Pat The Cat Is Missing

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

The Guardians have found yet another lost cat poster during their travels through the neighborhood. This time the missing kitty is named Pat the Cat, and he has not been seen by his people since August 5.

Lost Cat Poster- Pat the Cat

Pat the Cat is missing. We purr he is someplace safe.

These posters are always sad, but I hope that they are also motivation for cat guardians to become true Guardians. A true Guardian always keeps his or her kitty safely confined. This does not mean that kitty needs to be locked up in the house never to see the light of day. It just means that the kitty should always be provided with safe boundaries, be they the walls of an outdoor enclosure, a harness and leash, or a yard with kitty-proof fencing.

There are many ways to keep kitty safe while still allowing him or her to get sunlight an fresh air. It just requires a little human creativity to create the safe boundaries. And if you use your creativity now to keep your kitty safe, then you won’t need to use your creativity later to create the posters announcing that your kitty has been lost. That seems like a no-brainer to me!

So Says Brother Henry

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5 responses to “Pat The Cat Is Missing

  1. Kathy Freeman Tolleson

    Used to take them out in the yard with harnesses and leashes. It was restrictive but they still enjoyed being out. That’s exactly why I put up the gazebo for them. I have to carry them out one by one but I can sit and read the paper, drink my coffee and let them have a hour “outside”.

  2. Heather

    We’ll be praying for Pat the Cat’s safe return!
    I think it’s useful to make “lost” cat signs before a cat goes missing, whether they live in limbo or not. It just makes it much easier should that moment ever come. Emergencies happen, cats get out, they get off the harness, they figure out the key to the cat fence even if they haven’t done so in years. The sooner you get the word out the better.

    This whole thing is one of my biggest fears! We have them chipped, but so do many of the cats you advertise. We have a cat fence and they are monitored throughout the day, no cats are allowed outside after dark, we don’t have any door dashers, and the hunter is always kept on a harness so he can’t kill, but I still worry about one of them going missing. It would make me ill!

  3. Yow Brother Henry n Guardianz we iz sowwy to reed ’bout Pat da Kat!We iz purrayin he iz safe in sumone’z house n will bee reeuntied soon wif hiz peeple.
    Me Mum iz vigilante ’bout me. If dere are werkmen comin in she putz me in bedroom n she comez in too. She haz me Condo fer outside n she watchez me like a hawk. If she haz to go into use da potty she getz me Aunti to watch me. Sumtimez me finkz she iz a bit over da top; butt bettur safe den missin rite??
    Purrayin fer Pat ❤
    Nylalbue =^,,^=

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  5. msphoebecat

    Clove, Kaspars, and I agree 100% Brother Henry.

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