Teaching Thomas The Technique

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

After Brother Oliver shared his technique for getting the Guardians to fill up our snack bowl, Sir Thomas asked if the same technique could be used for getting the Guardians to give him chicken treats. When Brother Oliver said that it could, Thomas asked if he would coach him in the proper way to perform the technique. Brother Oliver said that he would, and then the two of them set off to find one of the Guardians.

They found the bigger Guardian sitting on the couch in the living room. Brother Oliver took up position in a nearby bed and he told Sir Thomas to go ahead an try the technique. Sir Thomas jumped up on a bench at the end of the couch, peeked over the arm, and began giving the Guardian kissy eyes.

Thomas trying technique 1

Thomas tried the technique while Brother Oliver watched from nearby. Thomas started by giving kissy eyes.

When Brother Oliver saw what Thomas was doing he said, “Wait! What are you doing? Are you giving… Kitty Kissy Eyes?” Sir Thomas turned and looked at Brother Oliver and said, “Yes. I am trying your technique. I am trying to get the Guardian to give me a treat.”

Thomas trying technique 2

Brother Oliver asked Thomas what he was doing and Thomas said he was trying Brother Oliver’s technique.

Visibly annoyed, Brother Oliver said, “Thomas, when you give Kitty Kissy Eyes, you are being very kind and polite. It’s like you’re asking for a treat. My technique is not about asking, it’s about telling. You need to look at the Guardian and tell him he will give you a treat or there will be consequences. None of this asking nonsense. Now let’s try it again…” Sir Thomas looked back at the Guardian and tried to give him an intense look.

Thomas trying technique 3

After some coaching from Brother Oliver, Sir Thomas tried again.

As Sir Thomas stared at the Guardian, Brother Oliver said, “That’s pretty good, Sir Thomas, but can you give me a little more intensity?” Sir Thomas tried to do so.

Thomas trying technique 4

Brother Oliver asked for more intensity and Sir Thomas tried to give it.

At this point the Guardian turned and looked at Thomas. He said, “Thomas, you’re so cute…” Brother Oliver said, “Uh-oh, you’ve slipped into the cute zone, Sir Thomas. That look’s just not working for you. We need to regroup. First, I think you need to get closer. Try walking right up to the guardian and sitting at his feet.” Sir Thomas did as he was instructed. he jumped down and walked around to the front of the couch. Sitting down, he called back over his shoulder to Brother Oliver and said, “How about right here?”

Thomas trying technique 5

Sir Thomas asked Brother Oliver if his new spot was OK.

Brother Oliver looked over and said, “I think that should work. Now we just need to make sure you use a little more intensity. Alright why don’t you…” Sir Thomas interrupted Brother Oliver saying, “Do not worry, Brother Oliver, I think I got this…” He then curled up his lip and hit the Guardian with his most intense look yet.”

Thomas trying technique 6

Sir Thomas hit the Guardian with his most intense look yet.

I watched as the Guardian’s eyes turned down toward Thomas. They locked gazes for a full five seconds, and then the Guardian reached behind the couch cushion and pulled out the bag of freeze-dried chicken treats. Thomas had done it!

Thomas trying technique 7

Sir Thomas had done it! And he reaped the rewards.

As Sir Thomas accepted his hard won reward, Brother Oliver said, “Well done, young knight! You have now mastered the Cateye Mind Trick! Now, would you mind sharing some of that chicken with your mentor?” At that point Thomas turned to Brother Oliver, waved one paw in front of his face, and said, “This is not the chicken you are looking for…” to which Brother Oliver replied, “I see I have taught you a little too well…”, and then they both started laughing their heads off.

So Says Brother Henry

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9 responses to “Teaching Thomas The Technique

  1. The disciples are absolutely PAWSOME!

  2. Wow…..very impressive. Do you guys give lessons over the interests?

  3. The dark side of the force is strong with these ones! 😀

  4. msphoebecat

    MEWOW Sir Thomas and Brother Oliver- mew make a pawesome team! My brofur Kaspars and I are going to coach one another to use this on our Mom to get some turkey treats we LOVE. I will have to be the beginning mentor of course to show how it needs to be done as my brofur isn’t very attentive to details, and tends to vocally whine out loud until he gets his way. He may eventually get the treat, but as Brother Oliver so smartly points out, this is about TELLING the Guardians what to do versus ASKING them. We Ladycats often have to take the upper paw to get things done. Mew!

  5. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    I think the resident kitties have been watching over my shoulder. They have me well trained.

  6. It’s the lip curl, the lip curl will get you everything you want, Thomas!

  7. Applause applause sir Thomas you are a quick learner & I am thrilled you ‘purrsuaded’ the Guardian to give you the beloved treats!!!
    Your faithful friend Sherri-Ellen x0x0

  8. Your intense stare is really working, Sir Thomas. I tried to give you a Greenie treat through my laptop screen!

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