The Brothers’ Nap Time Throw Down

People and fur people who are Disciples of The Leader Otis,

It’s Thomas.

This morning, what started as two cats trying to get a little sleep turned into a full blown nap time throw down. I was napping myself at the time, on top of Super Outpost Tabby Tower, and that gave me a great view of the action as the throw down commenced. It all started when Brother Oliver laid down on the white blanket on the couch and proclaimed it the most comfy sleeping spot ever.

Oliver napping 1

Brother Oliver proclaimed that his nap spot on the couch was the most comfy ever.

Brother Henry took issue with Brother Oliver’s claim and said that his nap spot on the gray blanket on the floor was the most comfy every.

Henry napping 1

Brother Henry claimed that his nap spot was more comfy than Brother Oliver’s.

After that, it was on. Brother Oliver relocated to the Blue blanket next to the couch and said, “Ahhhhhh… now that I’m laying here, this spot is really the most comfy ever. The blanket is so cushy I almost feel weightless! Ooooh my front legs are beginning to float away!”

Oliver napping 2

Brother Oliver claimed the blue blanket made him feel weightless.

Brother Henry said, “That spot is indeed very special if it makes you feel weightless, Brother Oliver…” Then he relocated to a new nap spot and claimed it was the best one yet. He said, “In this spot I not only have a ray of sunshine warming my belly, I also have a wonderful, scented pillow! This is definitely the absolute best nap spot ever!”

Henry napping 2

Brother Henry claimed this spot was best because of the sun ray and scented pillow.

Before Brother Henry had even finished speaking, Brother Oliver had jumped up on Super Outpost Tabby Tower and squeezed into a box about halfway up. He said, “Now this is the best nap spot ever. I mean, it’s a box! Not only that, it’s covered in soft fabric! What could be better than… wait…. ummmmm… I think my butt’s stuck…”


Oliver napping 3

Brother Oliver claimed that the box on SOTT was the best napping spot, but his butt got stuck.

Fortunately for Brother Oliver, Brother Henry was too busy moving to his next nap spot to notice that Brother O’s butt got stuck. Brother Henry jumped up onto the lap of one of the Guardians and proclaimed, “This is the best nap spot ever! It is self heating and very comfortable as long as it doesn’t move too much.” He then shot a serious glance at the Guardian as if to drive home his point about not moving too much.

Henry napping 3

Henry said this was the best napping spot, but he had to give a stern look to make sure the nap spot stayed put.

The Guardian suddenly got up to leave the room, causing Brother Henry to jump down to the floor. In the same instant, Brother Oliver’s butt came unstuck and he jumped down to the floor as well. Both brothers met in the middle of the living room and flopped on their sides panting. Brother Oliver said, “This napping is hard work!” Brother Henry Agreed.

Throw Down Over

The Brothers collapsed in the middle of the floor, tired from their nap throw down.

A few moments passed and then Brother Oliver said, “What do you want to do now?” Brother Henry replied, “I just want to take a nap. I think this spot that I’m laying on is the most comfy place in the house…” I suspected Brother Oliver disagreed.

Thomas Out

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10 responses to “The Brothers’ Nap Time Throw Down

  1. Napping IS work….why do humans think we spend so much time doing it? Now if we could only get paid to nap…..

  2. Jenn

    This cracked me up: ” He then shot a serious glance at the Guardian as if to drive home his point about not moving too much.”

    My parents have a cat who will growl at you if she’s using you as a napping pillow and you have the audacity to move too much. Cats are the best!

  3. My oh my! No wonder you guys are tired.

  4. We got tired just reading this. Will be napping for next hour.

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  6. mistletoeandhitch

    Funny that neither Brother suspects that Sir Thomas has the most comfy napping spot and also the best view for the show!

  7. Heather

    I love the splayed toesies!

  8. Napping can be hard work!

  9. Not so bad being stuck in a primo napping spot? Paw waves!

  10. What an uber cute bloggie post!! Brother Henry n Oliver me finkz all da spotz are da best spotz….a kitteh can haz more den one, rite, rite???
    Sir Thomas yer Brotherz shure are nappin xpertz aren’t dey??
    me fave spot dere wuud bee da floatie turquoise blue peellow….soft enuff fer an old Queen like me 😉
    Lub Nylablue n Mum too x0x0x0

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