistletoeandhitch

    Charlie is a very handsome cat. We are praying the Universe looks out for him since his human don’t.

  6. DJFuzzyK

    Charlie is gorgeous! What a handsome boy! Thanks for the update on the brawl, Brother O.

  7. Dear Brother Oliver I am so relieved that ‘Purrince’ Charlie is all right (relatively speaking). He is a gorgoeus cat in spite of those ears…such beautiful fur & those deep blue eyes! WOW!! I have NO clue how his humans can let such a cat out??? Any cat roaming is sad…exotics are usually worth $$$ so why let them roam & get into fights & possibly get sick?
    You did the right thing ‘meowing’ with Charlie that it is not his fault & he is not a ‘bad’ cat! Between that & the catnip I KNOW you made his day a whole lot better!
    We will pray for Charlie here!
    Sherri-Ellen & ‘Purrince’ Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤

  8. Minet

    Minet here
    Having been a SCUF (Safely Confined Urban Feline) until last year (now a SCRUF – Safely Confined Rural Feline), I have many ways to express My wild instincts: the Midnight Zoomies (with or without stairs), King of the Cat Tree, wrestling My late First Lieutenant Sushi and stalking the (also late) Big Brown Dog, any number of delicious toys to catch, scratch, bite and disembowel, singing the Song of the Captured Prey, Furniture Parkour… and of course grooming and massages from My Humans and a nice meal and nap – all without having to always look over My shoulder for danger. Home is truly a great place to be.
    Mrrr to you all.

  9. sandy921

    I don’t know, but reading this made me tear up for Charlie.

  10. Poor Charlie. He’s so pretty, why are they risking him like that? Any word on Stanley?

  11. Wonderful comments here from the disciples. I’m going to borrow Minet’s “midnight zoomies,” and I second Laura Zaccardi’s thanks to the Guardians (beloved Leader Otis taught them well). The wistful look in dear Charlie’s eyes goes to my heart. I hope he and Stanley will be able to stay safe.

  12. Nijinsky Cat

    Re: Charlie – Gorgeous…..but as Leader Otis would have thought, “Sooooo fluffy…….”

  13. Charlie is absolutely beautiful and I think it was very kind of you to ask your guardians to hop him up a little with the nip…he probably appreciated being cared about like that. I doubt he’d kick your butt – you’re too good a soul for that treatment. 🙂

  14. Fluffy, sweetie pie Charlie!
    Big Noodle hug to you…

    Noodle and crew

  15. Heather

    I wonder why they’re left outside at night? I remember seeing Stanley inside (the guardians had a pic) so why not at least keep them in at night? Have all the boys been neutered? I also don’t see how they’re keeping Charlie from getting all matted if they’re letting him go out at all hours.

  16. Those little ears! Seeing a stray /cat with bad owners who neglected him, we eventually snatched up the lovely but increasingly becoming battered cat and took him to be neutered….and put him inside and moved him with us when we moved. The owners never noticed he was gone
    Cats are not accessories. They need guardians who watch over them!

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