Lost Kitty Season Is In Full Swing

Disciples of The Leader Otis,

Brother Henry here.

I’m sad to say that, with the warm summer weather, lost kitty season is now in full swing. One of the Guardian’s was out and about today and he came home with photos of three new sad-inducing posters.

The first poster was for a kitty that has been missing since the weather first turned warm back in June. The photo shows the kitty sitting outside with no apparent enclosure, which made it even easier for the poor kitty to go missing. There was nothing to keep him in, and nothing to keep danger out.

Lost Cat Poster- Still missing

This poor handsome kitty is still missing. I purr that he is alive, well, and someplace safe.

The second kitty may have gone missing as a result of door dashing. The poster says that Sassy is an indoor kitty, although in one of the photos it looks like she might be outside. Perhaps there is an enclosure that is not visible in the photo. This poster is a good reminder that even if your cat is strictly indoors, you need a safe confinement plan for kitty. If kitty is a habitual door dasher you can use a little tough love to break him or her of the habit. Better yet, you can build an enclosure on the outside of the door so if kitty dashes out there will be a limit to how far he or she can go. Plus, with regular access to a safely enclosed outdoor area you may find the tendency to door dash will decline.

Lost Cat Poster- Sassy

Sassy is missing. I purr that she is safely returned to her home.

The last poster made me the saddest of all. It shows an 18 year old black kitty named Pascal who is mostly deaf and sometimes gets confused. A kitty like that really needs the protection of safe boundaries, but the poster says Pascal is wearing a collar with a magnet on it that activates a cat door. When kitties are given unfettered access to the world without walls, their guardians have given up all power they have to keep their cat safe from the dangers that are waiting for them out there. Far too many cats go out through a cat door and never come back in again… and not because they chose not to.

Lost Cat Poster- Pascal

Pascal is missing. I purr that he is somewhere safe.

I know it is an uphill battle convincing humans to change their ways, but kitties lives are depending on it. Please do all that you can to keep your kitties happy, healthy, and safely confined, and please continue to do your best to encourage others to do the same. Most of all, please continue to join us in the crusade that Leader Otis Started. Together we can create a better, safer world for all felinekind.

In Otis’s Name,

Brother Henry

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6 responses to “Lost Kitty Season Is In Full Swing

  1. mistletoeandhitch

    Poor lost kitties. We hope they have found their way in to the Promise Land, just as the both of us did.

  2. msphoebecat

    :,( Purrayers to Bastet they are safe and will return home soon, where their humans will then be more careful to keep them safe.

  3. Ugh. Too many lost kitties. We purr that they all find their way home.

  4. ldrew1

    Our mum recently enclosed the small flat porch so my little brother and I can go outside. I used to be an indoor/outdoor cat (always inside at night), but I only visited my next door neighbour’s yard. But since becoming a Disciple of Otis our mum, Louise, has us that we have to stay inside because there are some very nasty people out there especially to black cat of which I am one. I’m still getting used to be an indoor cat. Our sister, Lucy, doesn’t like going outside since she has been here (she lived in the shadows for about 6 months after she ran away from our mum’s brother’s house). Our mum is happy to send photos of our new outdoor area if you are interested.
    Sam, Lucy & Coco.

  5. So very sad…it never ends. I hope all the cats are safe either in shelters or with people who took them in!
    Suzy Q is at our local Shetler & at least safe from predators or being injured or killed. Poor girl suffered ome sort of head trauma….
    Who tosses a 12-14 yr old cat out??
    it seems there are wither good people or evil people when it comes to 4 leggeds…
    Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

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