The Recon Mission Part II

Disciples of Otis,

Brother Oliver here.

When we last left off, Brother Henry and I had put our plan to discover what Thomas has been doing in Kitty Valhalla into motion. The only problem was, the way into Valhalla was blocked by Thomas’s minions. I didn’t know what to do so I called Brother Henry in for backup. After Brother Henry arrived and got over his initial shock at seeing the Minions, he said, “Brother Oliver, forget about the minions for a second. Can you see anything up there in Valhalla?” I strained to see over the unnerving plushiness that stood between me and Valhalla.

Oliver trying to see into Valhalla

Brother Henry asked me what I could see from where I was sitting. I mostly saw unnerving, plushy things.

I turned back to Brother Henry and said that I couldn’t really see anything over the minions. He said, “OK, well let me take a look. I’m a little taller so maybe I’ll be able to see something.” He then came up and joined on the step below the minions.

As Brother Henry joined me, I heard Thomas’s voice coming up from the bedroom. He said,”Hey! Where are you guys?” Thinking fast, I replied, “Ummmmm… Brother Henry just needed some help! We’ll be down soon!” I faintly heard Thomas say to himself, “I thought Brother H said he was going to use the litter box… I wonder what the heck he did in there…”

Henry trying to see

Brother Henry tried to see over the minions. Thomas called out to see where we were.

As Thomas’s voice faded, I asked Brother Henry if he could see anything. He said, “Well, it’s kind of hard to see over these minions, but I think I might see something behind the curtains over… WHAT THE FUR!?”Startled I said, “What!? What do you see, Brother Henry!?” Brother Henry replied, “It’s not what I saw, it’s what I felt. I think this pink smiley thing might have just moved!” All I had to say to that was, “I’m out of here.”, and I headed down the stairs.

Oliver heading downstairs.

Brother Henry thought one of the minions moved. That was all I needed to hear.

Brother Henry lingered for a moment, and I heard him muttering, “Did I really just feel that, or did I imagine it? It couldn’t have moved, right?”

Henry and minions

Brother Henry lingered on the stairs a moment, questioning whether or not he had felt movement.

Brother Henry must have decided that he couldn’t be certain he hadn’t felt movement, because he turned and retreated down the stairs. He joined me at the bottom and I asked him if he had seen anything clearly up in Valhalla. He said he hadn’t, but that I was welcome to go back up and check it out myself if I wanted to. And I tried, I really did. My curiosity demanded it of me, but as I neared the top of the stairs the view that awaited me there quickly drove me back down to the bottom again.

minions on stairs

I tried, but I couldn’t get past this.

Defeated, Brother Henry and I headed toward the stairs that lead down to the bedroom. Thomas was topping the stairs just as we reached them. On his face he had both a satisfied look and a fine dusting of freeze-dried chicken treat powder. When he saw us he said, “Hey guys! Sorry about that litter box problem Brother Henry, but you and Brother Oliver will be excited to know that the Guardians gave me extra treats tonight since I was the only cat down there! I am so glad I heard that crinkling earlier! Well, goodnight!”, and then he headed upstairs toward Kitty Valhalla. As he disappeared up the stairs, Brother Henry and I both heard Thomas say, “Thanks guys!”, but neither of us felt certain that he was talking to us.

So Sayeth Brother Oliver

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8 responses to “The Recon Mission Part II

  1. Your stories are always so amazing. You have such a great talent – makes me wonder if anyone offered to buy the movie rights yet!

  2. rhiannonpaine

    The pink creature just keeps getting creepier! And as for that … thing … in the blue coat with a rabbit and a bird for hands … *shudders*. I’m surprised by Thomas. His minions are way scarier than wiener dogs.

  3. Persevere Brothers, we are sure you will solve the MYSTERY!

  4. lzaccardi

    Well….this whole gathering of the minions is a little curious don’t you think Brother Oliver? Do you think they are organizing themselves for a cause? Wait–do they eat treats too?

  5. We say he’s hiding KITTENS up there!

  6. Botherz Oliver n Henry dat waz sum reecon misshun ya had…me finkz dem Minneeonz are a bit scarey…okayz ALOT scarey n me **shudderz** just lookin at dem.
    At leest ya tried to find out da seecret in Kitteh Valhalla…..Sir Thomas shure iz keepin fingz on da ‘down low’ izn’t he????
    We iz on da esge of da futon wunderin what cuud bee up dere….
    Yer furendz Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum 🙂 🙂

  7. All a little spooky!!

  8. sandy921

    That Cheshire Cat is so spooky. I think I saw its eyes get bigger and then smaller – it might have been trying to hypnotize me??

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