Be Vigilant This Howloween!

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Howloween is tomorrow! Leader Otis taught us the following:

Howloween is also known as “Black Cat Day”. Since at least the Middle Ages these unfortunate souls have been vilified in human mythology. They have difficulty getting adopted from shelters and heartless and cruel people often torture them on the human holiday known as Halloween. Otis was appalled by the unfair treatment of his dark-furred brothers and sisters and he officially designated October 31st as a day to celebrate all black cats. It is also a day for all Disciples of Otis to be especially vigilant in watching out for the safety of cats in their neighborhoods. People will be less likely to attempt to harm animals if they know we are all watching out for them.

This Howloween I intend to honor Leader Otis’s wishes and keep a sharp eye out for the poor outdoor kitties in our neighborhood!

Henry Halloween 1

I will make Leader Otis proud this year.

Tomorrow night, I shall sit right here in the front window, keeping an ever-vigilant watch to ensure that no one is mistreating my feline brothers and sisters in the world without walls. This spot is perfect! It is elevated so I get a great view of my surroundings. It is well-decorated with candles and pumpkins that have little black cats popping out of them. It is also very cushy so I will not experience any bum discomfort from long-term, vigilant sitting!

Henry Halloween 2

This is the perfect spot to be vigilant.

This spot is also close to the door, so if any kitties need a safe haven I will be able to… well… I can’t actually open the door… but maybe I’ll be able to yowl at the Guardians and make them open the door! Yes! That’s what I’ll do! I’ll yowl and the Guardians will open the door and let the kitties run in to safety! It’s a perfect plan!

Henry Halloween 3

The door is right over there. I will be able to let kitties in by yowling at the Guardians!

Wait a second though… to humans, Howloween is “Halloween”. They celebrate the day by dressing their children up in silly and/or frightening costumes and unleashing them on the neighborhood to beg for high calorie, low nutrition food stuffs. That means a steady stream of little kids with very sticky hands is going to be coming to the door all night! Kitties can’t come through there! If they tried, they would end up getting pet by all those sticky hands and their fur would be disgusting! And if I’m too close to the door, those sticky hands might be trying to pet me too! Yuck!

Henry Halloween 4

The thought of all those sticky hands petting a kitty, possibly even me… oh man, I feel a little sick to my stomach right now.

Yeah. On second thought this perch just won’t do. I think that side window over there would be much better. It’s got all the advantages of this spot minus the possibility of my fur getting all sticky.

Henry Halloween 5

Hmmm… on second thought, over there looks better.

Plus, if one of those little sticky-fingered nightmares gets past the Guardians, I’ll have enough time to make a break for my safey-safe in the office closet. So I’ll be able to keep an eye on the neighborhood and minimize my chances for my own personal Howloween nightmare. Yep. Sounds good to me… and I’m pretty sure Leader Otis would approve. He would want me to be vigilant, but not foolhardy. Have a safe Howloween everybody, and may your fur remain un-sticky.

So Says Brother Henry

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11 responses to “Be Vigilant This Howloween!

  1. Brother Henry, a band called “the Rolling Stones” once released an album — this was in the way-old days when “albums” were a thing — called “Sticky Fingers.” I’ve always wondered what that referred to, and now I know: one of the band members must have had a cat that got petted by a lot of kids on Halloween! So I agree that Leader Otis would want you to be vigilant, but from a safe place. (Hmm … this may be the secret meaning behind another Rolling Stones song: “Gimme Shelter.”)

  2. mistletoeandhitch

    Have a wonderful and safe Howloween and Halloween. Our human’s usually sit out on the front porch to greet & treat the ghost and ghouls. That cuts down on the disruption for the four of us. We like to sit in the window behind them and watch the strange parade and keep a look out for any furries that might be a risk.

  3. Holler-Ring is always stressful! Don’t be fooled by orange veggies!

  4. MOL Brother Henry yer bloggie made us laff…da part ’bout gettin sticky n beein tocuhed by strange handz…**shudderz**
    Me agreez Leader Otis wuud want ya to beeware nn bee safe too!!!
    As we live in a buildin no one comez here to trix or treetz so me iz safe….
    We will watch fer Greyboy who iz street smart n Braveheart who iz a bit of a chickin …..we iz hopin Juno doez not get locked out of hiz house or Mumm will bee fureuss….
    Happy Howl-e-ween to all of ya frum Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0
    Pee ess: A speshell **paw kiss** to Sir Thomas ❤

  5. Heather

    You are so very brave, Brother Henry! Thank you for looking after your neighborhood kitties. Otis would be proud!

  6. I once knew a black cat who loved being petted so much she wouldn’t have minded the sticky fingers.

  7. Brother Henry – you do a great “yuck” face. Thank you for being vigilant.

  8. msphoebecat

    The house will be safe and the kitties outside are lucky to have you looking out and caring for them so compassionately Brother Henry. I’m glad you will have a soft place to keep guard as there’s nothing worse than a sore bum! My fur babes will be inside safe as always tonight and we will be sending positive thoughts and purrs of protection to all kitties in limbo. May all kitties who are fortunate in an inside domain unite paws in power and strength of protection for their fellow felines in limbo- on this Halloween and EVERY day of the year!!
    PS- If you really want to scare someone today all you need to do is introduce him to Sir Thomas’ freaky pink minion!

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  10. I was on Facebook looking at some of my friend’s Halloween party photos when I noticed a photo of a black cat at a Halloween party. I ask my friend about it and he told me the cat was a local who just walked in the door and wouldn’t leave, so they let him hang out. At least kitty found a safe place for the evening.

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