Plushy Poo Puzzle Part III: I Rest My Case

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

When we last left off, Brother Oliver was trying to blame the poo on Thomas’s pink, plushy, psycho minion. I pointed out that the minion didn’t smell like poo, so Brother Oliver may have been smelling poo on himself. Brother Oliver seemed to take offense to my suggestion. I said, “Brother Oliver, to recap what you said earlier, you claim you came up here to use the fresh litter box, and after you used the box, you got out and saw the minion sitting on the bench. That’s when you screamed like a lady…” Brother Oliver turned away from the minion muttering, “Yep. It’s just as I said. I used the box, then saw the minion. I have no idea what you are talking about as far as that lady scream goes though. I recall letting out a very cat-manly roar.”


Brother Oliver was sticking to his story.

I pressed Brother Oliver saying, “Are you sure that’s how it happened? Is it possible that the terrible fright you experienced caused you to remember the events incorrectly?” Brother Oliver said, “Nope. That’s exactly how it happened. My memory is clear. Whew! Man that poo stinks. Maybe that’s why I could smell poo all the way over by the minion. Someone should really cover this thing up.” Brother Oliver then proceeded to try to cover up the poo.


Brother Oliver decided to try to distract me from my questions by trying to cover up the poo.

As Brother Oliver was trying, unsuccessfully I might add, to cover up the poo, I jumped down and walked over to the litter box. Peering in, I said, “Ummmm… Brother Oliver? This litter box is completely clean. Didn’t you say you used the box before you saw the minion?”


I looked into the litter box and noticed it was completely clean.

Now clearly pretending to be shocked, Brother Oliver ran over to the litter box and looked in. He said, “Oh my gosh! It… it is clean! Wait… Brother Henry… are you saying that after I saw the minion and ran for the stairs, the minion jumped down, came over to the litter box, removed my poo, dropped it in the middle of the floor, and then returned to his minion bin? And he did that all before you were able to get to the top of the stairs!? Wow! That’s so creepy!”


Brother Oliver was trying to convince me that the minion had taken his poo out of the box and put it on the floor.

My patience now wearing thin, I said, “No, Brother Oliver, I’m saying that you came upstairs to use the box but you saw the minion before you used it. I’m saying that seeing the minion scared the poo out of you, literally.” As I finished speaking, Brother Oliver said, “What was that, Brother Henry? I couldn’t hear you. I’m kind of busy here. You know how I love a fresh box.”


Brother Oliver pretended not to hear me. He said he was busy.

At that point I decided to take my leave. In my mind, the mystery of the poo had been solved, but the mystery of the minion had only deepened. Further investigation would have to wait for another day though… preferably after one of the Guardians has given both the rug and the litter box in Valhalla a thorough cleaning.

So Says Brother Henry

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7 responses to “Plushy Poo Puzzle Part III: I Rest My Case

  1. MOUSES!! I am stunned Brother O left that deposit…but…that pink minion IS pretty scary. BTW…I would appreciate it if you have time Brothers Henry and Oliver and Sir Thomas if you come over to my blog and see my efforts to redecorate my digs. I’m kind of proud with it and with my new mission…I think Leader Otis will be pleased with my efforts.

  2. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    It could be a simple case of a stray hair being caught in the poo. I have long hair, and several times noticed one of the furbabies jumping out of the box with poo hanging from their…um…behinds. Consistently this has been because one of my hairs has been eaten and is now mixed with the poo. If Brother Oliver had a hair from the smaller guardian stuck in his poo, he could have easily been startled by the minion, jumped out of the box before the hair was completely out and the subsequent harder landing on the floor finally shook the poo loose. Please don’t be too hard on him. That minion is C-R-E-E-P-Y!!! and would scare anyone.

  3. msphoebecat

    Kaspars says: you did say the Guardians ALMOST never poo on the floor, so clean litter box or not it could have possibly been one of them…that creepy pink freak scares my human! This accusation is purely circumstantial and full of hearsay, I suggest Brother Oliver consult a CATtorney to help clear his name. Mew!

  4. I believe dear Oliver. Of course the minion did it. Unless….one o’ them wiener-pups got into the house. Now THAT’s creepy!

  5. Dere iz an old sayin Brother henry: “One can not save one’s face n one’s tushie at da same time.”
    We finkz Brother Oliver iz tryin to save hiz A$$…wait no hiz face…wait no hiz tushie…oh FLOUNDER me givez up…
    Brother Oliver must bee bery embare-a$$ed!!!! 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Mum xxxxx

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