My Time

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

Ummm… It’s been kind of a weird week, to say the least. First I get accused of being up to something in Kitty Valhalla, and then when we all go up to Kitty Valhalla to see what I haven’t been up to… well… on second thought, I would rather not talk about that. I would rather talk about how Brother Henry has been trying to horn in on my special time with the bigger Guardian. You see, every night and morning, while the bigger Guardian is brushing his teeth, I wait for him on the back stairs. When he is done, he comes out of the bathroom and gives me pets. For some reason, Brother Henry has decided that he should get pets at these times as well! It’s not fair! this is the only time I get pets! I make it clear to Brother Henry that this is MY time and he should wait until later for his pets.

Henry, Thomas on stairs

For some reason, Brother Henry thinks he should get pets when I do. He is wrong.

I told Brother Henry that he can have pets whenever he wants, but I can only have pets at these very specific times under these very specific circumstances. Do you know what he said to me? He said, “Sir Thomas, you can have pets any time you want as well. It’s just that you are choosing to only let the Guardian pet you at these specific times under these specific circumstances. It’s not my fault that you are making that choice!”

Can you believe he said that to me? I would have gone all “wiener slayer” on his butt, but I was too busy getting pets at the only time I could possibly get them.

Thomas getting pets

I really do love getting pets. I just wish I could get them more often… but I cannot.

I still cannot believe Brother H said that to me. Yeah, like I could really choose to have pets all the time if I wanted. It’s obvious that if I chose to let the Guardians pet me at some other time, something really horrible would happen. That is why, except at these very specific times and in this specific place, I run away when I see a hand coming toward me. Clearly, Brother Henry is delusional. It’s sad, really.

Thomas Out

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12 responses to “My Time

  1. You never know my friend, one day you may decided to change things up a little.

  2. smseattle

    I get you, Brother Thomas. I also agree with Basil. I hope Brother Henry hears Basil’s message.

  3. Karen

    What about hands holding chicken treats? Do you tolerate those approaching you?

  4. I see one possible solution, Sir Thomas: persuading the bigger Guardian to brush his teeth more often. But that might be hard on his enamel, so, like Basil, I’m going to hope that you find a few other times a day when pets are possible.

  5. Oh Sir Thomas….honestly, Brother Oliver may have it right on this one

  6. Oh Thomas, there is such contentment and peace in those lovely eyes. It brings tears to mine, thinking how far you have come…

  7. sandy921

    Oh Thomas, the thought of you going all “wiener slayer” on Brother Oliver’s butt is so frightening. I hope one day you find that letting the guardians pet you at a different time does not lead to horrible things. I realize that you need to discover this in your own way and in your own time though. But just know that all of us out here want you to get pets whenever and wherever you want them. p.s. Maybe you can try the little Guardian?

  8. Heather

    That first picture is classic! Depicts total disgust of a cat who is upset that a sibling is trying to horn in on his quality time w/ the guardian. I love it! I also love how bossy Sir Thomas has become. He has really settled in and owns the place just like the others. That is magnificent.

  9. Ah, jealousy is the green-eyed monster! oh…hmmm… maybe not a tactful description on my part. Never mind!

  10. Yow Sir Thomas me totallee understandz…dere are timez fer pets n strokez n brushin n kissez eben! Siriuslee Brother Henry needz to leern diz…sum kittehez ‘throw’ demselvez at dere Hu’manz; kittehz like ya n me need to have our attenshun at sirtain timez…dat iz just da way it iz 😉
    Yer lookin hansum n bunderfull n hansum..oh wait me allready said dat…well ya are hansum Sir Thomas…
    Yer humbull kitteh Nylablue n her humbull Mum Sherriellen xoxoxo

  11. I love you, Sir Thomas 🙂

  12. msphoebecat

    Kaspars my former feral foster failure mancat TOTALLY agrees and understands where you’re coming from Sir Thomas. 😻

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