Sir Thomas’s Mew Year Revenge

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

Last night was a bit rough. The humans in our neighborhood decided to celebrate Mew Year’s Eve by setting off what sounded like 1,000 pound bombs, or possibly low-yield nuclear devices. It started just after sunset and continued until about 12:30 am. Every time one we heard one of those explosions we thought the world was ending. Sir Thomas was especially frightened by the noise, and he spent a lot of the night running from one hiding spot to the next. He had recovered by this morning though, and as his fear dissipated it was replaced by a driving need to get back at those who had tormented him during the night. To meet that need, Sir Thomas came up with a plan.

Because they were setting off explosions until the wee hours of the morning, Sir Thomas deduced that the culprits must be attempting to sleep late today. So, just before sunrise Sir T went out into our Outdoor Domain and put his plan in motion. He began yelling “Happy Mew Year!” as loudly as he could. He did this over and over and over, and I’ve never heard a kitty yell so loud.

Thomas yelling

Thomas went out into the Outdoor Domain and began yelling “Happy Mew Year!” very loudly.

After Thomas did this for several minutes, a human voice from somewhere in the neighborhood shouted, “Someone please shut that cat up! I’m trying to sleep!” This only encouraged Sir Thomas to shout even louder, and his cries of “HAPPY MEW YEAR!!!” carried far and wide. As he continued, more human voices joined the first, pleading for someone to do something about the incessant, loud meowing that was keeping them awake. Thomas eventually stopped, either because he felt he had woken up a sufficient number of people or because his voice gave out. When I heard his cries cease, I went to the door of the Outdoor Domain and peeked out to check on the kid. I found him looking back at me with a stern but satisfied look on his face.

Thomas satisfied

When I looked outside, Thomas had a stern but satisfied look on his face.

After we looked at each other for a moment I said, “Feel better Sir T?”, and Thomas replied, in a hoarse whisper, “Much better, Brother O, but now I think I need a drink of water.” With that, Thomas walked back inside and began to lap eagerly from a water bowl just inside the door. As Thomas drank, from somewhere in the neighborhood I heard an exasperated human voice say, “Finally, some peace and quiet!”, and at that moment I decided that maybe it was time for me to yell out some Mew Year’s greetings of my own.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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11 responses to “Sir Thomas’s Mew Year Revenge

  1. Sounds like you guys couldn’t get a break last night. Those silly humans and their late night/early morning fireworks! Fortunately, we only had a few set off in our neighborhood this year.

  2. Brother O, I wish that you and your brother and Sir Thomas could have been with me last night. I’m looking after three sweet cats for some friends who live in a very quiet neighborhood in San Francisco. We were all in bed by 11 and slept through midnight with not one firework to disturb us. I wish you and your faithful Guardians and happy and QUIET Mew Year.

  3. Kylee

    Happy New Year to your Kitty Cats. Hope things have calmed down wherever you are. The Two residant cats here have been ok still missing our rebel cat.

  4. Proud of you, kin of Otis. It was very nice of you to continue the new year noise after the neighborhood folk became too tired. Wishing you and your Guardians a very Happy Mew-year. Fred D’ Cat

  5. *two paw pumps*! YES!! Nice one Sir T and Bro O…that’s a SCORE for cats! Luckily we only had loud explosions for about 20 minutes, but they were for sure loud

  6. MOL! Good job! Make those humans pay. Happy New Year!

  7. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    Oh but that was a lovely idea!!!! I was not at my own house so don’t know if there were any fireworks to scare my kitties (they are illegal in my neighborhood). The furbabies did not seem scared when I came home though so don’t believe there were any booms. But I applaud you on an excellent reciprocation of festivities!!!

  8. Oh I wish I’d thought of that for the loud boomer people around here! Smart move, Thomas!!!

  9. 444 paws up Sir Thomas (as Nylablue would say..) I am so glad you got retribution for the horrid fireworks!!! I do not them either. Some of us Humans think rhem noisy ans danerous!
    Way to go Brother Oliver…I hope you woke up more neighbors 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen and Siddhartha

  10. msphoebecat

    Sir T rules- the neighbors deserve it!

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