Dereliction of Duty

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

Soo… this morning Brother Oliver was supposed to write a blog post telling you that all of us, including Sir Thomas, have been steering clear of Kitty Valhalla since the strange incident the other day. Sir Thomas is actually playing dumb, acting like nothing happened and he’s just doesn’t want to hang out in Valhalla because he’s bored with it. Brother Oliver and I have been steering clear because, well, that pink, plushy freak makes us very uneasy. I mean, we’re pretty sure it’s not able to move on it’s own, but Thomas’s reaction to it is really making us wonder.

Anyway, when I noticed that no blog had been posted this morning, I went looking for Brother Oliver and this is how I found him:

Oliver on couch

This is what Brother Oliver was doing instead of blogging.

When I told Brother Oliver that this was a gross dereliction of duty, he chuckled a little bit and said, “Heh heh… you said ‘doody’…”. That’s when I smelled the catnip on his breath. I know this isn’t the first time one of us has shirked our responsibility to blog, but I really was expecting more from Brother Oliver, especially with the mystery that is still lingering about the events in Valhalla. I mean, that pink thing… it’s really creepy! I wish there was someway I could get that crazy grinning face out of my head! I… wait… hmmmmm… You know what? Maybe Brother Oliver actually has the right idea. If anyone needs me, I will be on the couch.

So Says Brother Henry

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6 responses to “Dereliction of Duty

  1. mistletoeandhitch

    Maybe rolling the Grinning Minon in catnip would be a way to tame it and subdue whatever powers it’s plush interior might contain? Who knows, it might absorb a bit of catnip oil very well and become a favorite in the Cult of Otis.

  2. Ah yes, the post freak out catnip hangover. Well deserved

  3. I wish I were doing what Brother Oliver is doing in that picture! Only minus the catnip.

  4. msphoebecat

    I wish I had some human catnip after seeing that thing’s psycho grin! I don’t blame Brother Oliver– it was probably the only way he could repress the memory of that psycho pink plushie!!

  5. Brother Oliver looks sooooo relaxed…

    Noodle and crew

  6. Brother Oliver ya haz da rite idea me can tell ya!! Me still seez da grinnin pink Cheshire kitteh in me mind….
    Pass da ‘nip pleeze Brother Oliver *shudderz*
    Yer humbull n soon-to-bee ‘nipped Nylablue 😉

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