Uncovering The Secret Part II- I Can’t Believe My Eyes

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

When we last left off, my curiosity for what was behind the curtain in Kitty Valhalla had just overcome my wariness of the creepy minions that were glaring at me from the corner. I crept forward to take a closer look. The curtains themselves seemed normal enough, but I thought I could make out colors and shapes hiding behind them. I paused to watch for any signs of movement. For all I knew, Thomas could have a whole other army of minions waiting behind the curtains. The last thing I needed was to be caught unaware by a raging horde of plushy terrors.

Henry inspecting curtains

I paused, attempting to peer through the curtains. I didn’t want to be the victim of a plushy minion ambush.

Sensing no movement, I quickly plunged my head between the curtains. I immediately saw that there were no minions hiding back there, but what I did see forced a shocked gasp from my mouth.

Henry peeks behind the curtain

There were no minions back there, but what I saw was no less shocking.

I pulled my head back out. My mind was reeling. Had I really just seen that? Was any of it real?

Henry stunned

I was shocked by what I had seen. I questioned whether I had really seen it.

I stuck my head back behind the curtain again and discovered that I had not imagined it. As my mind struggled to comprehend the sight before me, Brother Oliver crept up beside me. He said, “Brother H! Did you find it? What’s the secret? Is it an endless supply of freeze-dried chicken treats?”, and then he muttered to himself, “Please let it be an endless supply of freeze-dried chicken treats…”.

Henry and Oliver investigating Thomas's secret

Brother Oliver joined me. He hoped I had found an endless supply of treats.

But it wasn’t an endless supply of freeze-dried chicken treats. It was something as disturbing as chicken treats are tasty. I asked Brother Oliver if he was certain that Thomas was safely preoccupied with the game of “Wiener Slayer” they were playing. Glancing back, Brother O said that he was pretty sure Sir Thomas was still hiding in the basement.

Henry and Oliver investigating Thomas's secret

Brother Oliver said he was pretty sure Thomas was still preoccupied with the game.

I said, “Alright then Brother O, brace yourself. I’m going to open these curtains and show you something that will blow your mind. I then prepared to do just that.

So Says Brother Henry

Next: Uncovering The Secret Part III- All Is Revealed

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11 responses to “Uncovering The Secret Part II- I Can’t Believe My Eyes

  1. mistletoeandhitch

    Oh my catness! This is so exciting! We’ll be thinking about just WHAT could be behind the curtain until the next posting!

  2. Jenn

    OMG, it’s some kind of wiener dog training map, DYING!

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  4. rhiannonpaine

    “Plushy Minion Ambush” would be a great name for a rock band. Can’t wait for part III!

  5. And then……………. And then????????????????

  6. Oh goodness….what is Sir Thomas plotting?

  7. lzaccardi

    I’m waiting with anxious anticipation, boys! Whatever did you find behind that curtain? Judging from the looks on your faces, it truly is shocking!

  8. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    OHOHOH!!!! The curiosity is killing me!!! Please don’t keep us in suspense. And anyway, if you take too long Thomas may come up to find you!!

  9. Yow me n Mum still on da edge of da seat…in fact we ’bout to fall of wif da sheer susspence of it all Brother Henry!!
    We await part 3 wif grrreat anticipashun…oh diz iz eggcitin!!!!!
    Watch out tho’; Sir Thomas mite bee sneekin up on ya 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too x0x0x0x0

  10. msphoebecat

    Oh my cat! My paws are trembling with excitement!

  11. I can’t even guess what it might be!

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