Brother Henry Should Talk To Thomas

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

After our shocking discovery in Kitty Valhalla, Brother Henry and I regrouped in the Outdoor Domain to discuss what we should do next. To me, our next move is obvious- Brother Henry needs to confront Thomas about what we found. Clearly our resident knight has an overactive imagination, and his obsession with wiener dogs may eventually pose a problem if it interferes with his Cult related security duties. Since Brother Henry is The Muscle of The Cult, and thus in charge of security, he should be the one to talk to Thomas. I pointed this out to Brother Henry, but all he said was, “I hear you Brother Oliver but I’m busy right now.

Oliver and Henry pondering Thomas 1

I told Brother Henry he needs to talk to Thomas, but he said he was busy.

I asked Brother Henry what could possibly be more important than addressing a pressing concern with one of his security officers. I said, “Brother Henry! Thomas is clearly delusional! You saw that collage he made, right? He obviously thinks all that stuff he found is real, and that he alone stands between us and a full-on assault by a thousand dogs with comically stubby legs! How can you let him continue to believe that!?” Brother Henry was silent for a moment before replying, “I… I know, Brother Oliver. When you put it like that it totally sounds crazy… but… what if he’s right? You have to admit, some of the stuff on that board was pretty frightening!”

That’s when I realized that when Brother Henry said he was busy, he meant he was standing guard in case any wiener dogs were planning an attack. I almost told him he was being crazy, but deep down inside I had to admit that I too was disturbed by all that “intelligence” Sir Thomas had gathered. I got to my feet and started scanning the yard. When I did so, Brother Henry asked me what I was doing. I said, “Nothing. I’m just busy.”

Oliver and Henry pondering Thomas 2

Brother Henry’s thought that Thomas’s intel might have been correct was a bit unnerving. I decided to “be busy” too.

Brother Henry and I spent the rest of the afternoon “being busy”.  Neither of us spoke to the other about what we were busy doing. In fact, we were so busy being busy that neither of us saw Thomas when he arrived at the doorway to the Outdoor Domain. We both just about jumped our of our skins when Sir Thomas said, “Anyone want to play Wiener Slayer!?” Brother Henry and I, both with tails that were now three times their normal size, turned to Thomas and said in unison, “We’re busy!”. Thomas was crestfallen, and I felt more than a little bad for our abrupt response when, as he turned and walked back into the house, I heard Thomas muttering, “Geez… I just learned the best game in the history of everything ever and now no one wants to play…”

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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5 responses to “Brother Henry Should Talk To Thomas

  1. Poor Thomas – can’t win for losing 🙂

  2. rhiannonpaine

    WWLOD? I think Leader Otis might call a meeting, compliment Thomas on his “intelligence,” but try to gently allay these terrible fears. After all, you kitties do not stand alone. You have Guardians, and guarding kitties is what guardians are for!

  3. EEoww Brotherz Henry n Oliver ya makez alot of guud pointz ’bout da ‘inntell’ ya saw in Kitteh Valhalla…me n Mum meowed ’bout yer deeleema n we feelz ya shuud call a meetin of da 3 of ya. Ya nose; bee cashual n tell Sir Thomas of YER FEERZ if a Weiner Dog Uprisin….dat ya haz bin ‘on guard’ more den ushual n dat YA BOTH iz WURRIED fer da safety of da Cult n da Guardianz…..Let Sir Thomas FEEL hiz leedership iz needed n maybee he will *spill da beenz* ’bout hiz ‘inntel’ n den ya will nose what iz goin on in his mind….
    What do ya fink of diz idea?? WE fink it iz foolproof; in fact, sir Thomas proof 😉
    Yer furendz Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum x0x0x0x0

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