Next- The Wienervention Part II: An Unexpected Development

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

When we last left off, Brother Henry and I had just told Thomas that we wanted to talk to him about the collage he had created in Kitty Valhalla. Thomas acted like he heard something in the house and then dashed inside. Fortunately, and please don’t tell him I said this, Thomas has somewhat comically stubby legs, so both Brother Henry and I can run faster than him. As soon as Sir Thomas dashed inside the house Brother Henry and I darted after him. Brother Henry tackled the knight, and I ran straight past the ball of flying fur and paws that resulted. As I topped the stairs and entered Kitty Valhalla, I stopped cold in my tracks. From downstairs I heard Brother Henry exclaim, “Ouch! How did you do that?”, and then Sir Thomas appeared at the top of the stairs behind me. He immediately started saying, “You shouldn’t be up here Brother Oliver! There is nothing going on up here! Nothing at all! I… Brother Oliver?” Sir Thomas had just noticed that I was too transfixed by what I was seeing to pay much attention to what he was saying.

Wienervention 1

Sir Thomas started trying to convince me that nothing was going on in Valhalla. I was too transfixed by what I was seeing to notice.

Now wondering why I wasn’t listening to him, Sir Thomas followed my gaze over to the wall. Under his breath, I heard him say, “What…the…fur?

Wienervention 2

Sir Thomas finally looked where I was looking. He seemed as stunned as I was.

Sir Thomas slowly moved toward the curtain that had for so long hidden his big secret. At the moment, that curtain was open, and where there had previously been a horrifying freak show of frightening wiener dog related propaganda there was now only a bare, blue wall. As Sir Thomas cautiously approached he said with a shaky voice, “Se…see, Brother Oliver? Nothing going on up here. Nothing at all.”

Wienervention 3

Sir Thomas cautiously approached the wall. He seemed surprised that it was bare.

As Sir Thomas examined the wall, I heard him say softly to himself, “But… I… how?” He then looked up and to his right and I thought I heard him say, “Uh-oh!”

Wienervention 4

Thomas was muttering to himself as he examined the wall. As he looked up and to his right I thought I heard him say ,”Uh-oh”.

Turning away from the wall, Sir Thomas said, “So… yeah… ummmm… like I said… nothing going on up here Brother O!” He appeared to be visibly shaken as he started walk toward the stairs.

Wienervention 5

Something had visibly shaken Thomas. He reiterated that there was nothing to see and headed for the stairs.

As Sir Thomas reached the top of the stairs I said, “Wait! Sir Thomas! Brother Henry and I know what we saw! There was a whole wall of wiener weirdness up here! We know you were responsible for it!” Sir Thomas did not respond to my allegations. Instead he just said, “Gotta go, Brother Oliver.”, and then he dashed down the stairs. As he left I thought I heard him mutter, “We may have a bigger problem than the wieners.”

Wienervention 6

Sir Thomas took off down the stairs. I thought I heard him say we may have a bigger problem than the wieners.

More confused than ever, I turned back to examine the now blank wall. As I did so, I heard Brother Henry coming up the stairs behind me.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

Next- The Wienervention Part III: We Don’t Know What To Think

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9 responses to “Next- The Wienervention Part II: An Unexpected Development

  1. emilykarn

    Wienerventions don’t always go as planned, keep at it guys. Selleck and His Person, Emily.

  2. Mousiez Brother Oliveer n Brother Henry what DA KAT iz goin on dere?? WE iz totallee sirprized to see a baby blue wall wif no weerd weinerposturmapfing …..diz iz bery bery bery bery weerd…..
    Did ya notice da da pink one eyed stuffie iz M-I-S-S-I-N-G????? What if it *shudderz* came to Life? What if ALL da stuffiez get pawssessed n come to life n come aftur all of ya????
    Mousiez we iz ringin our pawz here…pleeze pleeze bee aware okayz???
    Purrayin Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0x0

  3. Oh man….is your house haunted or something??

  4. we are pretty confused too.

  5. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    Mysterys abound!!! This is gettin more confusing by the minute!

  6. I’m afraid that Sir Thomas is now afraid of his minions … even more afraid than he is of wiener dogs.

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  8. msphoebecat


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