One Year Later The Queen Still Reigns

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

I cannot believe She has been gone for a whole year, but it’s true. Her Majesty The Queen Mama Cat left us on November 29th, 2013. As the first and only knight of The Cult of Otis, it was my honor and privilege to protect and serve The Queen, and it is my honor and privilege today to recount Her tale so that those who knew Her may remember, and those who did not may come to know Her now. Let us begin.

Queen Mama Cat was curious about The Cult long before She became a member of the Inner Circle. The Guardians, The Brothers, and Leader Otis first noticed her shortly after they moved into the house that is currently Cult Headquarters. She belonged to a couple that lived next door, but She always seemed to want to know what was going on inside Leader Otis’s Indoor Domain.

01- Mama Cat looking out window

Mama Cat had a home, but She always seemed curious about what was going on next door.

Unfortunately, Mama Cat’s guardians did not give Her safe boundaries. She was often seen in unsafe places like on the roof, or next to the road.

02-Mama_Cat_on roof

With no set, safe boundaries, Mama Cat was free to go wherever She wished, no matter how dangerous it was.

Queen Mama Cat quickly made friends with The Leader and his High Priests, and She would often put on shows for their amusement.

03- Mama Cat, Seattle, WA 032611 (31)

Although she was The Queen, Mama Cat was not above putting on shows for the amusement of others.

I met Her Majesty while I was still in Limbo. At the time, I was not a knight and I had no idea I was in the presence of royalty. What I did know was that Mama Cat had spent about 12 years in Limbo Herself by the time we met, and I was pretty sure She could teach me a thing or two about surviving out there.


I met Mama Cat while we were in Limbo together. I had no idea She was royalty.

And teach me She did. One of the most amazing things She taught me was how to be a better cathlete. Her skills at the game of Birdslayer were unmatched, and Her cathletic demonstrations were legendary.

05 Mama Cat Playing

Mama Cat was a world class cathlete. Her demonstrations were legendary.

The Guardians of The Cult of Otis did all that they could to make Mama Cat’s life safer and more fun. They did the same for me. When my guardians abandoned me, the Guardians swept me up in the capture. Queen Mama Cat still had guardians though, so Her time in Limbo continued.

06 Mama_Cat looking in enclosure

Mama Cat stayed in Limbo after I was swept up in The Capture and brought into The Promised Land.

The Guardians of The Cult of Otis continued to watch over Mama Cat as much as they were able. As time passed, they noticed changes in Her condition that caused them concern. First, Mama Cat’s fur became badly matted. It got so bad that the mats began to pull at Mama Cat’s skin. After an unsuccessful attempt to contact Mama’s guardians, the Guardians took matters (so to speak) into their own hands and removed the mats. Unfortunately, this meant removing much of Mama Cat’s gorgeous mane.

07 Mama Cat, mat removal, 021013-6

The Guardians had to cut much of Mama Cat’s mane to remove the mats.

The Guardians eventually learned that Mama Cat’s main guardian was very sick. The illness was likely terminal and had, understandably, become the all consuming focus in the household. Unfortunately this meant that Mama Cat’s needs were being overlooked. The Guardians redoubled their efforts to improve Mama Cat’s life in any way they were able. The smaller Guardian frequently sat with Her in the backyard and gave her the attention she craved.

08 Mama Cat and Guardian outside

Mama Cat’s guardians were dealing with a terribly difficult situation, so The Guardians of the Cult of Otis tried to make sure Mama Cats needs were still being met.

As Mama Cat’s guardians struggled with managing a terrible illness, Mama Cat’s needs began to be overlooked. A window that usually stayed open, allowing Mama Cat to enter and exit the house, was now usually closed. This meant Mama was stuck outside, even on the coldest, wettest nights. The Guardians tried to get Her to use a Toastitron 3000, but those are made from small doghouses. How could they have expected royalty to use a house that a wiener dog might have slept in? Mama Cat refused to use the Toastitron so the Guardians did the only thing they could think of. They built Her a palace instead, and they called it The Mama Snuggle Shack 3000. The Queen approved, and spent nearly every night under her own personal Toastinator.

11 Mama cat resting 042813-2

Mama Cat approved of The Mama Snuggle Shack 3000.

After Mama Cat’s main person passed away, Her remaining guardian was going through a very tough time. The Guardians reached out to him but there was little they could do to help. They could, however, continue to make sure that Mama Cat’s needs were being addressed. A breaking point arrived one morning though when Mama Cat showed up with an injured eye.

12 Mama Cat eye problem

Things came to a breaking point when The Queen showed up with an injured eye.

The Guardians attempted to contact Mama’s remaining guardian to bring the injury to his attention but they received no response, so they took Mama to The Bad Place themselves to get Her eye treated. It was her last day in Limbo, because after going to The Bad Place, they brought Mama inside to live with us. It took another visit to The Bad Place and the removal of a nasty grass awn, but The Queen was restored to Her former glory.

15 Mama Cat close-up

Mama Cat was brought into The Promised Land and She was restored to Her former glory.

The Guardians were eventually successful in contacting Mama’s guardian and letting him know what had happened to Her. He showed no interest in having The Queen returned to his home, so she became part of The Inner Circle of The Cult of Otis. Leader Otis dubbed her The Essence of The Cult because Her journey from danger to safety was one that we wish every cat can make. In The Promised Land Her Majesty blossomed, and Her True Spirit began to shine.

13 Mama on shoulder

Mama Cat’s True Spirit shined in the safety of The Promised Land.

No longer having to sleep outdoors or in Her snuggle shack, Mama Cat found new, more comfy spots in which to rest. Here is a rare photo of Her and Leader Otis in The Promised Land together, resting on opposite sides of the bigger Guardian.

14 Mama and Otis with Guardian

Mama no longer had to sleep outdoors or in Her shack. She even shared snuggle time with the Guardians and Leader Otis.

And Mama Cat did not give up Her Catlympic aspirations when She came inside. She still held regular practices sessions that blew us all away.

16 Mama Cat inside flying squirrel

Mama Cat still impressed us all with Her cathletic skills after She came into The Promised Land.

And I am pretty sure that Queen Mama Cat, like me, never missed being out there in Limbo. When She sat and gazed out through a window, I think she knew that she was finally on the safe side of the glass.

17 Mama Cat window reflection

Mama Cat knew She was finally on the safe side of the glass.

When Mama came inside, she had been skinny, sickly, and injured. She was inside with us for five months, and throughout that time She seemed to get better and better. She gained weight. Her fur grew back. She was energetic and happy. She was truly The Queen.

18 Beautiful Mama Cat

Mama Cat seemed to grow healthier and stronger throughout Her time with us.

And then one day, to the shock and surprise of all of us, it ended. Mama Cat suddenly appeared to be struggling, the Guardians rushed Her to The Bad Place, and She did not return. The truth was impossible to believe. Mama Cat had been fighting cancer for a long time. Even before She was brought into The Promised Land she was very sick. I could not wrap my head around that. Mama Cat had thrived after being brought inside. Her health seemed to get better every day while She was with us. How could a cat that is getting sicker and sicker look and act healthier and healthier? All of us were at a loss for how that could have happened, but now I know the answer.

Mama Cat, 092213-53

How could a cat that was being ravaged by cancer seem to get healthier and healthier?

Before Mama Cat came inside She had been living a lonely life of neglect. Her needs for food and shelter were being met on a basic level, but She was not receiving all that a kitty truly needs to thrive. She was sick not only in body, but in spirit as well. And then it changed. She suddenly found herself safe, warm, and best of all loved. Her spirit soared, and the joy She felt shined through so brightly that it completely masked the internal, physical struggle she was having. There was nothing any of us could have done to save Her from the cancer, but She was saved none-the-less.

A year later I still miss Her terribly. I know The Brothers and the Guardians do as well. She stills reigns over all of our hearts, and She will continue to do so. May She reign over yours as well, and may Her story be a constant reminder that even cats who have guardians may need your help.


Thomas Out

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21 responses to “One Year Later The Queen Still Reigns

  1. Batya Harlow

    Thank you, Sir Thomas, for telling her story. Even though I’m sad that Mama Cat is no longer physically among us, I love the story of how the Guardians saved her. Her passing hit me hard, because it came with no warning. We had a little time to try to adjust to Leader Otis’s eventual passing. That was terribly sad, but not a shock. The shock of losing Mama Cat, after everything in her life had finally improved so much, was heart-wrenching. I’ll always love her. Long Live the Queen! ♥♥♥ Batya, Trout, Kismet, and Maisie (cat #3)

  2. Thank you for this touching tribute. I hope that it helps you both today.

  3. As someone who has loved and lost kitties, I am in tears. My heart and thoughts are with you and your feline brothers, those other kitties in your life and your guardians. Candace and the Terrible but Terrific Feline Trio, Raleigh, Triss, and Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.

  4. Reblogged this on cgw629 and commented:
    A touching tribute that will bring any animal lover to tears. And remember, cats always belong indoors. They are royal creatures we are entrusted with caring for, and it is an honor if we are given the opportunity to do so.

  5. We loved Mama Cat. She still lives in our hearts as well, along with The Leader.

  6. It would have been so easy to ignore the scraggly-looking cat next door and shoo her out of the back yard every time she set paw in it. Or to take pity on her and try to help, but judge her neglectful guardians harshly instead of taking the time to learn why they couldn’t cope. Instead, compassion was shown both to them and to Mama Cat. She spent the last 5 months of her life in a haven of safety, comfort, care, and love, and left this world with her true spirit shining. I’ll never forget her or her story. Long live the Queen!

  7. That was a beautiful tribute to Queen Mama Cat, Sir Thomas! I know it was a terrible loss for all of you, and it came so soon after also losing the Leader. Much love to all of you. They will be in our heart always, and hopefully, their stories will help others to understand how to help other beautiful kitties in Limbo. Long Live the Queen!

  8. What a beautiful tribute to the Queen, Sir Thomas. You served her and the Leader with honor and courage. I know you will continue to do so in their memory. We will always do our best to live by their example.

  9. Jenn

    Beautiful tribute for Her Majesty Mama Cat. Thank you to the Cult for making her final months full of safety, love, comfort and warmth! <3!

  10. mistletoeandhitch

    HRH Mama Cat’s story reminds us how important it is to care for limbo cats and comes at a very good time for our guardians. A limbo cat that visits us on occasion will find himself met with a plan the next cold evening we find him looking in our front window. Long live the lessons of the Queen.

  11. Thanks for sharing Mama Cat’s story with all of us. One of the happiest days for us was when your guardians brought Mama Cat inside to live with all of you. Her remaining days were spent in warmth and comfort and with love. We miss her too…she was a beauty.

  12. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    Beautifully told history of a most beautiful cat. Mama Cat was true royalty. Having the chance to spend Her final months safely and surrounded by love is so much more than too many ever know. Thank you for caring. Thank you for sharing. Long Live the Queen!!!

  13. When I was out walking this afternoon, a beautiful, well-cared-for golden Lab came running toward me. She had gotten out of her guardian’s yard while the family was away. After leaving a message for him using the phone number on Koda’s tag, I took her to my house, secured her on my front porch, and called our Animal Control officer. While we waited for him on the porch, my cat, Luna, watched us apprehensively through the beveled glass front door; she is NOT fond of dogs. The officer came promptly and took Koda into custody, and half an hour later, when Koda’s guardian returned my call, I was able to tell him where to call to retrieve her. Although Koda is very sweet and gentle, she may be a stealth member of the Long-Feared Dog Uprising. Still, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that on this, the day of Mama Cat’s departure, a lost dog met someone who has taken Leader Otis’s messages to heart. I’m sure that the Queen had something to do with Koda’s safe homecoming.

  14. What a lovely tribute Thomas. We are so glad her final months were spent being inside and so loved. Long Live the Queen!

  15. Heather

    I tried to read the post yesterday but couldn’t make it through. Still can’t. I miss her terribly! Long live the Queen!!!

    It truly pains me that she is gone, and she wasn’t even my cat. I can’t begin to imagine the sorrow you all must be feeling. I know you loved her, even before she became a member of the inner circle. I’m thankful you all cared for her and helped her for as long as you did. Anytime I don’t feel like tending to my neighbors’ cats, I think of Mama Cat and pull out Da Bird, or some nip, or the Furminator, or some food. I remember her and realize my brief kindness might be all that cat gets for the day. Mama Cat looked so very happy just being acknowledged and she just dazzled w/ all the care she received from you all.

    Yeah, I’ll have to read her tribute at a later date.

  16. She was a rare beauty and a perfect queen. We’re still shocked at how fast she left and it hurts our hearts even now. We can’t imagine how much yours hurt and we offer you hugs and compassion. We miss her as much as we miss Otis. Thank you for the memories, Sir Thomas. Long reign the Queen

  17. Sir Thomas your telling of Momma Cat’s story was so eloquent & heartfelt. This is why Nylablue loved you so much….she too was a Queen & she knew a Good Knight when she saw one 😉 In fact she told me a few days before she left for Summerland that you would remain with her as her ‘secret love’….
    Wait, I am digressing (like daughter; like Mum, lol…)
    Momma Cat was an inspiration to so many of us. You are right that it was love that made her shine those 5 glorious months being inside with all of you. She knew true Human love & she had Brothers, a Leader & a Knight…what more could a kitty girl ask for???
    I miss her still; we all do. However she lives in our hearts forever & always ❤
    Thank you so much for such a loving tribute to the Queen….
    Love Sherri-Ellen x0x0x0
    P.S.: I wonder if she is teaching Nylablue & Sparkle & all the cats who went to Summerland this year some of her cathletic moves?? 😉 I like to think so….

  18. A lovely tribute for a one-of-a-kind queen. We lost our Papa boy suddenly and without any warning, also from cancer. He was happy and healthy until the night we lost him, and it’s nearly impossible to wrap your head around the fact that a happy, healthy kitty could be so very, very sick. I still marvel that with his very last breaths, Papa was purring up a storm. I know that Leader Otis and Papa are chasing feather teasers and enjoying catnip bananas under the watchful eye of Her Majesty. She is loved and remembered.

  19. Short time she was with us she was well loved xxx

  20. msphoebecat

    Sir Thomas your tribute to Mama Cat is as eloquent and touching as was your special bond with the royal ginger Queen. Reading about her transition from being in limbo to being brought inside brought tears to my eyes as I recall how this unique and remarkable ladycat touched so many around the world, and although she is no longer with us in this realm she continues to move us with her spirit, essence. Never have I seen a more elegant cathlete than HRH Mama Cat– such concentration, poise, and grace in every movement she made that one was left in awe.
    The 2013–2014 time frame was not an easy one for us with the loss of many beloved cats: Skeezix, The Leader, HRH, my Ms. Phoebe, Sparkle, Nylablue, and dear others gone too soon. While we miss them terribly, your words offer comfort in reminding us that all of these cats later days were happy because they were here with us in the Promised Land: safe, warm, and most of all loved. There is no greater honor we can bestow upon the memory of these cherished souls than to offer and fight for the countless cats living in limbo their right to be in the Promised Land. Thank you for reminding us the importance of the Leader’s message, and while our hearts may feel broken at the loss of loved ones like the Queen, there is healing in striving for a future where no cat is in limbo and all cats are in the Promised Land with us just as those we have lost were.

  21. Long live the Queen and the love she inspired!

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