Brother Oliver’s Guardian Motivation Technique

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

Let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that your snack bowl is empty. Your Guardian is present, but he or she is doing things that are waaaaay less important than filling your snack bowl. Maybe this Guardian is making food for themselves or, let’s say, sitting on the couch with the computer and paying a bunch of bills online. You know, something totally low priority like that. Meanwhile, your snack bowl remains empty. What’s a kitty to do in this totally hypothetical situation. I’ll tell you what a kitty is to do. A kitty is to do this.

Oliver looking impatient

Guardian not filling your snack bowl? Do this.

That’s what you do. It might take 10 seconds or 10 minutes of doing this to properly motivate the Guardian. Whatever you do, don’t stop until the Guardian is up and moving toward the snack bag, and then follow them to make sure they don’t get distracted on the way. Oh, and if they did make you do this for 10 full minutes before getting up and filling your bowl, be sure to let them know that making you wait is unacceptable by eating a little too much snack and then barfing on whatever it was that they felt was more important than your hungry belly. Remember, they can’t learn if we don’t do our part and teach them.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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14 responses to “Brother Oliver’s Guardian Motivation Technique

  1. Lesson learnedβ€”the hard way. Thanks for the motivation today.

  2. YES!!!! Exactly! Only I use the loud pitiful meow and then make direct eye contact as soon as she turns toward me…success!…mind meld achieved and now she is moving at my will

  3. The stare. Precious does this. She’ll also just go stare at low water dishes and food bowls until they are properly filled, then walk away once she is satisfied that they meet specifications. Just keeping the staff on their toes.

  4. As cat staff, I have long been aware of ‘THE LOOK’ for over 60 years and the need for instant response!

  5. Reblogged this on cgw629 and commented:
    Follow The Blog of Otis and BE THE MIRACLE. Check them out on Facebook as the Cult of Otis. If you love cats or humor you will love the force behind “Otis”.

  6. Happens all the time at my house.

  7. Jenn

    One of my kitties has this down pat on weekend mornings when I dare to sleep in. It also involves walking on me and desperate meows into my ears. She always gets her way.

  8. We’re gonna practice that right now.

  9. Oh boy this could be really fun!

    Noodle and crew

  10. mistletoeandhitch

    I, Princess Mistletoe have employed the method demonstrated here, so masterfully by Brother Oliver and I endorse it wholeheartedly. But my challenge is complicated by the fact I demand to be tended to by my primary servent, also referred to as HuMom. Sadly this lackey “sleeps” and while doing this seems oblivious to my stare. So I have devised a method to get her attention when she is sleeping on the job. First you must keep your claws in razor sharp condition. Secondly you need to have absolute control over the pressure and number of claws you employ. So, as your servant sleeps you must find an exposed body part that is NOT the face. Apparently human females are very protective of their faces. Any other body part will suffice though. I particularly like to target the arm or shoulder. Once you’ve found your target, you must place your paw lightly and using just one claw, poke your servant. Continue poking with that one extremely sharp claw until your human startles and wakes. At that point you should be sitting there staring as per Brother Oliver’s instructions. Remember, your goal is to have enough control to avoid drawing blood while reminding your lackey that you could.

  11. Oh Mistletoe you are a hard task mistress…Nylablue was alot like you…minus the claw…she would just sit & stare at me…I would peep one eye open to be met with those eyes of blue & I knew there would be no rest til food ws delivered….
    Brother Oliver you taught Nylablue well….be proud! You trained her ‘purrfectly’!
    Love Sherri-Ellen (who misses being stared at @ 6 A.M & 10 A.M & 2 P.M. & 6 P.M. & 10 P.M…..)

  12. msphoebecat

    Clove and Kaspars reaction after they read Brother Oliver’s Guardian Motivation Technique:
    *ROTFLKTLWTBQWG* (Rolling on the floor kicking their legs while their bellies quiver with glee)

  13. sandy921

    Brother Oliver – I was reading your advice today and thinking that you had a good method – and then I got to the barfing option and just started LOLing. If that dosn’t get your message across to your guardian, then I don’t know what would!

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